Whistleblower Guest Post | Anne Vandenweghe: “Darkness allows evil to flourish”

February 2, 2015
Harahan, Louisiana

Darkness allows evil to flourish. Whistleblowers are the flashlights that show the spotlights where to shine. In a perfect world once the evil is spotlighted it is eradicated. In a perfect world whistleblowers are celebrated. We do not live in a perfect world. Hence the importance of protecting whistleblowers’ anonymity and the absolute necessity for free speech whether through main stream or social media.

The retribution and retaliation heaped upon anyone daring to blow the whistle on corruption never ceases: one is ostracized and ‘red circled’. Everyone praises your integrity and courage but no one wants to hire you. IMHO they fear exposure of known and unknown problems in their businesses. So while they’ve ‘got your back’ and give lip service to supporting you, they are jamming the knife deep.

There are those few intrepid, courageous patriots who understand our United States Constitution and believe in the necessity for absolute freedom of speech. Men and women who stand and oppose any infringement upon our inalienable rights and who march to the beat of the First Amendment.

One such is Douglas Handshoe. Another Bobby Truitt. I know these two men personally and can attest to their fortitude. There are others no doubt with whom I am not acquainted and whose motto also may well be: “I may not agree with what you say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.” Continue reading “Whistleblower Guest Post | Anne Vandenweghe: “Darkness allows evil to flourish””

Anne Marie Vandenweghe has issued the following press statement (Updated)

It was with disbelief that I read the details of my Settlement splashed across the page of the local paper ( online and hard copy). I was doubly shocked to discover that the Parish Attorney, Ms. Foshee, was quoted in the article and had allegedly emailed information to the reporter.

It was in fact Foshee and her outside counsel at Phelps Dunbar who insisted on a Confidentialty Clause so her releasing any information is interesting at the least.

Whatever ulterior motives the Parish of Jefferson and/or their representatives harbor, such unprofessional behavior is indicative of what is still very wrong in Parish government.

Whether it violates conditions of the Settlement thus warranting sanctions I leave to my attorney Bobby Truitt to determine.

Update: Parish Attorney Deb Foshee has issued the following response. Continue reading “Anne Marie Vandenweghe has issued the following press statement (Updated)”