Louisiana Eastern District US Attorney Investigation: String of “Big Rig” Sideswipes and an Old Subject Resurfaces

Orders like the one below have been popping up in certain “Big Rig” crash cases where the Plaintiffs are being represented by Vanessa Motta and Joe Bruno:

Thomas v Chambers Doc 220 by Slabbed on Scribd

Word has evidently been slow to filter out there at the Courthouse because such orders are still being issued as recently as last Wednesday: Continue reading “Louisiana Eastern District US Attorney Investigation: String of “Big Rig” Sideswipes and an Old Subject Resurfaces”

Is Sean Alfortish a fucktard? Discuss.

You know Sean there are idiots and then there are fucktards. My considered opinion is you are the latter.

In bizarre twist, federal prosecutors invite defendant to withdraw his guilty plea

I also have a statement from Jim Letten’s office on this latest turn with Alfortish: Continue reading “Is Sean Alfortish a fucktard? Discuss.”

OK folks, no more horsing around: Here is an early Christmas treat for you Team Magnum freaks

After today’s federal indictments were released we received an email from the legal team directing us to this David Hammer story over at NOLA regarding the indictments of Sean Alfortish and Mona Romero over at the Louisiana Horsemen’s Benevolent and Protective Association for looting it out for their personal benefit. Gee doesn’t that sound familiar.

There are some who say that back in the day Sean Alfortish liked to play.
And play he did taking trips to Aruba on the Benevolent dime
but here at Slabbed that’s not why Alfortish shines.
For some of his buds from back in the day
have been whispering “the who” Sean liked to play.
For it seemed Sean was quite the Casanova
Taking his conquests on the livingroom sofa!

So now we fast forward to today and the Alfortish name is again in play.
But for reasons why from back in the day.
It is not good to land on the Slabb
After hiding a salami with part of Team Mag.