Fresh Blood

So what we have here is a popular Mayor, already re-elected to a second term, see both of his hand picked candidates for the City Council crash and burn. Both were long time fixtures in City government.

Jason Williams claims victory over Cynthia Hedge-Morrell for New Orleans City Council at-large Division 2 ~ Richard Webster

Nadine Ramsey defeats Jackie Clarkson for New Orleans City Council ~ Andrea Shaw

Fresh blood is a good thing IMHO. Could the 2014 NOLA City elections be a harbinger of things to come? Here in Mississippi Chris McDaniel is banking on exactly that.

All the best dirt comes out during the election cycle

It’s as American as Apple Pie folks.

So, with St Patricks day celebration weekend upon us, I doubt voter turnout in NOLA is very high for today’s City runoff elections. That said the political operatives and astroturfers have been busy in advance of the runoff as Slabbed again illustrates why the comments to a news story are often far better than the news story itself (Facebook only commenting outlets excepted as those websites are not in the game):

Jackie Clarkson lands DA Leon Cannizzaro’s backing in New Orleans City Council race ~ Andrea Shaw

Linda Hodges
Someone please ask Jackie Clarkson about how she and Kristin Palmer intervene on behalf of Palmer’s nephew Geronimo Giselon to get him probation in an armed robbery case when young African Americans go to jail for up to 99 years for the same offense…?

Nola Tourism Economy
Could the “Geronimo Giselson” fiasco have been the scandal that led Kristen Palmer to not run for re-election?

That is, in addition to the scandal revealed by Times-Picayune and Richard Webster that revealed Kristen Palmer was doing the bidding of Stuart Smith and VCPORA because they got her elected and she was trying to funnel funds for noise ordinance enforcement to Wilma Heaton.

Down here in the deep South when the layers of the onion are peeled back, some of the socio-political relationships involved take you to some interesting places including here.

Why Steph predicted Nadine Ramsey would have a hard time in the runoff…..

But you had to watch Informed Sources last Friday night to benefit from Steph’s punditry. I have no horse in the race but it would have been nice if some fresh blood had been been injected into the NOLA City Council, which has been dominated by career politicians and hacks like Jackie Clarkson for years:

Landrieu Clarkson 1 Continue reading “Why Steph predicted Nadine Ramsey would have a hard time in the runoff…..”

Tuesday Miscellany

I have lots of irons in the fire but today is my best opportunity to post some new content. Here are some links of interest:

‘Enemy for life’: Mayor Mitch Landrieu accused of steamrolling those who disagree with him ~ Tyler Bridges

I heard about this article before it was written and one of the examples I was cited was not mentioned by name in Tyler Bridge’s piece. In it is the reason I think Michael Bagneris is running against Landrieu for Mayor and as such there is a kernel of truth in the criticisms.  I found it very interesting that Bagneris even bagged a campaign contribution from Lakeshore, Mississippi, one of the unlikeliest of places one would expect an out of state democrat candidate for Mayor of NOLA to receive campaign ca$h.

Meantime I believe Slabbed was the first website to disclose the GOP was backing Bagneris so excuse me while I take a victory lap and blow raspberries at AROD.  😉

Next up from the consider it a well deserved compliment files:

A quip on Twitter lands me a public audience with Louisiana’s coastal chief, but it could have been worse ~ Mark Moseley

Graves is still full of it on Bermdoggle.

I saw the Richard Sherman interview with Erin Andrews after the NFC Championship game and thought Andrews was in over her head.  Even at its lowest levels, football is all about competition at its most Darwinian.  You gotta have a mean streak and the right attitude to excel at it and the cornerback everyone now loves to hate has it all in spades plus some.

Thus when you make the play that put your team in the Super Bowl and do it against the guy from the other team that has been trading trash with you all week, emotions would naturally be running very high.  You’d think since Erin Andrews has covered the sport for years she’d been more prepared for Sherman’s outburst.  Even better is this nugget from Sherman’s college days at Stanford:

Richard Sherman’s Email To His Stanford Dorm Is Priceless ~ Tom Ley Continue reading “Tuesday Miscellany”

Upheaval and chaos are a normal part of life…..

It is those that do not roll with the punches that do not fare well in this constantly changing world. My family is wire tight but we are rendering assistance to some folks that are not so fortunate and it is consuming large amounts of time. I am uncertain as to when I’ll be able to resume a more normal blogging schedule.

All that said when I am quiet I am normally up to something and that is also the case. I’ve have some quality dirt coming on one of the New Orleans Municipal election races. My mind is open to the possibility that we have more of this sorta stuff going on and I’ll be rolling that out come hell or high water. Stay tuned.

“Divide and concur! Politics is a messy business”

I have been getting some fantastic background on the upcoming New Orleans City Elections that makes the post title, taken from a reader comment seem a bit understated.  In any event I’ve heard enough about the upcoming New Orleans city elections to become interested.  As a reminder how wacky these Louisiana elections can become how about this gem from the 2010 election:

For starters we need to set the field and for that I link this article from Gambit which lays things out nicely. For the mayor’s race in particular let’s begin with this very recent article by Andrew Vanacore at the Advocate and this article circa 2010 by the T-P’s Bruce Alpert. The aftermath of Michael Bagneris not getting an Article III appointment to the LAED is one of the major drivers of Bagneris’ decision to run against Mayor Mitch.

Commencer le spectacle