Before the implosion of the Broussard Administration: One small detail

Broussard’s annual Wedding Crashers party was held December 5, 2009 at the Beach House.  A sharp-eyed reader indicated that establishment was located behind and across the street from the now fabled Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway. Leaving nothing to chance I ran the address through the tax assessor’s database and lookie what I found.

It appears only schmucks pay property taxes in Jefferson Parish. The whispers on the street indicate Arthur Sterbcow was ready to break this aspect of the corruption scandal wide open when he was fired from Latter & Blum. Our readers can find Slabb’s coverage of same here.

Luckily for everyone while I’ve been out Dambala has been on fire over at American Zombie

While I’ve been away for a few days Jason over at American Zombie has been on fire with the latest news that Aaron Bennett is helping Team Fed. Also of great interest is his work on the oil spill’s impacts here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast that qualifies as a must read.  Our politicians here in Mississippi have been in bed with BP since the beginning, especially current gubernatorial candidate Phil “Phildo” Bryant, who has consistently downplayed the deleterious environmental impacts of the spill beginning with his now infamous lawn mower fumes remark last summer that was beyond ignorant.

Finally Jason’s post on John Georges property tax assessment in Kenner is the part of a story line that has not yet been fully developed. The general subject of Lawrence Chehardy era sweetheart property tax assessments in Jefferson Parish for the politically connected is a rich topic IMHO. Let’s take things a step further as I think industrial zoned properties, especially along the Mississippi River, would be where the big money is.

One naturally wonders how much lower taxation would be in Jefferson Parish if everyone paid their fair share.


If there is one piece of advice I’d give to the newest members of the NOLA blogging community….

It would be to carefully consider the lessons in the following video:


A hale and hearty Slabbed welcome to Lawrence Chehardy and Team River Birch as they set up blogs to get their message out.


BREAKING: We have a Slabb-o-gram from the Lafayette Square Wino!!!!!!!

Target letters are out. And the Wino reports the winners are: (Drumroll please)

  • Aaron Broussard
  • Tim Whitmer
  • Tom Wilkinson
  • Karen Parker (Broussard)
  • Tim Coulon

And if he didn’t get one today it will arrive shortly.

  • Lawrence Chehardy

Plus the Wino indicated there were “a number of others”.

We’ll have more on this as we get it.


I just had the most amazing conversation with the Lafayette Square Wino….

I’m coughing like I have TB but when the Wino calls I gotta take it.  “You’re doing a better job since I busted your chops on Meffert’s plea deal”, he said, “but is something you need to know….”

And talk we did but there is one problem, beyond being able to disclose that we received a great deal of additional color on Lawrence Chehardy’s untimely departure from the office of the Jefferson Parish Tax Assessor there isn’t much I can publish at this time.  (I know that sucks)

I will say this, I’ve again had a knowledgable observer explain how the DoJ is the fly in the ointment when it comes to some of these very obvious cases of public corruption down here. Holding case files until the statute of limitation expires is one way this is done. An understaffed US Attorney’s office is another way the public is cheated of justice as it is when valuable resources are wasted on political prosecutions like the one involving our own Ashton O’Dwyer.

Like with the crime cameras and Sean Alfortish, civil litigation could well force Mr Letten’s hand in some of these other matters. Continue reading “I just had the most amazing conversation with the Lafayette Square Wino….”

Does your social network matter? Slabbed explores a few of Ron Maestri’s social connections and his role in the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal.

Does your social network matter?  My own opinion, as it relates to the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal is it fundamentally does as some very hard decisions must be made on whom to prosecute and for what crimes. Before I get into the details of some information I’ve been holding for several weeks now we must set up some very important concepts beginning with cognitive bias which is defined as distortions in the way people perceive reality, and in particular a subset known as Group-serving bias and one of that subset’s progeny, Ingroup bias:

Ingroup bias is the preferential treatment people give to those whom they perceive to be members of their own groups.

Experiments in psychology have shown that group members will award one another higher pay-offs even when the “group” they share seems random and arbitrary, such as having the same birthday, having the same final digit in their U.S. Social Security Number, or even being assigned to the same flip of a coin.

In less fancy terms we favor our friends, our church community, our classmates, our tailgate group or whatever group of people we happen to identify with. This is important because of a “journalistic fact” left in Telemachus’ comment that we featured in part 1: Continue reading “Does your social network matter? Slabbed explores a few of Ron Maestri’s social connections and his role in the Jefferson Parish Political Corruption Scandal.”

Could the Chehardy PR blitz be a prelude to a run for Parish Prez….

After all folks, no one in their right mind spends their own money running farewell ads unless they are gearing up to run for another office.  Now leaving aside the fact the ads are frankly silly IMHO as the good folks in Louisiana are taxed to death he leaves out that the pols need your tax dollars to loot out on the back end of earmark scams and to employ their cronies.  IMHO career politician Lawrence Chehardy is simply a slicker version of Byron Lee and a guy who probably never missed a chance to double dip his entire career.

In respects what we are seeing unfold Continue reading “Could the Chehardy PR blitz be a prelude to a run for Parish Prez….”

“Well, kiss my assessor” – James Gill on the retirement of Lawrence Chehardy

I missed Gill’s column in Wednesday’s Times Picayune (which isn’t all I’ve missed over the holidays) and, then, the spam filter caught the email tip sent by a reader – but no one should miss reading, Assessing a lifetime in Jeff politics:

Lawrence Chehardy’s retirement after 34 years as Jefferson Parish assessor brings to mind the Samuel Johnson crack: “That fellow seems to me to possess but one idea, and that is a wrong one.”

Chehardy’s wrong idea — that the homestead exemption should not only be retained but periodically raised — certainly resonated with the voters, however. It did not originate with him but came with the job, which he landed 34 years ago in a triumph of nepotism over democracy.

Daddy, the wildly popular long-term incumbent, drew no challengers when he came up for re-election until his 22-year-old law-student son turned up clutching his qualification papers with minutes to spare.

The mantle was passed seamlessly. Chehardy pere had appropriated the homestead exemption as his signature issue and parlayed it into a position atop the parish’s political establishment, where he and then-District Attorney John Mamoulides stuffed the courts with their protégés.

The elder Chehardy himself waltzed into a seat on the state court of appeal, while his heir took over as the exemption’s most vocal proponent, winning re-election hands down ever since.

The most bizarre aspect of the story is Continue reading ““Well, kiss my assessor” – James Gill on the retirement of Lawrence Chehardy”