Proliferation of pollen accounts for scarcity of posts – and Nowdy’s eyes!

“The most obvious signs of allergies are sneezing and itchy, watery eyes…” – or so the Sun Herald reports in Pollen Proliferation:

“This year we had a colder than normal winter, and when it warmed up, it warmed up quickly, to warmer than normal. So it wasn’t a gradual release of pollen. Everything popped at the same time…Much of the pollen that has coated everything for cars to dogs recently is from pine trees…[but]…the pine is mostly gone…“The pine pollen might be what you see, but most people are allergic to oak and pecan — that’s the most common here…”

No s#*%!  Most years, my reaction to pollen is bi%@&in’ about the yellow that coats my car.  However, this year I’m just bi%@&in’.  Who wouldn’t when they haven’t slept well for a week?  My bedroom is upstairs and directly under the branches of a big-mama oak tree.  I couldn’t get any closer to the pollen if I put my bed in the [email protected]#n tree.  Consequently, from my perspective, the “most obvious signs of allergies” are the dark circles under my eyes slits – unless you consider another my attempt to hide both with a Bluz Boy’s disguise!

“Remember, pollen is worse early in the morning and later in the day, close to evening,” [Biloxi allergist Dr. Douglas] Leavengood said. “If you need to get out, it’s better to do so in the middle of the day, and this time of year, it’s much nicer than, say, in August to do that.”

Naturally. with pollen worse when I usually write, the “proliferation of pollen accounts for the scarcity of posts” – and my recent spending on OTC.