State Senator Tommy Gollott Formally Endorses Scott DeLano

State Senator Tommy Gollott Announces Endorsement of Scott DeLano
Republican Candidate for Senate District 50

Biloxi, MS- Longtime Senator Tommy Gollott announces his endorsement of Scott DeLano, who is running for the seat being vacated by the Senator. Senator Gollott has represented the coast in the State Legislature for 52 years and announced earlier this year that he will not seek re-election.

Senator Gollott’s announcement:

“During my 52-year tenure in the State Capitol, I’ve worked with a number of legislators. I firmly believe that Scott DeLano would represent the 50th District well and has our community’s best interest at heart. I feel that he has what it takes to support the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Jackson. That said, I am honored to endorse the candidacy of Scott DeLano for State Senator and ask that you vote for him on August 6, 2019.”

Scott DeLano was elected to the MS House of Representatives in 2009. During his term in office, he has served as Chairman of Constitution, Chairman of Technology and Sub-Committee Chairman of Appropriations.

Understanding Basic Math: Southern District PSC Candidate Sugar Stallings’ Campaign Finance Reports Do Not Add Up

Sugar Stallings holds herself out a qualified to be Southern District PSC Commissioner but a casual perusal of her campaign finance reports leaves the impression she would have a hard time passing third grade math:

On her May 10, 2019 report Ms. Stallings lists $1,500 in receipts and $1,1000 in disbursements leaving a campaign cash balance of $500.

On Her June 10, 2019 report Ms. Stallings lists $285.62 in receipts and disbursements leaving a campaign cash balance of $500. (Beginning cash of $500 plus June receipts less June disbursements) Ms. Stallings claimed to have $214.38, which is $500 less $285.62)

On her July 10, 2019 Stallings lists $761.44 of receipts and $1,000 in disbursements with ending cash at $261.44, which is correct based upon a $500 beginning cash balance plus receipts less disbursements. On the July report Ms. Stallings sole disbursement is to her husband repaying a $1,000 campaign loan. Looking at the receipts section it appears Stallings is including expenses she paid personally as contributions, which is correct. But they are also expenses too despite not being listed as such on her campaign finance report. It begs the question of exactly where Stallings got the money to repay a $1,000 loan to her hubby if all but $300 of her June-July receipts were expenses that she paid personally.

Here are Stallings campaign finance reports through July 10, 2019: Continue reading “Understanding Basic Math: Southern District PSC Candidate Sugar Stallings’ Campaign Finance Reports Do Not Add Up”

Understanding Mississipppi Senate District 50: Follow the Money

This is the second of a series of posts on the upcoming primary elections. Slabbed starts with District 50 covering the northern and eastern parts of Harrison County including part of Biloxi and D’Iberville. This particular race is striking because it too has seen a fair amount of mudslinging. This is former State Senator Tommy Gollott’s old seat. The race features former Representative Scott DeLano  and Biloxi City Councilwoman Dixie Newman.

Ms. Newman, besides being young is reminiscent of Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni in another way as both share a name change before entering public service. Critics of both contend the new nom de guerres originated with political considerations in mind. The name change, which is pretty well known in Biloxi, has not thus far hindered Ms. Newman’s political ascent.

This post required a bit more legwork than others in the series because of a hiccup Ms. Newman had with her May finance report where she initially listed a $50,000 contribution from Jackson Metro area businessman Chris Gouras. She amended the May report to show the money as a loan from herself to her campaign. Slabbed contacted the Newman Campaign about the amendment. The campaign produced the loan documents for Slabbed which showed that Ms. Newman borrowed the money, lending it to her own campaign.

Two things that stood out to me in this race is how evenly matched the two major candidates are in terms of fundraising, including the loan Ms. Newman to her campaign. A distinguishing quality between the reports would be that DeLano uses a third party to type his while Ms. Newman’s are handwritten, with July’s report ostensibly missing page three of the campaign receipts.  Both are currently running TV ads. DeLano’s July report lists a contribution from outgoing State Senator Tommy Gollott but to my knowledge the Senator has not otherwise publicly endorsed DeLano.

