I understand the FBI has been visiting Nan and the gang over at West Jefferson Medical center again….

I personally enjoy visiting with the good folks at the FBI but something tells me poor Nan and Baby Butler do not share that warm fuzzy feeling with the latest FBI site visits just last week. Remember folks Gambitman said Tim Coulon was squealing so we may well see the insurance portion of the scandal break wide open with this tentacle of the investigation.

Can someone help me remember what infamous Canadian Eco Lodge Butler, among other Broussard cronies, claimed to own a small slice in?


BREAKING: Waste Management files suit against River Birch, Heebe and Jim Ward.

Hat tip Jr in comments for linking the AP story on Fox 8 regarding same. The RICO complaint is full of salacious details as once again Heebe’s waterboys in the local media take center stage:

In addition to bribing public officials to directly pervert the political process, the River Birch Defendants took other actions to successfully manufacture the appearance of “public opposition” to that landfill so as to prevent or delay competition from Waste Management’s Chef Menteur facility. Specifically, the River Birch Defendants made a substantial, undisclosed interest free and unrecorded “loan” of $250,000 to radio host Garland Robinette after Mr. Robinette, armed with false and misleading information in direct contravention of the LDEQ’s informed opinion, routinely railed against the purportedly harmful environmental consequences of opening and operating the Chef Menteur and Old Gentilly landfills. So effective was Mr. Robinette in corrupting the public dialogue that even the LDEQ felt it was unable to communicate its position on the benefits of the Chef Menteur and Old Gentilly landfills as safe and valuable alternatives to disposal at the River Birch landfills.

And Team Waste Management is squarely targeting Heebe’s lawyers as it appears they are witnesses to this entire affair: Continue reading “BREAKING: Waste Management files suit against River Birch, Heebe and Jim Ward.”

Just another day in the state ethics board neighborhood….

Screen Capture Courtesy of the Mississippi Informer / mississippiinformer.net/mississippiinformer

With our last post examining the ethics of a local ethics professor generating such interest a second post on the general topic is certainly in order.  IMHO one of the most thankless public service jobs has to be as a non political staffer at your local State Ethics Administration.  Both Louisiana and Mississippi’s are fairly ineffective by design of the political class and indeed just a year ago the Mississippi Business Journal called out Ben Stone, chair of the Mississippi Ethics Commission for blatant double-dealing. Along those same lines it appears as if the Louisiana Ethics Commission is routinely neutered by the courts and/or the legislature but the folks at the Louisiana Ethics Administration has Mississippi beat by miles in the transparency department as a few clicks on their website gets you the meeting agendas in advance. Website like that are favorite of the journalistic class for good reason.

So today I take a reader tip and click away and we find a clue that the insurance portion of what would become known as the Jefferson Parish Corruption Scandal is still percolating away as the various slow motion wheels of government grind, cuss and discuss Mr Scott Fontenot and Fontenot and Associates. Names such as Tim Coulon, Tim Whitmer, Wally Pontiff among others also occupy this general vicinity of the scandal. I’ll add that I have reason to believe the federal grand jury has also taken a look at Fontenot so there is a reasonable basis to surmise he may be in bigger trouble than the potential $210,000 in fines plus forfeitures.

Along those lines the last council meeting as portrayed thus far on Slabbed deal with garbage as the Parish awarded the new landfill contract to IESI despite the fact their bid was more expensive than Waste Management’s and that indeed was a big deal. Discussed both here in comments and elsewhere was the redundant hiring of a Parish Council Legal Analyst, the brainchild of the ethically challenged, bucktoothed  interim councilman Mike Thomas. But my mind is open to the possibility the most underhanded double deal of them all was the selection of Coventry for the Parish’s health insurance.  I suspect the evaluation committee scores for that contract would be interesting reading. Continue reading “Just another day in the state ethics board neighborhood….”

James Gill chips in on River Birch: Garbage in, garbage out sounds about right.

