Some very interesting political news

Dave Dennis is the man who should be our current Senator IMHO. Passed over by the Gov last year to fill Trent Lott’s senate seat Dave owes no allegience to the current Mississippi GOP power structure. We’ve blogged about Dave a few times here on slabbed and while I do not know him personally I do know coastie GOP faithful to the person think very highly of Dave Dennis. I’m favorably disposed because he is a construction guy/small businessman. In construction leadership ability is not the only thing but is basically everything around which a successful contractor is built and as such I think Dave will do very well on the campaign trail. Michael Newsom has the Sun Herald story:

Coast businessman and community leader Dave Dennis told the Sun Herald on Tuesday he is strongly considering a run for governor in 2011.

The Pass Christian resident said if he runs it would be as a Republican, but he is not ready to make an announcement yet. He said he’s “still in the process of considering and potentially putting an organization together” and has not begun fundraising yet. Dennis, 56, said often candidates who announce too early don’t do as well.

“I am very, very strongly considering this,” Dennis said, but “there is no announcement imminent.” Continue reading “Some very interesting political news”