Slabbed will keep this post stuck to the front page so supporters of either candidate can make their case. First up is Dixie Newman: Continue reading “Understanding Mississipppi Senate District 50: Follow the Money”

Understanding Mississipppi Senate District 46: Follow the Money

This is the first of a series of posts on the upcoming primary elections. Slabbed starts with District 46 covering Hancock and Western Harrison Counties. This particular race is striking because it has been muck filled with all manner of candidate inhumanity to candidate. Worth noting is incumbent Phillip Moran through July has a major money advantage over his GOP challenger Blaine Lafontaine.

Slabbed will keep this post stuck to the front page so supporters of either candidate can make their case. First up is Phillip Moran: Continue reading “Understanding Mississipppi Senate District 46: Follow the Money”

Mosquito Control: Its on!!

In a few hours at today’s Board of Supervisor meeting Mosquito Control is back on the agenda (beginning at pdf page 235). Rank has its privileges including being able to have a state agency back date your license:

Pages From 2019-07-15 Board of Supervisors – Full Agenda-1123 by Slabbed on Scribd

The meeting live stream can be found here.

A Con Artist is Running for Southern District PSC: We know her as Sugar Stallings

Sugar Stallings via  WLOX File Photo
Sugar Stallings via
WLOX File Photo
What started as a tip that a local radio personality/political candidate was pretending to be a lawyer has morphed into something more and that started when Slabbed obtained Southern District PSC candidate Demetria M “Sugar” Stallings resume from the Biloxi City Council minutes when former Biloxi Mayor AJ Holloway appointed Stallings to the Historical Preservation Commission:

Sugar Stallings CV by on Scribd

It was with that detailed information that Slabbed started doing some sleuthing with the University of Baltimore and the University of Maryland but the initial searches turned up dry. Summer Selby-Drew stopped in with a tip which we were already wise, namely that Stallings may not be her original last name and Sugar is a nickname. Having already run a public records search we knew that Stallings was known in Maryland as Demetria M. Brown. The Baltimore Sun circa 2006 made that bit of sleuthing easy: Continue reading “A Con Artist is Running for Southern District PSC: We know her as Sugar Stallings”

Other Voices | Haley Barbour: Mississippi Needs a State Treasurer with Experience

Haley BarbourMarsha and I plan to vote for Buck Clarke for State Treasurer in the Republican Primary on August 6, and I think it’s worth sharing why we believe Buck is clearly the best choice for this important position.

First of all, our treasurer plays a very important role in state government. This is not a position for on-the-job training; we need a treasurer with an accomplished career. The State Treasurer is our chief financial officer. The treasurer manages the state debt along with the Governor and Attorney General, and their decisions impact the State’s credit rating and millions of taxpayer dollars.

Furthermore, the treasurer serves on PERS, the state retirement system. PERS has about $28 billion in assets and pays out nearly $3 billion annually to state retirees – over 100,000 of them. While PERS does not get a lot of media attention, it’s one of the most challenging financial obligations the state has to manage. We need someone with Buck’s experience and accomplishments in this critical role.

For Marsha and me, Buck Clarke is the most qualified candidate to serve as State Treasurer. Buck’s education, experience, training and career as a CPA and small business owner have prepared him to manage these critical financial issues. In addition, Buck has served as the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee the last eight years and gained invaluable knowledge and experience dealing with the State’s finances.

The taxpayers need to think about the Treasurer’s race like a job interview. Who is qualified to do the job? It’s the taxpayers’ MONEY, and we need a treasurer with a conservative record of accomplishment. Continue reading “Other Voices | Haley Barbour: Mississippi Needs a State Treasurer with Experience”

Caveat Emptor: It appears we’re in bullshit poll season…

It strongly appears both Mississippi and Louisiana have highly questionable polling make the news cycle, happening first in Louisiana:

Support for Trump in Louisiana plunges, poll says: See results, how that impacts governor’s race ~ Tyler Bridges

In an ensuing conversation about that story on Twitter the one thing we agreed upon was that there was not enough information provided about the polling methodology to determine if the poll was BS or held some validity though the results seems way off kilter based on Louisiana being almost a Ruby Red State.

Tim Morris at the Times Picayune picked up on that citing another pollster (Morning Consult) which had some drastically different numbers. Worth noting is the Advocate’s pollster, Market Research Insight is a B+ rated polling company according to Five Thirty Eight while Morning Consult rates a B- so we are at least in apples to apples territory comparing them.

