Jefferson Parish News Miscellany: Trouble in paradise, Judge Head tells Broussard no extension while Mark Titus grasps at straws

Let’s take these news stories from the PACER beat in reverse order.  First up is Gordon Russell’s story about the latest defense filing in USA v Titus, which included remarks from Slabbed favorite Dane Ciolino of the Loyola Law School.  Essentially Titus is claiming there was a verbal sidecar to his plea deal with regards to the forfeiture provisions among other things.  Having watched the crushing of Jamie Perdigao a few years back I don’t think this latest motion from Team Titus is going very far.

Moving right along Judge Head took little time in denying Broussard’s motion to postpone his trial per this story from the PACER beat filed by Drew Broach.  Judge Head, like the rest of us watched the latest installment of the Aaron Broussard cancer special on the TeeVee and found the assertions in Team Broussard’s delay motion filed by attorney Robert Jenkins to be a bit lacking on the fact side since no affidavits were submitted by either Broussard or more important his doctors. Even worse is the persistent street talk that crushing Broussard and Wilkinson is simply a prelude to rolling up Jim Ward and Fred Heebe so Aaron isn’t even star of the show which is potentially worse news for the unrepentant drama queens that are the Goatherders.

That said I’ll put on my Carnac hat and predict Eric Paulsen at WWL TeeVee will try one more time to prettify his friend with another prostate cancer special on the Toolman show like the one he treated us to earlier this year.  For added dramatic effect perhaps Broussard will break down and cry like a crocodile such as he did in September 2005 on the national TeeVee between telling whoppers on Meet the Press.

Finally I watched the last Parish Council meeting and was happy to see the Times Picayune’s Bob Ross picked up the $325,000 taxpayer funded donation to JPAS, which can no long collect the tax that was previously dedicated to the organization, locally famous as a cesspool of nepotism.  Left to their own devices the folks at JPAS would singlehandedly bankrupt Jefferson Parish with the boondoggle Performing Arts Center leading the way.  Times are tough in Jefferson Parish as teachers are losing their jobs so my feeling is if JPAS can’t fund themselves then they need to close the doors and I say that as a patron of the arts here in Mississippi.

That said the T-P beat Krewe missed something important at the last meeting and it is my pleasure to roll it out here as there was a very curious motion from the floor by Councilman Chris “Mini Me” Roberts that merits special attention because there is evidently trouble in paradise and for that we need to visit with Ross’ last story on the Charter Change Committee to set this up: Continue reading “Jefferson Parish News Miscellany: Trouble in paradise, Judge Head tells Broussard no extension while Mark Titus grasps at straws”

Because it is that good: “Shipping experts doubt Panama Canal expansion will bring the traffic, jobs being touted”

Yes I said 99% of the national financial media were sold out corporate whores but that does not mean there isn’t high quality business journalism happening folks.  The trick is knowing where to look and today, as is often the case, it is on the front page of the local paper.  Today Geoff Pender and Anita Lee examine the economics behind the Panama Canal expansion that includes a looksie at the shipping industry and the competition that ranks at the top of all the business stories I’ve read so far in 2012. The main reason for my enthusiasm is this piece has implications for every existing eastern port expanding in anticipation of the Panama Canal widening.

This snippet blows the political pump of these east coast harbor projects out of the water:

Daniel Yi, a spokesman for the port of Long Beach, Calif., notes shippers and rail services have invested billions in recent years in and around his port, one of the largest in the world. Continue reading “Because it is that good: “Shipping experts doubt Panama Canal expansion will bring the traffic, jobs being touted””

Back in the good ol’ days Nowdy would take up my slack here on Slabbed…

But alas she is long gone folks but this does not mean that while I am mostly away goofing off there is nothing going on in the local congroovancy no siree.  First off I would like to again point out that Jason over at AZ is on a Con Profit tear and the mention of Miss Piggy in the narrative warms the cockles of my heart.  Along those same lines some of you folks no doubt remember former Ray Nagin legal goon Bob Ellis threatened to sue Jason for defamation over his early reporting on Ray Nagin’s misdeeds and the Times Picayune did a story on it as Ellis’ plan was to ambush Jason at the Rising Tide Conference, which TP reporter Molly Reid covered.

