Sunday night entertainment from the Editilla to the SLABBED

Our thanks to the Editilla of the Ladder for Sunday night’s entertainment.

Call a hurricane a weather event.
Call this Black Water a man-made catastrophe.
But, let not such destruction stand in the way of a great parody.


"We interrupt this interruption of our regularly scheduled disaster blogging to report that levees have failed above Memphis" – said the Editilla this soggy Sunday morning

SLABBED sadly interrupts the Editilla’s “interruption of  the interruption of regularly scheduled disaster blogging” to report At Least 3 Dead In Severe Weather In Mississippi

Possible tornados have killed three people in Northern Mississippi…Benton County Coroner John Riles identified the victims as 25-year-old Latoya Long and 26-year-old Thomas Catrell Cowan. He said the two lived in a mobile home that “looks like you stuck about four sticks of dynamite on it and it just disappeared.”  Riles said several other people reported injuries after the storm blew through about 2:30 a.m. Sunday…Lafayette County Emergency Management coordinator David Shaw confirmed a death in Abbeville. He said the victim’s house was blown apart. Mississippi remains under a tornado watch through Sunday afternoon.

Returning to the unscheduled interruption of the Ladder’s “regularly scheduled disaster blogging” and the Editilla’s report – the Levees have failed above Memphis: Continue reading “"We interrupt this interruption of our regularly scheduled disaster blogging to report that levees have failed above Memphis" – said the Editilla this soggy Sunday morning”

from the bowels of academia comes this s#!% – LSU officials say van Heerden not fired but contract won’t be renewed

In a step below “the dog ate my homework”, LSU offered the Court this excuse for Igor van Heerden’s pending unemployment:

LSU officials said in their court-filed response this week that van Heerden has not been fired, but added that his research contract will not be renewed when it expires May 21.

The LSU response also denied that “van Heerden’s criticism of the Corps or speech on any other matter was a substantial or motivating factor in the decision not to renew his employment.”

van Heerden, according to the Advocate, “wants a federal judge to block the expiration of his LSU contract next month”: h/t Editilla

A vocal critic of the Army Corps of Engineers, van Heerden sued the LSU system in February. He alleged he is being forced out of his job because of his argument that the Corps’ levees in New Orleans had design flaws that caused their failure during Hurricane Katrina’s 2005 surge across the city…

LSU spokesman Ernie Ballard said Wednesday that LSU officials will not comment while the lawsuit is pending….

This week, the nearly 50,000-member American Association of University Professors notified LSU that it will establish a committee to investigate the school’s action against van Heerden, former deputy director of the LSU Hurricane Center.

Editilla had more on the AAUP story, too.

In a strongly worded letter, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) has alerted Michael Martin, Chancellor of Louisiana State University (LSU) that, in its opinion, the firing of Professor Ivor van Heerden “raises significant issues of academic freedom, tenure and due process.” Continue reading “from the bowels of academia comes this s#!% – LSU officials say van Heerden not fired but contract won’t be renewed”

T’row me some’tin Sista – the Ladder on Leslie Jacobs for Mayor

This I could never summarize – not ever, not in a million years.

Editilla Gotta Toll’yawe toll’ya! hahaha~ I took one look at this woman and all sorts of Intuitive Bells and Whistles began popping off, the good kind, the right kind… like this time we may very well have a Real Chance for, I dare say, Change. Suffice to say, Editilla is Tickled to Bits. Buuuttt…

Here’s the deal: when President Obama finally came to town to pee down our legs and tell us it was Katrina, Editilla iced over, sadly jaded with Social Networking as a Platform for Change. Continue reading “T’row me some’tin Sista – the Ladder on Leslie Jacobs for Mayor”

Editilla on Hope a Dope

Irreverently insightful and, at times, just so damn funny I laughed aloud, Editillia does us proud.

We were all set to see our Hope Vote validated this past 8/29 Anniversary, but His O’ner blew our Holy Day in The City The Corps Forgot to go on vacation after only 6 months on the job and play golf at a Rich People’s Place. Thus we saw the ‘Hope’ first begin to uncoil.

Then we heard about the White House trip to the Gulf, a 3 Hour Tinkle-Stop Tour, to check on the status of Hurricane Katrina recovery by A) Not going to Mississippi where Katrina actually hit, causing total devastation, and B) Going to New Orleans where Katrina did not hit and did not cause our total devastation –thence we saw the ‘A’ -hidden behind his back, a foreign object.

Then the Big Show finally arrives amidst obvious disregard and Presidential hubris that we should all be so grateful the president took the time to come and blow smoke up our asses and use our wounded city to Campaign for his Health Care/Economic Thingy.

Butt, it wasn’t until His O’ner opened his mouth and out came the Wise Blood channeling Elmer Gantry (as a Yankee might think we southerners behave in “N’Awlins”) that Editilla saw the scene completed, saw the ‘Dope’. That is when I saw His O’ner “just getting started” on his wind-up to whip us with Hope’A’Dope. Continue reading “Editilla on Hope a Dope”

Back When Virtually Nobody was Reading Us…….

Brother Bruce over at the New Orleans News Ladder was linking us and giving us exposure to his readers. He helped get us on the cyber-map and for that we are eternally grateful. Other blogs that grace our selective blogroll such as We Saw That and Central Louisiaina Politics found us and vice versa because of Editilla d’Aphasia’s vigilance on bringing various sources of information together. He watches our backs too picking up stories we miss. I start my day with him and hope our readers do too.

The Editilla is the Master of Disaster with lots of soulas and some beautiful children to boot. His endorsement yesterday again makes us blush. So we figure Belle is Molly, I’m HL and Nowdy is Clarence. God help us all.  😉

Sein Fein Brother Bruce!


Brother Bruce Made Us Blush

I saw the incoming link and immediately checked out our “Katrina Brother” and Editilla Extraordinaire Bruce at the New Orleans News Ladder. Thanks for the very kinds words Bro.

~Editilla slabbin’begs ta’diffa~
slabbed, when uncoupled wit’da the verbage of Johnny Dangerously, takes on yet a whole nnnnuther meaning…that of getting “Forkin’Forked up!” or “Forked down, Mon.”
But for yer oh’so humble Editorilla, CEO of “Nouns-Are-Us”, it has become much more than the lower-case name of a simple blog,
but a fine woid to describe
da’State of da’Forkin Blog’Fugee Parrrt’ay Today!
Light, Tight and Ready to Fight!
Quiche Capiche? Sinn Féin, Noble Slabbers!

Sinn Féin indeed. I hoist my Harp to that!