Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Sun Herald | 03/28/2006 | Approved by accident?

The Sun Herald | 03/28/2006 | Approved by accident?: "Q: So, you might not have realized how this was going to be interpreted when it was approved?

A: Oh, I'm admitting that with just the volume of the number of type policies - and there are hundreds of them in the course of a year that comes through my rating division - there may be other things that are in policies that would have gotten approved by my department by accident.

That's just the volume of the business that they do. Let's hope it's a minimal number of things that were approved."

From an interview with Mississippi Insurance Commissioner George Dale.

I had mentioned this so called 'concurrent cause' language as being part of our policy in a previous post: Insurance Questions

"We do not insure for any such loss regardless of: (a) the cause of the excluded event (b) other causes of the loss; or (c) whether such causes acted at the same time or in any other sequence with the excluded event to produce or contribute to the loss..."

That's pretty clear to me -- and it's frightening that it managed to 'slip by' the insurance commission.

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