There has not been a single news story that encapsulates the reality of New Orleans today….

Than the one I highlighted and commented upon earlier this morning on Twitter.

It’s certainly not the kind of story you would see in the travel media promoting New Orleans as a tourism destination or one written by the current bane of long suffering NOLA lifers in the “hipsters” – or even in the jaded newsroom of the NOLA Media Group aka The Times Picayune, a news organization that is now a shadow of its former self.

How a once great city became the hollowed-out a place where the organs of public safety now more closely resemble a cartoonish hamster on a spinning wheel under the hood of the muscle car than an actual police force is a case study in decades of rot spawned by systemic public corruption. The integration of municipal government to more closely resemble the community in the late 70s and 1980s also meant there were more people looting the City as the old line families never left the trough, rather the trough expanded to accommodate more people. And through the decades the impacts on municipal infrastructure, public schools, public safety etc is undeniable. Continue reading “There has not been a single news story that encapsulates the reality of New Orleans today….”

The mystery of the murderous White Porsche Panamera begins……

OK folks everyone down here knows the score because the story on the in the line of duty death of Officer Rodney Thomas has dominated the NOLA media for a few days now. Officer Thomas was struck on I-10 while rendering assistance to another motorist in a hit and run accident.

The NOPD quickly determined the suspect vehicle was a white Porsche Panamera and sure enough the authorities found the vehicle in a collision repair shop over close to Tulane and Broad.  The public seems to know all the details of the story including the people NOPD considered persons of interest to the crime. Well, everything but one detail such as who owns a vehicle with a price tag starting at $78,000 which mowed Officer Thomas down.

With that setup this type of mystery is a natural fit because there is speculation the owner is rich, famous and/or highly politically connected.  Eric Gordon of the Hornets turned Pelicans has a white Porsche Panamera according to the comments to the story linked above. No one is saying the vehicle in question belongs to Gordon but one must be possessive of coin in order to drive about town in such a vehicle.

Like the Tranny mystery this one is simple process of elimination. I’m not gonna do the eliminating as my plate is full but according to Wiki: Continue reading “The mystery of the murderous White Porsche Panamera begins……”

Looks like Ronal Serpas is up to his old tricks….

Expert: Nashville’s Crime Clearance Stats ‘Not Credible’:

Nashville police claim to have one of the best records in the country for solving crime.

That’s what former Chief Ronal Serpas repeatedly told the Metro Council — and the police department’s own internal reviews backed him up.

But an exclusive NewsChannel 5 investigation discovered that may not be the truth. In fact, one expert said, the department appears to have been “fudging” the stats.

Today Serpas likely would have a hard time getting a job as dog catcher in Nashville but Mayor Half Moon harbored man love for him so he perfumed Serpas and brought him back home to NOLA to……

FOX 8 investigates alleged downgrading of incident by NOPD

The NOPD says, with the exception of murders and burglaries, reported crimes increased in every major category.

The numbers reflect crime in the city for the first three months of 2012. But some wonder if all of the numbers are accurate.

One woman’s case raises questions about alleged downgrading of crimes.


Judge Engelhardt imposes stiff sentences on the former NOPD officers involved in the Danziger Bridge killings.

The T-P’s Brendan McCarthy had all the skinny yesterday afternoon and not long after my email inbox started buzzing with activity related to the sentences handed down to the 5 NOPD officers convicted of killing innocent civilians on the Danziger Bridge after Hurricane Katrina. My good friend Editilla at the Ladder once termed the post Katrina NOPD as “feral lawmen” and that is as good a description of the whole deal as any.  In their defense a NOPD officer was brutally shot in the head while attempting rescue operations just days after the storm but the response was classic NOPD in the indiscriminate use of blunt force brutality against the populace and the result of that were murders like happened to the innocent people on the Danziger Bridge, one of whom was back shot and stomped.

The activity in my email had nothing to do with any of the above though as everyone down here that knows anything about New Orleans understands how the NOPD has operated for generations. Rather the email universally dealt with the grandstanding McCarthy so well conveys in his article.  Judge Engelhardt, Diaper David Vitter’ former campaign manager in particular had a good bit to say, some of which struck me as over the top, considering what happened on the bridge.  Maybe I’m just a bit jaded after 4 years of moderating Slabbed but with due respect prosecutors have been cutting plea deals, approved by the court I might add, for longer than I’ve been on this planet so I found his outburst a bit odd. This of course does not count the on camera appearance of the local US Attorney after these high-profile type cases and Jim Letten certainly did not disappoint that way either.

