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Posted on February 10, 2021

On January 13, 2021 the House of Representatives voted to Impeach Trump for the High Crime and Misdemeanor of Incitement to Insurrection for events leading up to, and on, January 6, 2021, at the United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. Impeachment in the House is in the nature of an Indictment requiring a trial in the Senate where Conviction requires a two thirds vote of Senators present and voting. Upon obtaining a two thirds vote in the Senate the President is considered to be Convicted and Removed.

The not so smart lawyers representing Trump are arguing that the Senate is powerless to act because Trump is no longer President. It is their position that the remedy for committing Impeachable Acts is Conviction and Removal and you can’t remove someone who has already left and the Constitution requires that you do both, “convict and remove”, or do nothing.

The “both or nothing” argument is silly as Trump’s lawyers would have found out if they had gone to court seeking to enjoin the Senate from seeking to try Trump in the first place. They would have been told by any competent Court that the most reasonable interpretation of the Convict and Remove language in the Constitution does not require the Senate to do the impossible nor does the expiration of time render the Senate a nullity. If, at the conclusion of a Senate Trial, two thirds of the Senate finds that the President has committed high crimes and misdemeanors while President they should enter a Judgement of Conviction. Continue Reading…….

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  1. Concerning today’s (Friday) Impeachment Trial and Nikki Haley’s tweet, Trump has vulnerability on the issue of Pence and how it appears that Trump was prepared to let Pence save himself at the moment of Truth…if he could.

    Pence’s connections to the Religious Right do back decades. Trump’s connections are recent and transactional, if any.

    What goes around comes around.

  2. Hey Tom you are absolutely right as the Dems did the best they could do by doing the worst they could do by outrageously and prejudicially editing Trump’s speech by omitting his words “ peacefully and patriotically”…….Castro even outright lied later when he said that Trump told the crowd to “fight to their death”… Ha, Ha, Ha, what a clown show !!!!

    The dog faced pony show of the Dem’s attorneys even beat Schiff’s mafia interpretation of Trump’s telephone call with Ukraine’s newly elected President……. 🤗🤗

    The DEMs committed the highest degree of hypocrisy by saying the word “fight” was inflammatory after which the Trump team played 10 minutes of certain Dems including a clip of 🐫who stated “fight” too numerous to count and a video clip of 🐫 stating that BLM and Antifa ‘should continue to fight and riot before , during and after the election ‘ with her even advocating funding the bail of the violent , arsonist rioters ……

    It’s time to impeach VP 🐫 for inciting rioters this past summer into the fall and up to Presidential election…..

    The Trump Team rebutted and ate the DEMs lunch in 4 hours and rested their case after the DEMs used all of their hateful, pitiful 16 hours of BS….

    Then as icing on the Hypocrisy Cake “Common on man” Joe placed a valentine shaped sign on the WH lawn along with a “Unity” sign and then evacuated with wife for Camp David to avoid reporter’s questions on his “Unity”promises and the Dems’ impeachment embarrassment.

    The DEMs “Snap Impeachment” will go down in history as the “ Worst You Could Do” politically in the history of America.

    1. Let me ask you a simple question. Does it bother you that, on January 6, Trump essentially unleashed
      the mob on Pence?

      1. If no one wants Trump to ever hold office again that process was already in place. It’s called the Free will of the American voter.There is no need for the circus that’s playing out. The American people have the ability to make good decisions as a whole. Are the Democrats so afraid of Trump that they can’t trust the people they supposedly represent. To me that belittles all of the American people

  3. Ok My beloved President Biden come back to D.C..

    Trump was acquitted and the heat is over now but what will you do to support “Unity” ……….you know that word……….that word on that big ass sign you and the wife put on the WH lawn ?

    First thing you you need to do ?

    “Take down that wall” ( fence surrounding Congress)….. just like President Reagan spoke to the Communists.

    Second, send the National Guard home as our Capital looks like a banana republic Capital.

    Third, put America first before China cause just recently you smartly admitted they could eat our lunch.

    Fourth, tell your radical left to eat it cause America doesn’t like socialists or Communists.

    Do these simple things and Republicans and all Americans will support you now and in the future.

  4. The only prediction I made on the Trump Trial was that Mitch would be on the winning side.
    I got that right. I get a kick out of Mitch. He got game.

    “Unify the Country” is an often expressed goal. At certain times (WW II, The Great Depression) its imperative. But, we’re a contentious lot.

    In the final analysis, everybody did what they had to do.

    I ended up being a Mike Pence fan. Thought that would never happen.

