A few quick random thoughts

If there is one idea that I’ve tried to carry with me every day since Katrina it is the notion of the true extent of the transitory nature of our existence. Now this notion could indeed be viewed as a bummer because everything is destined to end the only question is when. My reaction is to attempt to recognize the blessings we also receive each day and simply appreciate the people that matter most in everyday life. I mention this because I’ve been mostly away from the blog this week as I have to pull double duty in the day job as a member of the business family deals with  such a transition I spoke of above. We all get hit with such realities at points in time on the road of life and in a small shop the business family gets to share both the triumphs and the tragedies that way. One blessing I have is the fact that Slabbed has kept humming right along without me via the open thread among other recent posts kept stocked with material via our great commenters. Thanks to all.

That said there are a few things still happening in the world one of which is Mississippi’s Neshoba County Fair which is a favorite among the political class here in Mississippi, especially in an election year. I tuned into twitter yesterday finding out such great factoids such as no one really paid attention to what Commish Mike Chaney had to say in his speech, that Billy Hewes isn’t afraid to scapegoat welfare recipients and Mexicans to satisfy his lust for lite Gov and that his opponent Tate Reeves has become an expert in making Hewes look exactly like the fool he is. Twitter is a wonderful thing folks and I enjoyed seeing a diverse group of tweeple such as Patsy Brumfield, Alan Lange and Frank Corder covering the speeches.

We have a primary election next week in Mississippi and to the extent the local democrat party does not have a pulse 5 of the 8 statewide offices will be decided next Tuesday in the GOP primary. If you are bright enough to read Slabbed then you don’t need me telling you how to vote but I will disclose that I’ll be supporting Tate Reeves for Lite Gov because he is 1. Not a fluffer like Hewes, 2. Is not a Nationwide Agent representing Team Insurance like Hewes in the legislature and 3. Is clearly the better candidate. If you believe the polling Hewes is on his way to a first class ass kicking and that warms the cockles of my heart. Continue reading “A few quick random thoughts”

Hot Tuna: Lawn Mower Fumes Phil Bryant wants to move Miss America to the coast

Folks many years ago I worked as an official tabulator at one of the feeder contests to the Miss Mississippi pageant. Remembering I am a coastal Catholic type kinda of guy the pageant, held well north of the coast, was a cultural type of learning experience of the type that would serve me well in life’s later days.

There will be a set before the pageants over with that has all the girls. Get your scores in and leave before the number is done. Last year, the accountants were confronted before they could leave…..

The “wrong” girl won the year before and certain elements of the crowd evidently took umbrage against the score tabulators.  I certainly wasn’t taking the pageant or pro bono assignment seriously enough I quickly surmised……I mean heck these folks didn’t even drink like they did at the little league games in Chalmette for Christ’s sake! But after seeing all the nice young Baptist women’s camel toes during the swim suit contest, I understood what motived a typical off coast Mississippi Baptist sort of guy was simply a much tamer version of what I had seen as a young man over at the Memorial Day All Harley Blowout years before.

Now for the uninitiated Baptists in Mississippi, the most Baptist state in the union, are like Baskin Robbins as  there are over 100 different flavors of them. Please make no mistake I come not to run down the fractious religion but to celebrate its uniqueness in America’s cultural landscape. You see most of the true believers don’t drink, dance or gamble so if you take all that away that just leaves sex and there is this stereotype floating about in local pop culture that Baptists have a very healthy libeto to compensate. I say all this because as a young catholic guy what I had witnessed during the swim suit competition reminded me of the far more tawdry swim suit competition at the Blowout save for the fact that the contestant’s parents were not at the blowout cheering their daughters along as far as I could tell.

I say all this because Gov candidate Phil “Phildo” “Lawn Mower Fumes” Byrant is pushing moving the Miss America pageant from Vegas to the coast using BP money do so.  Nope folks it wasn’t enough that old Phil denied the severity of the Macondo well blowout until the bitter end. Idiots are a dime a dozen including the Baptist variety. Phil is a special kind of idiot, you know the kind that wants to shove his faith down everyone elses throats. Continue reading “Hot Tuna: Lawn Mower Fumes Phil Bryant wants to move Miss America to the coast”

We have more dead baby Dolphins washing up on the beach.

And this is why I’d be very careful about swimming in the sound and completely steer clear of locally caught oysters.  I think right now it pays to be very selective about locally caught seafood as there is so much we still do not know about the damage being done by the submerged oil from the BP/Transocean blowout, oil that would have been skimmed in other locales but some buttheads at Teams Obama and BP made the decision to mix the oil with Corexit at the well head so it would sink to the sea bottom, effectively concealing the true extent of the oil released.

Meantime Karen Nelson at the Sun Herald checks in with 4 more dead baby dolphins on Horn Island plus another in Alabama. In advance of Lawn Mower Fumes Bryant and Boss Hogg along with their stooge Bill Walker at DMR downplaying the deaths, Nelson puts things in perspective:

Four baby dolphins lay dead in the sand on the south side of Horn Island and one on Ono Island off Orange Beach, Ala., Tuesday.

That’s more dolphins dead in one day than all the dolphins, of any age, found dead in Alabama in 2008.

My mind is open to the possibility Teams Obama and BP have endangered the lives of the public by trying to conceal how much oil spilled from the blowout so the fines BP will pay under the Oil Pollution Act are minimized. To the extent Boss Hogg and Lawn Mower Fumes Bryant have constantly downplayed the impacts of the oil they too are complicit in this IMHO.


“Lawn Mower Fumes” Phil Bryant on the coast to announce for Gov.

Phil "Lawn Mower Fumes" Bryant

He’s done absolutely nothing for the coastal insurance crisis in Mississippi as Lite Gov, professing faith in a mythical free market that does not exist.

He denied the impacts of the oil spill on the coast to the bitter end while looking for every opportunity to genuflect before whatever BP exec happened to be around last summer.

Now he’s back on the coast folks, a career politician announcing that he’s running for Governor.

In other news coast businessman Dave Dennis announced on his Facebook page he’ll be qualifying today for the Gov race too. What an interesting contrast the primary race will offer having a man who created jobs with a solid track record in the business community in Dennis against a career politician in Lawn Mower Fumes Bryant.