SLABBED Daily – April 23 UPDATED 2X

Dumbest move ever in history of Katrina litigation goes to Lexington Insurance for letting this claim  ever reach the point of litigation, much less letting it cool its heels in State court –  Gollott v Lexington.

What makes the move dumb is not the fact that Tommy Gollott is the longest serving member of the State Legislature and an all-around great guy, it’s that you simply don’t threaten Senator  Gollott.  He served 40 years as a Democrat, a powerful one at that, but serves his current term as a Republican.

Gollott said he made his decision to switch because of the threat by the State Executive Committee of the Mississippi Democratic Party to decertify any nominee who has supported a Republican in the past.

A successful businessman, Gollott has the money to go the distance.  IMO, however, this one is going to cost Lexington some money – it’s just a question of how much but it will be a lot.

Moving on to surprise moves brings us to Rebecca Mowbray’s rah-rah story on Zurich Insurance. Continue reading “SLABBED Daily – April 23 UPDATED 2X”