How strange that a blog named Slabbed has not yet commented on the number of Slabs created by tornadoes this year

I’ll be honest folks and simply say it is Angela’s fault (not our good friend Angela Russell at the State Farm Sucks Network but the other one). You see, there is one thing post Katrina that rubs me wrong to this day: Deluded morons that think they live in a place called “risk free” that also have the gall to tell others where they should live in the aftermath of the latest natural disaster du jour.  I could be wrong but I do believe the death toll from the 2011 tornadoes season now exceeds the number of souls that died on the Mississippi Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005.

But these are negative feelings and despite my desire to again excoriate Angela from Kansas City I’m heeding the better angels of my nature. There will be a post but it won’t excoriate less than sentient beings that had fooled themselves into thinking natural disasters only impact the other fella (that should not be living ________________ (fill in the blank) to begin with).

I’m glad I got that off my chest. Stay tuned.