Monday Morning Omnibus: “Gone to hell in a hand basket”

Oh the memories……

I regret to announce that my previously unannounced central Mississippi tour this week has been cancelled.  I’ll likely make it up to Jacktown next month as it stands now.

First up is problems in the engine room here at Slabbed.  I dispatched Mr Scott and even he was confounded. So on the theory people across this great nation are both paying close attention and Slabbed positive I sent off a bat signal:

What can I say but 20 minutes later:

Plus DJ sent a detailed email explaining that one of the dilithium crystal nodes in the warp core needed replacing.  With that fixed and before we engage the warp drive how about some lovely music that first appeared on these pages in our insurance litigation blogging days:

First up is a question.  How can one tell when New Orleans Police Chief Ronal Serpas is lying about NOLA crime stats? Answer: Continue reading “Monday Morning Omnibus: “Gone to hell in a hand basket””

Mayor Half Moon to squander scare tax dollars appealing Judge Medley’s public records decision. A case study in official assholery.

That’s right folks, Mayor Half Moon’s quest to hide the cooking of crime stats by NOPD has hit a new low with news he’ll be appealing Judge Medley’s decision in the Times Picayune’s PRR lawsuit.  Worth noting is Brendan McCarthy now works for Channel 4 so I reckon the T-P will have to assign a new reporter to the story.

Also worth noting is the Mayor is putting the City on the hook for the Times Picayune’s legal fees as well as the legal position being taken by the City is completely without merit.  And at the end of the day the cooking of crime stats by the NOPD will all come out despite the squandering of scare tax dollars on lawyers fighting this case.


Looks like Ronal Serpas is up to his old tricks….

Expert: Nashville’s Crime Clearance Stats ‘Not Credible’:

Nashville police claim to have one of the best records in the country for solving crime.

That’s what former Chief Ronal Serpas repeatedly told the Metro Council — and the police department’s own internal reviews backed him up.

But an exclusive NewsChannel 5 investigation discovered that may not be the truth. In fact, one expert said, the department appears to have been “fudging” the stats.

Today Serpas likely would have a hard time getting a job as dog catcher in Nashville but Mayor Half Moon harbored man love for him so he perfumed Serpas and brought him back home to NOLA to……

FOX 8 investigates alleged downgrading of incident by NOPD

The NOPD says, with the exception of murders and burglaries, reported crimes increased in every major category.

The numbers reflect crime in the city for the first three months of 2012. But some wonder if all of the numbers are accurate.

One woman’s case raises questions about alleged downgrading of crimes.


A few quick random thoughts

If there is one idea that I’ve tried to carry with me every day since Katrina it is the notion of the true extent of the transitory nature of our existence. Now this notion could indeed be viewed as a bummer because everything is destined to end the only question is when. My reaction is to attempt to recognize the blessings we also receive each day and simply appreciate the people that matter most in everyday life. I mention this because I’ve been mostly away from the blog this week as I have to pull double duty in the day job as a member of the business family deals with  such a transition I spoke of above. We all get hit with such realities at points in time on the road of life and in a small shop the business family gets to share both the triumphs and the tragedies that way. One blessing I have is the fact that Slabbed has kept humming right along without me via the open thread among other recent posts kept stocked with material via our great commenters. Thanks to all.

That said there are a few things still happening in the world one of which is Mississippi’s Neshoba County Fair which is a favorite among the political class here in Mississippi, especially in an election year. I tuned into twitter yesterday finding out such great factoids such as no one really paid attention to what Commish Mike Chaney had to say in his speech, that Billy Hewes isn’t afraid to scapegoat welfare recipients and Mexicans to satisfy his lust for lite Gov and that his opponent Tate Reeves has become an expert in making Hewes look exactly like the fool he is. Twitter is a wonderful thing folks and I enjoyed seeing a diverse group of tweeple such as Patsy Brumfield, Alan Lange and Frank Corder covering the speeches.

We have a primary election next week in Mississippi and to the extent the local democrat party does not have a pulse 5 of the 8 statewide offices will be decided next Tuesday in the GOP primary. If you are bright enough to read Slabbed then you don’t need me telling you how to vote but I will disclose that I’ll be supporting Tate Reeves for Lite Gov because he is 1. Not a fluffer like Hewes, 2. Is not a Nationwide Agent representing Team Insurance like Hewes in the legislature and 3. Is clearly the better candidate. If you believe the polling Hewes is on his way to a first class ass kicking and that warms the cockles of my heart. Continue reading “A few quick random thoughts”

Ronal you ignorant slut….

New Orleans police chief Ronal Serpas was on the tool man show this morning and frankly he was pathetic. The following embed is well worth watching.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.996010&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Mayor Mitcho is pulling out all the PR stops for his shoe shine boy but Serpas lost whatever goodwill he’s earned since coming to NOLA after his stint in Nashville cooking the crime stats there.


More traffic cam double dealing exposed. This time it is Landrieu crony/police chief Ronal Serpas.

Somewhere in my archives I have an email detailing NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas’ heritage as a Landrieu family stooge beginning his Serpas’ dad, who was one of Moon Landrieu’s shoe shine boys. Being on the take is a generational thing in New Orleans as Serpas recently illustrated when news surfaced he was steering work reviewing red light traffic camera to his son in law and various cronies of his at NOPD.

This story is rich on several levels but one lesson that is clearly illustrated is that when government functions are privatized, at least here down south, someone who is on the inside ends up with the work and the taxpayers get stuck footing the bill.

Now does anyone really think Serpas, who was run out of Nashville on a rail for cooking crime statistics, is really the guy who will clean up the NOPD? I’d submit he was hired because he is an excellent bagman.