Mayor Half Moon causes a ruckus endorsing Cynthia Willard Lewis over Stacy Head for NOLA Councilperson at large

I’ll be honest folks and disclose I’ve known about Mayor Mitch favoring Cynthia Willard Lewis for the council at large seat for about 2 weeks now and I expressed what I heard yesterday in comments after the angry recriminations hit these pages with the public announcement of the news.  I mention all this because  Willard-Lewis is one of American Zombie’s sneaky snakes of 2012 and her name has come up on these pages a time or two in connection with Fred Heebe, Team River Birch and the Heebe funded campaign to close the Old Gentilly Landfill which in turn insured more post Katrina debris would head to the River Birch Landfill.

The reaction to the news was swift, both on these pages in comments and in the local blogosphere.  Jason at AZ published not one but two posts on the subject and was way ahead of the game when the rumors on the subject bubbled up last weekend as were the good people over at Daily Kingfish, which linked our posts on Willard-Lewis’ connections to Team Heebe.

This is not the first time Half Moon has endorsed ethically challenged African American politicians for the sake of political expediency.  The difference is this time is Hiz Honner explained himself and it was highlighted by the Times Picayune’s Frank Donze in a story on the topic updated late last night.  There is a back story here folks that dates to Richmond being exposed in the local blogs that I will not go into but I think Hiz Honner was addressing the local blogs.  Here is a snippet:

“Listen. I’m a politician which means I’m a cheat and a liar. And when I’m not kissing babies I’m stealing their lollipops. But it also means that I keep my options open.” Continue reading “Mayor Half Moon causes a ruckus endorsing Cynthia Willard Lewis over Stacy Head for NOLA Councilperson at large”

HUGE!!!! River Birch walks away from Jefferson Parish Landfill Contract.

Paul Rioux has the skinny on the consent judgement filed today in the new Parish lawsuit against the landfill.  Rioux describes it as a “stunning reversal” for Fred Heebe. True dat but it is also true Heebe’s balls are in a big vice as well. For Team Young and Parish Attorney Deb Foshee this represents a big win politically and we gotta give props to Foshee in particular.

Now if memory serves Mayor Mitcho didn’t renegotiate one waste contract for the City of NOLA. He may want to change that IMHO.


The local Occupy movement simply marches to the beat of a different drummer….

I haven’t done anything with the Occupy NOLA movement over at Duncan Plaza.  I’m just thankful they left Lafayette Square alone since I get so many good tips there. That said the good folks over at the NOLA Defender have been all over the story as the local occupy movement seems unique in several respects right down to Judge Zainey allowing the gang to return to Duncan Plaza after being cleared out yesterday by NOPD.  Evidently this is the first court victory of its kind for the occupy movement.

Speaking of NOPD there have been other occupy movements such as the one on Halifax Nova Scotia where the police used some brutal tactics to evict the peaceful protesters.  The irony of a police force with the reputation for brutality like NOPD using kid goves to remove the Occupy NOLA protesters is rich.  Frankly I think Half Moon and NOPD deserve props for the way the handled the whole deal.


Since everyone is teasing these days….

I’ll join the crowd and disclose my gabby cousin Slabb O’Leaks has been busy again and I have some very controversial confidential documents that I’ll be sharing sooner than later.  I also have part three of La ferme pue pire que la route putes un vagin on tap for the Canadian wing of the Slabbed Nation and I have wrapped up my research into Billy Nungesser’s strange relationship with the politically connected Trident Nova Scotia for both our friends in Plaquemines Parish as well as Canada.  I’ll also update the saga of Boss Hogg’s niece Rosemary Barbour and catch up with the doings in Oxpatch. Whew that’s a lot!

There is never a dull moment on the Slabb folks. 😉 Stay tuned.