  5. “Do the best you can” epilogue:

    I haven’t laughed more watching and listening to “Dr. Cuomo” double talk his way around his assistant’s admission that they misrepresented the death toll in nursing homes in NYC…….Dem Scandal ! !

    “Dr.Cuomo” met with Biden in WH when the fake, unconstitutional impeachment was occurring in Senate……..

    Biden has already stated that “Dr.Cuomo” was and is doing a great job…..

    Trump provided a Covid equipped medical ship and an one thousand bed conversion of the Javitz Center and Graham religious ministry provided another site of hundreds of medical beds ; all of which were not used by “Dr, Cuomo.”…….can’t blame Trump for this one bro’

    Tom better get your dog , the Mighty Manfred , to rescue “Dr. Cuomo” as he is sinking fast in the Hudson River of Dem BS.🐕⛑

    1. I don’t marry politicians. I was never super high on Cuomo…I had the feeling he probably spent
      a lot of time looking in the mirror.

      As you know, Tight, we’re all imperfect vessels of the Indwelling Spirit. When I hear people talk about “Unity”, I think “not likely.”

      In the old days new Presidents got a “Honeymoon” for at least 100 days. Being a gentleman, I’m sure you will withhold harsh criticism of Joe until Fourth of July weekend.

      For myself, the Trump era and Impeachment routine have sort of shaken up my thoughts on who is good and who is not so good. I’ve always been sort of fascinated by Mitch, he’s like a cat who always lands on
      his feet. I’m watching Tucker right now, I’ll have to hand it to him he’s good a making fun of John Kerry.
      I love that old story about Kerry walks into a Bar and the bartender say “hi John, why the long face.”

      I have a much higher opinion of Pence now than six months ago. Cassidy in LA showed me he has guts.
      And his colleague in LA, Kennedy…unwatchable, at least by me.

      Joe has pleasantly surprised me by not gushing on about his best fried forever, Netanyahu. Fact is Joe hasn’t called him yet. If he wants to wait a decade or two before calling, I’ll deal with the pain.

      Maybe Tucker is the future of the Republican Party….you will recall he and I worked together confirming
      Kavanaugh plus I kind of liked Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker was one of the few media people to give her any
      time at all.

      So, in closing, I’m in sort of a reflective philosophical mood. Trying to figure out “where we’re at.”

      Remember the words of Philo of Alexandria, 25BC, “be kind to everyone you meet, they are fighting
      a mighty battle.”

  6. “Trying to figure where we at”.”…………really?

    I think you know where we are but I believe you are in denial as many leaders in many countries have expressed worry about our current political state of “ McCarthyism” from the left……. not my term , but the term of many political knowledgeable people……

    I did not live during the first Mc Carthyism political movement but with the cancel culture, the press/medium including Big Tech censorship of free political speech and sole supportive of the DEMs ; I can see how the world is worried about America….

    If we go socialistic/communistic and China is the new world leader not only is America no longer America but the world will also be in deep dodo💩💩💩

    Peace to you always

  7. Correction:

    Should have printed “McCarthyism from the radical left”, not from just the left or liberalism.

    I grew up with liberals who were always for free speech on campuses like opposition to Vietnam involvement of American soldiers dying in rice patties …………….for WHAT?

    There are no more peaceful liberal protests ( i.e. MLK and the 60’s civil rights movement) but only destructive,Marxist riots that want to destroy America, American history , American constitutional rights , American capitalism and remake it into a socialistic fascist state.

    It’s name will be changed from these United States of America to no telling what.

    Open your eyes and ears Tom and lets pray President Biden will not go there.

  8. I admit to having questions. You claim you have answers.

    You seem to have a lot of time on your hands, come out from behind your nom de plume and lead us.

  9. “ Come out and lead us”………

    No Tom I’m too old to run for office but not too old to write facts that CNN and the bias news media don’t want Americans to know………

    We are in an dangerous information war in America and it’s against the common sense of most Americans………

    Just like did you know that the arrested January 6th terrorist John Earle Sullivan ,who is the founder of Insurgence U.S.A. was an Antifa leader shouting out orders to ‘burn down the Capital ‘ , was paid $35,000 by CNN and MSNBC each ( $70,000) for the film he took of Veteran Ms. Babbit being shot to death by a Capital officer?

    The reason the DEMs backed off the calling of witnesses to the 2nd faux impeachment trial of Trump was the fact that the Republicans were scheduled to call Speaker Pelosi , who has sole authority over law enforcement protection over the Capital , to testify on her lack of protection of the Capital knowing that the FBI had pre-riot evidence there could be violence in D.C..