I mention all this because feelings are evidently running high in certain media circles as it has been asserted the blogs are viewed at Newhouse media outlets as competitors. Feeding this kitty is the fact there are people in the main stream media taking credit for investigative reporting that Jason Berry did on the Nagin scandal, such fact no doubt causing consternation in certain for-profit media circles.  Along those lines Jason noted the story on his face off with Ellis has been comment scrubbed save two. The pettiness on display here is frankly stunning……and I reckon empowering as well.

If I may be so bold as to suggest there is another way to look at the natural tension that exists between blogs in general and the main stream media.  I don’t know if  I’ll ever be able to monetize Slabbed, such concept being the million dollar media question the newspaper industry is facing these days with an internet only platform.  I’m fine with that as web sites like Slabbed exists to make a difference more so than a profit while business enterprises like the Times Picayune exist to make a profit for the owners.  Yes we’re both doing the media thing albeit on vastly differing scales but the motivations could not be more diverse.  That said the thing that motivated many of the journalists to become journalists to begin with were such noble intentions, so while we may not all belong to the same tribe we have far more in common than not. Continue reading “Back in the good ol’ days Nowdy would take up my slack here on Slabbed…”

Some people say we’re in the dog days of summer as the Times Picayune wanders off Half Moon’s reservation around 2 weeks too late

Folks it didn’t take long for my email in box to start buzzing with this Michelle Krupa story on Diana Bajoie, a Dollar Bill Jefferson political hack with an extensive background in conprofit earmarking. The buzz of course relates entirely to the fact that none of what Krupa reported save comments from Team Bajoie is new, as it appeared here on Slabbed back on June 6th but more important relates to an exhaustive investigation into the whole “conprofit” earmarking scam done by my colleague Jason Berry over at American Zombie as it related to now congressman Cedric Richmond, whom the Times Picayune enthusiastically supported editorially for the office.  The long and short of it folks is if you want the T-P’s endorsement for political office it clearly helps to be as dirty and on the take as possible.  Jason wisely asks that we all reserve judgment on this story as the behind the scenes is likely to be complex. That said the remainder of this post will examine that complexity.

It all started back in 2010 when Jason began running an expose on Cedric Richmond’s past career as a career politician/political hack in state government.  The return on searching for the truth where ever it led was catching hell from democrat political operatives, duplicity from the GOP side of aisle and grief from the Times Picayune, who took pot shots at him in service to Mayor Half Moon, who backed Richmond to the hilt.  All this caused Slabbed to jump in supporting Jason’s excellent investigative work and in the process, applying the concepts Jason pioneered, Slabbed explored similar taxpayer funded scams in Jefferson Parish involving then Parish Councilman Byron Lee.  I am not claiming Slabbed trail blazed this topic though we did greatly help advance the conversation.

So here we are almost 2 years later and Mayor Half Moon’s pick to serve as interim city council member, Diana Bajoie skated past the local main stream media without so much as a notice of her involvement in the Dollar Bill Jefferson scam despite the fact it was reported in the Times Picayune during the course of their coverage of the Rene Gill Pratt trial. That is until last night. Continue reading “Some people say we’re in the dog days of summer as the Times Picayune wanders off Half Moon’s reservation around 2 weeks too late”

Louisiana Legislator Girod Jackson back in the news and this time it is not for ripping folks off or getting no bid contracts from Jefferson Parish

You know it has to be an election year when the local crooked politicos start kicking up sand to make it look as if they care for the people instead of lining their own pockets. Such is the case with Paul Purpura’s story on State Rep. Girod Jackson’s efforts in the legislature to create a third minority judicial district in the 24th JDC. Jackson is a name we know well here on Slabbed as he runs earmark scams with outgoing Jefferson Parish Councilman Byron Lee fleecing the taxpayers outta big money. And when he is not stealing from the local taxpayers Jackson scams ordinary folks like the poor Moss family who claims Jackson became the invisible man after taking their money to repair their house.

Meantime the folks in Harvey are getting just the type of representation in the legislature they deserve. Breaking the cycle of masochistic ignorance that leads to ascension of unabashed crooks like Jackson and fellow west banker John Alario to public office is the key here IMHO.