Dan Fagan, an unofficial Louisiana Republican Party Spokesperson, was more direct and revealed where the Market Research Poll likely went off the tracks:

Kennedy says only half of black respondents said they would vote for Edwards in the fall. Kennedy says typically, 90% of blacks vote Democrat, so he adjusted the African American response in his poll from 50% to 90%.

Having pulled statistical samples a few times myself I recognize that particular technique but I also understand that essentially changing the answer you get from a sample increases the risk of bias in a major way. According to both Fagan and Morris Louisiana Republicans are claiming the numbers were cooked to keep Trump out of the Louisiana Governor’s Race. I personally believe the Market research Poll must have one or more fatal flaws.

Here in Mississippi Yall Politics is trumpeting a Tate Reeves poll which shows him owning every other candidate handily. In political circles it is well known that former Chief Justice Waller jumped into the Governor’s race on the GOP side because they perceive Tate Reeves would be vulnerable to Attorney General Jim Hood in the general election and that has been born out in the polling done to this point. Early this week Adam Ganucheau of Mississippi Today filed a story on Waller visiting Hattiesburg that included this quote from Willis Lott:

“I’m supporting Bill Waller because he has a vision for a better Mississippi,” Willis Lott, former president of Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, told a reporter as the breakfast group listened. “Tate Reeves, in his years as lieutenant governor, has not shown that he has a vision. Plus he’s arrogant, and a lot of people know it.”

Willis Lott is neither a blow hard-lightweight or known for calling people arrogant as Higher Education Presidents typically are very temperate in their choice of words. His choice of words is therefore stunning. Continue reading “Caveat Emptor: It appears we’re in bullshit poll season…”

Lana Noonan | Hancock Republican Women Sponsored a Statewide Candidate Forum

The Hancock County Republican Women delivered a great event for the voters in Hancock County last night at the Diamondhead City Hall presenting the Republican candidates for office for the August 6, primaries and November General Election, for those who survive August.

The format was very good; the questions were very good, and you just can’t be Joe Gex as a moderator. The only thing lacking was pre-event publicity. So, we’ll do some post-event coverage today.

For the most part the State Officials sent representatives to speak on their behalf. The State level candidates appearing to speak for themselves were:

Public Service Commissioner:

Dane Maxwell, current Mayor of Pascagoula, who said his number one promise to the voters would be to incarcerate all RoBo callers. Maxwell pointed out that he took the lead in DC on the Miss. flooding issue meeting with the Corps of Engineers. He said that he is also the only candidate who has ever actually worked with the PSC.

Kelvin Schultz said if he is elected to PSC, his first priority would be to establish a full time Complaint Department because his experience has been that PSC does not return phone calls or take any interest in the needs of the people they are supposed to be serving. He would also do everything he could to monitor and keep down rates for the public.

The two candidates speaking on their own behalf for Transportation Commissioner, Southern District, were Tom King (I) and Tony Smith. Continue reading “Lana Noonan | Hancock Republican Women Sponsored a Statewide Candidate Forum”

No good deed goes unpunished but what about the bad ones?

Sheriff Adam Fund Raiser using County EMS Tent | Reader submitted photo
Sheriff Adam Fund Raiser using County EMS Tent | Reader submitted photo

On the use of the Emergency Management Dept. tent by Kendra Necaise for her campaign fund raiser [constitutes an] “improper use of county assets”, as State Auditor’s office said 2 weeks ago. It seems like there are 2 or more County employees and one elected official that were involved in this situation. The employees are subject to disciplinary action by the Supervisors as per the Employee Handbook. The elected officials actions could be brought to the attention of either the State Ethics Commission or State Auditor’s Office. (Edited for clarity}

Being as this is an election year I imagine people have already complained about certain candidates use of the County EMS tent and allegedly trustee labor for their political fund raisers up to Jackson. Pictured above is from Sheriff Adam’s campaign event.

As far as those signs the Rotary club bought and installed without collaborating with the County:

Supervisors voted unanimously to have Bay St. Louis Rotary Club be given notice that the bottom of their signs which advertise their personal, for profit businesses have to be removed. The public information on keeping the beaches clean is okay. The removal has to be done by this Friday, April 19, or County Road Administrator’s beach crew will remove them.

Ultimately a couple of wrenches will solve this problem. Slabbed has no problem memorializing those that made the signs possible so following are some pictures of them taken recently on a gorgeous spring day earlier this month for our out of town readers. Continue reading “No good deed goes unpunished but what about the bad ones?”