    The Republicans and over 75 million Trump voters know that the rioting inside the Capital was a DEM invited situation ( video showing Capital officers posing for pictures with so called terrorists some of whom actually opened the guard rails and invited Trump protesters (or Antifa dressed as Trumpers ) to enter the back door of Capital. Yes, invited so Trump could be charged with inciting the riot in the Capital building and eventually cause the scheduled Presidential election debate in the Senate to be sabotaged.

    Christ said the ‘ truth will set you free’ but Israel wanted a military savior not a soul savior and rejected the ‘corner stone’ of the Church.

    Faith and Truth are free and easy if people will only open their eyes and ears willingly to see and hear.

    I’ve been reading your blogs long enough to know you were having doubts about the left wing , radical driven riotous activities in America. It’s good to know you are a man of character and as such are confused and worried about the state of America.

    Peace to you.

    1. Trump tried to sell that “Antifa” line to Kevin McCarthy the House Republican Leader in their phone
      conversation while the riot was going out. Kevin straightened him out. When Trump said “I guess these
      people care more about the election than you, Kevin.” McCarthy, to his credit, said to Trump, “do you
      know who the fuck you’re talking to.”

      In Trump’s speech the line about “peacefully and patriotically” would be somewhat akin to what Cecil
      Price no doubt said to the folks he handed Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney to. “Show these boys
      a good time, if you know what I mean.”

      Have you ever heard the expression, “a wink and a nod.” The “peacefully and patriotically” language was a “legal insertion” for the record. Hannity has been using it ever since…every night. Give the context
      a little thought and remember who you’re talking to when you use that “excuse.”

      January 6 was a “moment of truth” in the USA. The fallout from that day will be known, in time. If there
      is no room in the Republican Party for Liz Cheney, Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy
      you’re going to have a strange party.

  10. No Tom it is not BS, John Earle Sullivan was an arrested terrorist by the FBI…… who found Insurgence USA , an Antifa organization and his brother said he was a LEADER of the riot inside the Capital and his brother turned him into the FBI as a LEADER,,,,,

    Go to DuckDuckGo and you can see his picture and read what I’m saying……

    While at Duck Duck Go you can look for video on Capital police letting protesters into the Capital and posing with them in rioters selfies….

    Tom if you want to be a CNN person that’s fine but you will be called out as such

    Peace to you

  11. Tight…

    Be serious.

    Do you know who the largest shareholder of ATT (which owns CNN) is? The man’s name is Paul Singer.
    He was a $1,000,000 contributor to the 2016 Trump Inaugural Committee. The so called “Right” is
    lucky to have an “enemy” as nice and tame as CNN.

    Trump tried to tell McCarthy, on the phone Jan 6, that Antifa people were raising hell at the Capitol.
    McCarthy, who reads the Intelligence Briefings he gets, didn’t bite. Trump backed off.

    You read to confirm your prejudices. Step up to higher ground and read for the truth.

    You have Tucker coming on in 15 minutes than Hannity. OF COURSE they will lead with Maxine Waters,
    the black Congresswoman from California. She’s ratings gold for bias confirmation. You’d be far better off reading back copies of Wednesdayswars.

    1. Used the term confirmation bias in a business setting today, made $$ with the knowledge.

      I like that ancient “mighty battle” quote. One of my favorite Mississippi Republicans posted this James Madison quote to Twitter on Presidents day and boy oh boy is it true:

      “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own governors, must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives. A popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy or perhaps both.”

      1. Remember the movie “Animal House.” The statue of the Founder of the University had an inscription on the base.

        Knowledge is Good

        1. Eugene Oregon, one of my favorite places, Mississippi with Mountains. I know you’re an East Coast guy but I love the PNW.

          1. Drove Coos Bay OR to La Jolla CA with my kids when they were young. Costal route all the way. On another trip played Pebble Beach. Green Fees were $75. Now, around $500.

            On another matter, the news barely mentioned it but our State Dept. has asked to be invited to a meeting of all signatories to the Iran Deal. Washington Post had a small story and I was the only commenter and it had been up a while. The lack of attention was/is good news

  12. Tight. No need to argue. Just sit back and watch Biden’s Agenda Implode. It won’t take long because it has already started

  13. “We didn’t have the vaccine when we came into office” February 16, 2021 by Joe Biden at CNN Townhall Meeting

    25 Pinocchios for Joe but CNN doesn’t question this outright lie…..

    Twist that around and I’m sure you “ will circle around and get back to me” with 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗

  14. The new “race theory” started by liberals in liberal colleges is now causing radical liberals to eat their own…………

    Yes you heard me right radical liberals are eating life long liberals…… liberal homicide on other liberals…… who would have predicted that?

