All roads lead back to Jefferson Parish…….

A couple of weeks ago I spoke with Dambala at American Zombie and he mentioned to me that he mentioned us at a recent panel discussion on the media.  I gratefully filed the compliment away until today when Editilla over at the Ladder emailed me the link to that Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities panel discussion on the most important story not being told in the local media.  I’d embed it here but WordPress and Vimeo aren’t getting along today.  We certainly appreciate the mention and kind words.

Speaking of Dambala he stopped in and gave us the skinny on why Ray Ray Chocolate Guy has pre-existing problems in Meffertgate. Once again I see the trade symbol HSOA and the name of it’s disgraced former CEO Frank Fradella mentioned in connection with the local corruption scandals.  I saw HSOA’s trade symbol mentioned a good bit on the finance boards as often happens in issues with lots of price volatility.  Of course Fradella is disgraced because HSOA was a pump and dump.  I’ll further note such scams often have roots in organized crime.

I don’t know exactly why I feel this way but I think this HSOA tie in with Ray Ray is very meaningful from a big picture standpoint.