Early photos of the SRHS retiree protest at the Mississippi Capitol

And it looks like the gang is finding they have support in the legislature for Senator Brice Wiggins’ Community Hospital Transparency bill.

Image courtesy of SRHS Hopes via Facebook
Image courtesy of SRHS Hopes via Facebook

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Where’s the Shred-it Truck? Singing River Health System accused of spoilating evidence, receives C&D

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And folks I get the feeling the gang over at the SRHS not only is feeling very embattled but they are also highly pissed. We’ll start with the Mississippi Press since April Havens was there “first with the most”:

SRHS group appeals to Rep. Jeramey Anderson, claims system is shredding documents ~ April Havens

SRHS calls document shredding accusation an ‘absurd’ and ‘outrageous’ media stunt ~ April Havens

Jackson County, supervisors put on notice they’ll be named in new SRHS-related lawsuit, attorney says ~ Gareth Clary

To the extent Slabbed covered Ex Rel Rigsby and the State Farm Shred-it truck back in the day I guess it was natural that I’d have some fun with it last night on Twitter.  Not to be left out Wes Muller at the Sun Herald had this:

Attorneys: SRHS shredding documents; SRHS: ‘Absurd and outrageous’

Things are heating up folks.  State Senator Brice Wiggins has been front and center on the Singing River Health System disaster with reform legislation while the rest of the Jackson County state legislative delegation has been in hiding.  It appears retiree attorney Harvey Barton is going to change that dynamic in this, an election year. I like that thought as foot and mouth potential with the can’t shoot straight gang in Jackson County is very high.

Women of the broom and other various and sundry DMR items

A couple of events have recently taken me down memory lane to the post Katrina Coast circa late 2005-2006 and the reminder came via Women of the Storm which had a Mississippi Chapter. The membership in the group came from across the socio-economic-ethnic spectrum and their mission included traveling to DC after Hurricane Katrina raising awareness with Congress and the President on the unique issues that impacted this area post Katrina.

Later on the ladies from the Louisiana chapter would take a shot at the oil spill and received a few black eyes in the process as the group also became known as Women of the Oil. It seems the Mississippi chapter is far more environmentally friendly.

I mention this because the group has popped up here in Mississippi in the DMR scandal news cycle and as today’s latest installment of as the Good ol’ boys at DMR turns by Paul Hampton and Michael Newsom, Nonnie DeBardeleben of Women of the Storm is calling out the broom brigade for a clean sweep of upper management at DMR. Chair of the Mississippi Senate Ports and Marine Resources Committee Brice Wiggins appears to agree that the interim guy, Danny Guice, needs to remain just that, interim.

This is not about the worker bee employees at DMR, no siree. It is all about the all the politically connected piggies stinkin’ up the executive ranks. Brooms, many of ’em in fact, are exactly what is needed to remedy the situation.