Other Voices: NFWF Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund Community Workshops Set

Bay St Louis Ward 6 Councilman Lonnie Falgout:

Dear friends: I have had the opportunity to meet with MDEQ and work with some of our community leaders within the last eight (8) months to hopefully ensure that we, Hancock County, receive consideration and funding to cleanup our rivers, bayous, canals and tributaries thru the NFWF Gulf Environmental Benefit Fund. This fund will receive $356 million for obligation to projects that benefit the natural resources of Mississippi’s Gulf waters and coast. This meeting will give us a forum to exchange values, priorities and opportunities for future restoration with local, state and federal leaders.

This workshop type setting will give US our chance to express our needs, ask questions and show our commitment to restoring our waterfront communities and coastline.

So please mark the date of August 20, 2014 , 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. / Bay St. Louis Community Center, 301 Blaize Ave.

Folks, this is a big opportunity to finally get assistance for our waterways, please forward to friends, fishermen and our weekenders!

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Attorney General Hood wants “whistleblowers” backing up his argument to Judge Barbier

SLABBED reported Judge Barbier’s rockin’ Order and Reasons in Judge Barbier rocks! Rules “claims czar not independent of BP”, including his requirement that all parties file additional briefs by Friday of this week. (Order and Reasons follow in scribd format below)

McClatchy News has a story – Mississippi AG: BP spill victims got ‘stiff-armed’ on claims – indicating Barbier’s rockin’ had AG Hood rollin’ out a call for whistleblowers:

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood wants to hear from whistle-blowers with inside information about how the Gulf Coast Claims Facility is operating.

Hood believes GCCF administrator Ken Feinberg “stiff-armed” claimants on emergency and interim claims because they required no release of the right to sue BP and other parties responsible for the April 2010 Gulf oil catastrophe. When claimants grew desperate, Hood believes, GCCF rolled out final payments that do require waiving the right to sue.

“They’re not following the law,” Hood said. “They’re just trying to coerce people into signing these releases”…

As SLABBED has repeatedly mentioned, Hood learned all he needed to know about “waiving the right to sue” from the MID mediation program that “stiff armed” State Farm policyholder claimants in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

IMO, that lesson accounts for his current insistence that there is no relationship between the number and amount of paid claims and the integrity of the claims process!

Anyone heard a whistle blow?

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BS spilling at BP “non-political[sic], independent[sic] commission – “seemingly acceptable risks adding up to disaster”

Oh, come now – even the Easter Bunny is political in Washington – but the American people are supposed to believe the Commission investigating  BP’s gulf oil spill disaster is conducting  a “non-political, independent” inquiry.  According to today’s Sun Herald, the Commission was on a roll yesterday.

The commission came up with 13 preliminary temporary conclusions. Like BP, it found that the oil and gas traveled up the center of the pipe in the well, rather than up the sides — a finding that was disputed by Halliburton on Monday. The company has been criticized by the panel’s investigators for pumping faulty cement and having tests in hand that showed it would fail. If the blowout started in the space between the pipe and the underground rock, Halliburton’s cement would be less of a factor.

However, the Commission can’t roll over the evidence.   Judge Barbier snatched prize eggs –  the blown out blowout  and, more recently, cement from the well – and put them in his basket.

Like kids who can’t find where the eggs are hidden, the Commission’s investigators testifying yesterday said, the ” BP oil rig explosion and spill wasn’t about anyone purposely trading money for safety…Instead it was more about seemingly acceptable risks adding up to disaster”: Continue reading “BS spilling at BP “non-political[sic], independent[sic] commission – “seemingly acceptable risks adding up to disaster””