In any event I know some of you folks want to flesh this topic out a bit more so have it.


The local Occupy movement simply marches to the beat of a different drummer….

I haven’t done anything with the Occupy NOLA movement over at Duncan Plaza.  I’m just thankful they left Lafayette Square alone since I get so many good tips there. That said the good folks over at the NOLA Defender have been all over the story as the local occupy movement seems unique in several respects right down to Judge Zainey allowing the gang to return to Duncan Plaza after being cleared out yesterday by NOPD.  Evidently this is the first court victory of its kind for the occupy movement.

Speaking of NOPD there have been other occupy movements such as the one on Halifax Nova Scotia where the police used some brutal tactics to evict the peaceful protesters.  The irony of a police force with the reputation for brutality like NOPD using kid goves to remove the Occupy NOLA protesters is rich.  Frankly I think Half Moon and NOPD deserve props for the way the handled the whole deal.


Ronal you ignorant slut….

New Orleans police chief Ronal Serpas was on the tool man show this morning and frankly he was pathetic. The following embed is well worth watching.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.996010&w=425&h=350&fv=]

Mayor Mitcho is pulling out all the PR stops for his shoe shine boy but Serpas lost whatever goodwill he’s earned since coming to NOLA after his stint in Nashville cooking the crime stats there.


More traffic cam double dealing exposed. This time it is Landrieu crony/police chief Ronal Serpas.

Somewhere in my archives I have an email detailing NOPD Chief Ronal Serpas’ heritage as a Landrieu family stooge beginning his Serpas’ dad, who was one of Moon Landrieu’s shoe shine boys. Being on the take is a generational thing in New Orleans as Serpas recently illustrated when news surfaced he was steering work reviewing red light traffic camera to his son in law and various cronies of his at NOPD.

This story is rich on several levels but one lesson that is clearly illustrated is that when government functions are privatized, at least here down south, someone who is on the inside ends up with the work and the taxpayers get stuck footing the bill.

Now does anyone really think Serpas, who was run out of Nashville on a rail for cooking crime statistics, is really the guy who will clean up the NOPD? I’d submit he was hired because he is an excellent bagman.


BREAKING: Glover jury reaches verdict. A split decision.

I won’t reinvent the wheel here folks, the WWL trial twitter feed has these verdicts coming in live as I write this. Justice has been served and frankly Team Letten did better with the verdicts than I expected.

WWL’s webiste is listed under media in our blogroll.


The Zombie calls Cedric Richmond out to play. A Cedric Richmond Charity Looting Update.

Did Tina take the fall for Cedric? This is the abiding question in my mind based on what we now know. Dambala over at American Zombie has rolled out another great post as he took Mr. CLS’s tip and put alot of meat on dem bones.  As several insurers read us I’ll add if there was a claim the other side of the transaction it would be a very interesting read IMHO.  It also exposes another avenue where others can gain a bit of leverage on ol’ Ced, which can’t be a good thing for his would be constituents in any way shape or form.

So while I’m chasing down Cedric’s connections in Jefferson Parish Government, and yes Virginia there are some, I seem to remember there are some West Bank charity/earmark lootings that were connected to Byron Lee. I’m hoping one of our readers can help jog my memory on that.

Props to Jason for a job well done.


The Times Picayune editorializes on the post Katrina Religious Street beatings: The consequences of having a police force staffed by Feral Lawmen. “I was begging them to shoot me and get it over with.”

Folks, turns out that while the nation watched in horror as reports of rampant lawlessness in New Orleans after Katrina filled the media it was the NOPD that was at the heart of the problems.  We’ve covered the coverage on this topic and in certain instances supplemented it.  Slabbed’s own Ashton O’Dwyer unfortunately lived it in what for him would become a life changing event. Like Robert Davis, Ashton will probably never receive justice.

With that background in place it was natural that I would mention the impending indictments coming in on what is being called the Religious Street beatings.  In the days after Katrina on Religious Street the NOPD would kick the teeth down one guy’s throat while beating another to the point where he lost control of his bowels. Unfortunately such stories are far too common in the aftermath of Katrina.

The Times Picayune editorial board weighed in today on the Religious Street beatings. Their reporting on the post Katrina NOPD has been excellent as is today’s Op Ed.  Here is an excerpt: Continue reading “The Times Picayune editorializes on the post Katrina Religious Street beatings: The consequences of having a police force staffed by Feral Lawmen. “I was begging them to shoot me and get it over with.””