Someone want to let us in on the chain?

This post has experienced a spike in site traffic lately and if I had to guess the link is being emailed around based on the referral source.  It involves Chris Roberts, Gretna Police Chief Lawson and 2 of his boys including Robert’s staffer Brett Lawson and their connections to Adams and Reese lobbyst Chris Coulon, son of soon to be indicted former Parish President Tim Coulon and DA Conncik’s brother Dutchie Connick and his connection to Kass Brothers Construction and Kass’ connections to the River Birch landfill, whose offices were recently raided by the FBI.  Whew that was a mouthful.


Yes I can verify we have a tough crowd here….

The comments to my earlier post on the rumored indictments in Jefferson Parish and  Bill Hubbard’s sentencing tell that tale.  You gotta be tough to mud wrestle with the slimy alligators that populate Parish Government.  And never take your eye off ’em either because if you do there no telling what the Parish Council will try, even repealing an ordinance they claimed to be in compliance with.

Me thinks the gang is trying to clear the way for Chrissy’s campaign fundraiser.  Is there a Kass-Connick and a landfill in this picture? You betcha there is.


Let’s tie a few Jefferson Parish odds and ends together as Slabbed welcomes Chris Roberts and Dutchie Connick to the party

Folks the political class in Jefferson Parish takes the word “brazen” to another level. Our long time readers know that I am a fan of the old TLC series Connections so let’s make a few and begin with the agenda for tomorrow’s Parish Council meeting which I’ve embedded courtesy of Scribd:

[scribd id=27747128 key=key-299lbj8xijdr2olyhcl8 mode=list]

I invite the Slabbed Nation to scroll down to item 84 which I quote:

Resolution – requesting the Parish President to investigate the feasibility and to provide a cost-benefit analysis for the expansion of the Parish Attorney’s Office to allow said office to provide legal services in-house which are currently being provided by outside contracted law firms. (Mr. Roberts)

This agenda item is related to the post we did last week on the Tuesday Night Massacre where assistant Parish Attorney Louis Gruntz refered to former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson as “his client” despite the fact he represented the Parish. Now Councilman Chris Roberts is doing an end run a round the Parish Charter to allow the in-house lawyers to double deal and represent Parish employees that get in trouble due to their double-dealing. In essence this resolution allows Louis Gruntz to aid the disgraced Tom Wilkinson. So the question is why would Chris Roberts carry water for these disgraced civil servants? Continue reading “Let’s tie a few Jefferson Parish odds and ends together as Slabbed welcomes Chris Roberts and Dutchie Connick to the party”