A few things are very clear….

  1. Interest in the doings at the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources remains very high here on the Gulf Coast.
  2. Now is the time of year that public interest groups and others are honing their legislative agendas for the January 2015 session of the Mississippi legislature.

Regarding the first item Slabbed will continue to take an interest a state agency that continues to generate public interest in my readers. Regarding the second I am happy to work with those people that promote a fiscally conservative message. This includes elimination of the Franchise Tax which I am told Lite Gov Tate Reeves is planning to push in the State Senate.

Finally, in other news I am told that the endorsement machine for 24th JDC Division O candidate John Sudderth has ended as the Greater New Orleans GOP yesterday endorsed Thomas Anselmo, Jr. for the 24th JDC Division O seat.  Given Sudderth’s murky background I was mildly surprised the Parish GOP executive committee and the Alliance for Good Government have endorsed Sudderth for the Division O seat, which encompasses areas on the West Bank of the Mississippi River.  With well over a month to the election I am told Anselmo is closing some of the gap with Danyelle Taylor, who my political sources have identified as the early frontrunner in the race.  Both Anselmo and Taylor actually live on the Westbank and politically that is important in Division O.

Early voting has begun for the Division D Judicial race in the 24th JDC

And the local CFGG has sent out an email blast urging people to go vote which is good advice.  This race has 4 candidates though editorially Slabbed has eliminated John Sudderth from consideration leaving 3 qualified candidates for the voters to choose from.

That said the post I did on Sudderth’s connection to the Judge Green prosecution had a good bit of banter about candidate Hillary Landry, who was endorsed by the local Alliance for Good Government.  As a group the Slabbed Nation is not much on establishment endorsements but I will add that my lawyer Bobby Truitt has laid money down in support of Hillary Landry and that is meaningful to me.

With that set up I need to correct the record because there was a good bit of talk about Landry’s sister being married to Chris Coulon in that prior post, such information not being up to date as “marriage” is past tense in this case. To that extent Sis is a private citizen whose private life is not salient to this race. I’d also like to point out that Mrs Landry’s hubby is a very successful trial lawyer in his own right as both Mickey and Hillary have made their own way on the local bar. That is not an endorsement but I do think a fair portrayal of the situation at Team Landry.

What does interest me is it appears only two of the candidates, Sudderth and Landry have money for TeeVee.  I liked the second Landry commercial better than the first.  If I’ve missed any political advertisements for Lorraine Perkins McInnis and Scott Schlegel help me fill in the blanks in comments.

Now back to that TeeVee thing as I sense there is a Connick in the woodpile.  Remember this race once included Julie Quinn and her ghost may be playing a role in the campaign. If I divine any juicy muck I’ll pass it along.

That 24th JDC Division D race will be the death of me as the ghosts of Operation Wrinkled Robe haunt the race

I’ve been trying to stay away from the coming judicial elections in Jefferson Parish since Julie Quinn quit the Division D race a few months ago as the candidates did not excite me much nor did I see many clear cut choices. That is, until John Sudderth announced he would run in Division D. If you scroll down to the comments you’ll find my lawyer Bobby Truitt tied it up with Sudderth and/or his handlers as there are a few subjects that get Bobby fired up, Operation Wrinkled Robe being one of them.

Long story short Bobby’s client K-Mart was home cooked by former Judge Alan Green and the gang at team K-Mart did not take kindly to that. The investigation into Gretna courthouse corruption exposed many unsightly wrinklesincestuous relationships political and otherwise and included local icons like Al Copeland. It was one of the most expensive federal investigations in US history and it stopped way short though Federal Judge Tom Porteous ended up being impeached partially as a result of Wrinkled Robe.

So what does this have to do with John Sudderth running for Division D judge? Let’s take a trip down memory lane.

USA v Green Indictment Screen Capture 1

And the participants? This lays it out: Continue reading “That 24th JDC Division D race will be the death of me as the ghosts of Operation Wrinkled Robe haunt the race”