Folks, it appears that Sir James is not impressed by the hired guns at Loren C Scott and Associates either.  His column today on this topic is a must read, along with the one he did last week on Edwin Edward’s release from prison. (Hat tip ‘Gate)


Meet my gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak as we roll out a sneak peek of Tim Whitmer for the Slabbination

Peter Butler Jr and the gang at Shadowlake not knowing who was involved with Tim Coulon selling insurance???? Surely they jest….

From: Tim Coulon [[email protected]]
Sent: 11/30/2009 2:56 PM
To: [email protected]
Cc: TAWhitmer
Subject: Re: Humana

Damaris, no doubt that releasing rates would be helpful, however you will painting your self in the corner with respect to turn around time from carriers as the majority of them are dealing with quotes for Jan 1st.

Also is MD Anderson coverage a requirement, if so that would a factor as well. Continue reading “Meet my gabby cousin Slabb O’Leak as we roll out a sneak peek of Tim Whitmer for the Slabbination”

One acronym fits it all folks: RICO. The Legislative Auditor report on Jefferson Parish finds probable payroll fraud.

Many months and resignations later, Louisiana Legislative Auditor Daryl Purpera has issued a report on the question of payroll fraud in the Jefferson Parish Attorney’s Office and the answer is yes Virginia, Aaron Broussard, Tom Wilkinson and Tim Whitmer are likely petty criminals that used the Parish’s payroll system to enrich relative and crony alike.  The media coverage of the report has been extensive and I’m not going to reinvent the wheel in the interest of time. That said there are 3 points I want to stress:

1. A reader sent us the link to the Fox 8 report. By rights we should be highlighting their coverage since it was their reporter Val Bracy, who broke much of this news. Fox 8, which is owned by Tom Benson, in a move that rivals the stupidity in hiring Mike Ditka to coach the Saints, did not renew Val’s contract and she left the air in August.  She deserves a Peabody Award for her Jefferson Parish reporting IMHO.  None of Val’s sources on Jefferson Parish trust Lee Zurich and I’m not saying that to be ugly to Lee, who I enjoy watching. It is just a simple fact.

2. Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court John Gegenheimer has been caught in a lie and is now trying to weasel his way out of it.  We call politicians who do this ‘Lying Sacks of Shit” here on Slabbed but Gegenheimer has good company there as we’ve called the Prez the same thing. Continue reading “One acronym fits it all folks: RICO. The Legislative Auditor report on Jefferson Parish finds probable payroll fraud.”

WWL reports “New JP vendors linked to Whitmer”

One last read- around the media linked on SLABBED before calling it a day turned up the WWL story New JP Vendors linked to Whitmer.

In the weeks and months since former Jefferson Parish CAO Tim Whitmer resigned, federal and state investigators have been pouring over his documents and computer files.  Whitmer left his job in January. Records revealed that his private insurance company, Lagniappe Industries and his associates were doing business with parish contractors and vendors.

Interim Parish President Steve Theriot told Eyewitness News, information just surfaced, linking another handful of companies to Whitmer through another insurance company the THT Group. THT is the partnership between Whitmer, former Jefferson Parish President Tim Coulon and the late Maurice “Hippo” Katz..

“We had about five or six of those who procured their insurance from a vendor not related to them, but unbeknownst to them their commissions were being shared to THT,” said Theriot.

Theriot says the new names came from Whitmer’s computer which was seized by investigators. “On Mr. Whitmer’s computer there was information about THT which I guess Lagniappe was doing business as THT that names of companies who had not previously been disclosed were being recorded as having commissions earned,” said Theriot.

The parish council has already terminated some contracts with companies that “knowingly” bought insurance policies from Whitmer’s companies.  Theriot says that may not be the case with the vendors that recently turned up on Whitmer’s computer.  “They’d done business with another company who in turn was giving commissions to THT,” said Theriot. “The person who bought the policy has no knowledge of it.”

Theriot would not reveal the names of the vendors or the company splitting commissions with THT.

View the video and read the rest of the story at WWLTV.com.