Taking ownership of something not worth owning: Antonio West and the concept of False Equivalancy

I’ve now gotten the Antonio West email twice. I always run these things through Snopes and here is what Snopes has to say about comparing Trayvon Martin with West:

The comparisons in the example text between the killings of Trayvon Martin and Antonio West are an example of false equivalency, however, as the two cases are nearly polar opposites. In the Trayvon Martin case, there was never any doubt as to the identity of his killer (George Zimmerman), yet several weeks elapsed before the shooter was charged with a crime and taken into custody, and the local police were widely criticized for mishandling the investigation of the incident. In the Antonio West case the identity of the killer(s) was initially unknown, but suspects were quickly determined through police investigation and then promptly arrested and charged, with no one suggesting that local police mishandled any aspect of the case. The circumstances of the Trayvon Martin case therefore fostered the public perception (correct or not) that the case would never have been properly investigated and adjudicated had it not been widely publicized in the media, but nothing about the Antonio West suggested that anyone need “rush to Brunswick GA to demand justice” in order for justice to be done.

The Antonio West killing did garner a fair amount of national coverage (particularly on CNN) at the time it occurred, but that level of attention soon waned when suspects were arrested and charged within days of the shooting. In a country that sees over 16,000 homicides every year, only a small handful receive prolonged national attention, and the Antonio West case had no sensational or controversial aspects of the type that typically drive ongoing national media coverage.

In other news we have a shocking crime right here in the greater Soggy Bottom Metropolitan area complete with a reader email containing a reference to a 1970 era movie that tickled me:

The two older ones should be forced to play like Michael and Nicky did. Continue reading “Taking ownership of something not worth owning: Antonio West and the concept of False Equivalancy”