The more things change…….

Reader submitted photo. Letter from the late Joe Yenni to Marie Krantz
Reader submitted photo. Letter from the late Joe Yenni to Marie Krantz

There were some that claimed Slabbed was too hard on Sean Alfortish before he went to the pokey, including Alfortish himself at his sentencing. I sayeth not:

Legislative auditor revisits horsemen’s group, finds more flagrant spending ~ John Simerman

“Two former leaders and four other employees of the organization that represents Louisiana Horsemen went nuts on the association’s credit cards, with more than $800,000 in suspect spending over a five-year period, according to an investigative audit released Monday morning by Louisiana Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera’s office.”

Meantime a reader points out ol’ BrousStar was not the only Kenner pol to clip and send.

In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Slabbed does the NOLA social scene as we go “high society” at 4717 St Chas……

I strongly alluded to it here last year but now I’ll come right out and say it that Magnum will be forever linked to Sean Alfortish of Louisiana Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association scandal infamy and indeed Sean’s world must be closing in on him with word that his right hand lady in scam Mona Romero joined her sister in law Cricket in chirping and moaning sweet nothings about ol’ Sean to Team Letten. But Sean is also famous in local legal circles for stealing Magnum’s wife who by all accounts dropped poor Magnum like a hot potato in favor of lustful debauchery and other extra marital activities.

So with Alfortish facing a nice well deserved stretch at the Grey Bar Hotel what is a wife to do besides ditch ol’ Sean and head back for the calmer environment of uptown New Orleans. Quite frankly this may ultimately end up as a rematch made in heaven.  Slabbed wishes the couple well should they reconcile. Salute!


And then the Cricket began chirping…….

We had some holiday week developments in the Louisiana Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association scandal as Cindy “Cricket” Romero agreed to chirp about her sister-in-law Mona and Sean Alfortish per David Hammer’s T-P story from last Wednesday. We are interested in this case for 2 reasons, one being that everyone seemingly knows Alfortish due to his sometimes outlandish personal behavior beyond what Team Letten listed in their indictment.

The T-P editorial board put in their 2 cents the next day on this topic. From the looks of it, the noose around Alfortish’s balls is tightening.


OK folks, no more horsing around: Here is an early Christmas treat for you Team Magnum freaks

After today’s federal indictments were released we received an email from the legal team directing us to this David Hammer story over at NOLA regarding the indictments of Sean Alfortish and Mona Romero over at the Louisiana Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association for looting it out for their personal benefit. Gee doesn’t that sound familiar.

There are some who say that back in the day Sean Alfortish liked to play.
And play he did taking trips to Aruba on the Benevolent dime
but here at Slabbed that’s not why Alfortish shines.
For some of his buds from back in the day
have been whispering “the who” Sean liked to play.
For it seemed Sean was quite the Casanova
Taking his conquests on the livingroom sofa!

So now we fast forward to today and the Alfortish name is again in play.
But for reasons why from back in the day.
It is not good to land on the Slabb
After hiding a salami with part of Team Mag.