Bay St Louis Mayor says news coverage of City’s audit report “sensationalized”

And just think folks, Slabbed has yet to break down the 2013 audit, which is chock full of internal control findings that indicate severe financial mismanagement under the current Administration.  Meantime Hizzoner said Stacey Pickering’s Krewe said everything was A-OK down here in the Bay but don’t take it from me.

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What the peeps are talking about here in Soggy Bottom: Tuesday Omnibus

Pickering to deliver news on DMR foundation boats ~ Michael Newsom

I feel as though a media confab at Darwell’s draws near as the gang erects the grandstand over at the Bolton Building.

Court employee files complaint against St. Charles judge whose father is at the center of an FBI probe ~ Juliet Linderman

Former St Charles Parish DA Harry Morel’s daughter Judge Michele Morel was caught with her pants down showing her fanny to the minion. Bad form Ms Morel, very bad form.

Circus elephant shot in drive-by in Tupelo, Miss.; Ringling Bros. says animal is OK ~ AP Story via the WaPo and Russell

DEA Investigating Saints’ Vicodin Abuse Lawsuit, Sean Payton Denies All Allegations ~ SB Nation Series circa 2010

Pain and pain management in NFL spawn a culture of prescription drug use and abuse ~ WaPo Team Report

After Marathon attack, fellowship must prevail ~ Boston Globe Editorial Board

DMR Scandal Day 136: “In God we trust, all others we audit.” Not…..

In God we trust, all others we audit. ~ Former State Auditor Phil Bryant.

It was massive accounting frauds at ENRON and WorldCom that led to government regulation of large swaths of the CPA profession and deservedly so I’ll add.  For instance at ENRON there was an ossified, ineffectual Board of Directors stacked with politically connected phonies like Senator Phil Gramm’s wife Wendy, an economist that could rationalize about anything. At DMR, by their own admission we have a Board of Trustees that had no clue what was going on and who evidently did not bother to engage their jobs beyond the free boat rides, fishing trips etc.  When the people that are supposed to be running the show are asleep at the switch bad things happen as we found out at ENRON and now DMR.

ENRON used off balance sheet special purpose entities or (SPE in accounting lingo) as a major vehicle for much of the criminal activity that occurred   DMR director Bill Walker created an off books foundation that sucked all manner of tax dollars away from DMR’s  mission to support the boats Walker used to wine and dine everyone on the taxpayer dime and lord knows what else.

And speaking of what else I detailed some of it as it relates to Hancock County’s role in the CIAP disaster.  None of these schemes are particularly innovative and in fact are of the in your face variety.  When there is no oversight to begin with why bother with the bells and whistles of a complex corruption enterprise like the one Aaron Broussard created in Jefferson Parish. Lest I digress.

Governor Phil should well remember from his time as State Auditor that in 1992  the Governmental Accounting Standards Board issued GASB Statement 14, The Financial Reporting Entity under which Billy Walker’s Private Foundation certainly fell.  Yet here is Walker with his own private slush fund buying millions of dollars of fishing boats and lord knows what else and no one knew anything about it.  The question ladies and gents is what does this say about the level of oversight at these state agencies?  Simple folks, despite Governor Phil serially saying for years at speaking engagements “In God we trust, all others we audit”, nobody was auditing his coast based political cronies at DMR, or even worse if someone did audit them there is an audit failure of massive proportion. It is just that bad folks but we already know all this from months ago.

And all those days ago seeing where this would end up was too predictable:

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Anita Lee is a love today as she checks in with a story about falsified service of process in child support cases.

Today Anita Lee checks in with an interesting story for the Sun Herald about a Jackson County Chancellor who’s had it with bogus service of process in child support cases.  I have some unique insights here though I will not be sharing them today but I do encourage those so interested in the Mississippi blogosphere to follow the money as contracts at the state agencies generally have some sort of bad political odor attached.

The 16th Chancery Court District, where Harris is a judge, has 1,200 cases pending. Harris sensed a problem from the start.

The court was prepared to handle 82 cases May 14, Harris wrote in a pleading filed with the state Supreme Court, but 77 had to be delayed for lack of summonses served. Chancellors began reviewing the cases to see what might have gone wrong.

On June 11, 100 cases had been set, but Harris discovered records summoning deadbeat parents had been falsified. In one case, the woman process server Guy Jernigan of Madison swore he had served was in fact dead. In another, the mother he supposedly served at an Ocean Springs residence was actually in a Pascagoula jail cell.

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