Friday Open letter day: A satisfied client endorses Bobby Truitt

I’m a satisfied client as well hence the banner hanging on the right sidebar. The following is from Anne Marie Vandenweghe which I publish for no promotional consideration:

I would point out to any detractors that Bobby Truitt was the only one to man-up in my defense. And I am eternally grateful. No one ( and I mean NO ONE) came forward offering to represent me. Many gave their advice and opinions but none went on the line to represent me. He did the right thing and handled the case as it played out. Period. His client is well satisfied and that is all that matters. To Bobby: Thank you Sincerely and fondly, Anne Marie.

I’d like to add that given the commentary from the legal and related professional communities on the post I did on the topic of the Jefferson Parish litigation settlement amount with Anne Marie Vandenweghe¬†indicated they too think Bobby well represented his client in light of the outcome of the case.