    A Smith college white alumnus , named Jodi Shaw who states she is a lifelong liberal, has resigned recently and has created several videos complaining of the lack of discussion of individual thought and rights of speech at Smith College.

    She states that the “race theory “ is out of control at Smith and has caused her to feel pressure of discrimination as her being “white” and that she was caused to suffer the “white supremacy “ sins and “ white fragility” syndrome.

    Well well is this karma, Christian morale of those who live by the sword will die by the sword or just plain ole’ what goes around comes around?

    It’s comforting to know that Republicans don’t really need to fight radical liberalism as it will eat itself without opposition with it being such a lie and evil that it devours its our participants over time.

  15. Hey Tom how do you feel when I suggest to liberals they need to lawyer up against employers who make their employees feel that they are suffering from “white supremacy”, “ white guilt”, “white fragility” or other similar unjust personality maladies because of the white color of their skin and suggest or make them take courses or guiding instructional programs; as those employers as I mentioned above like Smith College and recently Coca Cola ?

    They are probably VIOLATING Federal law.

    Check out Cornell Law School on internet at “42 U.S. Code SubSection 2000e-2 – Unlawful Employment Practices” and ‘ READ All ABOUT IT ‘ (as they used to say when a hot news story broke in a major newspaper ! !)

    Tom are you proud of me for helping fellow liberals defend themselves from the far, far left, radical , liberal totalitarian mobs such as Antifa and BLM?

    I’ll bet Manfred is proud of me especially since I recall he was a white dog.

  16. Tight…

    You know I’ve never been a “race warrior.” It’s not my cup of tea.

    Seems there was an old saying, “if you’re not liberal when you’re young, you’ve got no heart;
    if you’re not conservative when you’re old you’ve got no brain.” I’m sort of a mixed bag. As you know,
    I supported Kavanaugh and stood up for Bannon, know and then. And, I was all in for Barack on the

    Some people I like and some I don’t. I liked Obama, personally, and I could not stand the sight or sound of Rick Santorum. That’s what got me to start my site, Wednesdayswars.

    I think we over rate “intelligence” and underrate “wisdom.” Also think we overrate “issues” and underrate “character.”

    The Right has a lot of fun with “slow Joe.” There’s a great story about Obama’s first interaction with
    Joe. Obama was attending his first hearing as a Senator. Biden, as the Chairman of the Committee was asking questions that had no beginning, end or meaning. Obama scribbled a note, gave it to his staff
    guy, who looked at it. The note said “please shoot me.”

    Obama learned to like him and depend on him. It took a while.

    Joe’s doing better than I thought. I like the fact that he let Netanyahu cool his heels for a while and that he seems to be freezing out that creepy guy in Saudi Arabia who butchered Kashoogi, Jared’s pal.

    I think Joe has good character and a thick skin. The “fun” FOX has with his “slowness” doesn’t bother him. Over time, in makes them look small.

    If race issues have you worked up, treat them with “benign neglect” for a while and continue your
    work on Fanny Lou Hammer, a much neglected hero of the old days when Russell Long (I met his son Palmer) and Big Jim Eastland were in charge of “what’s what.”


  17. You evidently are trending on the verge of a communist if you are not afraid of Big Tech censorship and the militarization of Washington, D.C….. protecting the election incumbents

    You and your Wednesdaywars will one day get censored and you as a liberal will get eaten by your tendency to think that “slow joe” is in control……Not true

    It’s the capitalistic globalists, China and Big Tech in control and suggest you think before you write ‘ give Joe time and he will grow on you’…..

    In truth what you are saying is give the totalitarians time and you will end up in a communistic state…… not the United States as you and I grew up in.

    Can’t tell if you are just naive or so hateful of Republicans and so stubborn that you refuse to see who is running this country…. only you and God knows your heart.

    Peace to you.

    1. Tight…

      Every time I think you are on the verge of “lighting a candle” you fall back to your default
      position of “cursing the darkness.”

  18. Going to get another case of Popcorn so I can continue watching the Biden implosion show. He just made a speech on TV and it sounded like he took parts of Trumps plan and just repeated it. The Boarder is a mess, gas prices steadily rising, foreign powers telling the President of the United State’s what he can or cannot do because he is so compromised.I could go on and on. This not coming from the News and Social Media sights. This is coming straight from Democrats and Republicans in the Swamp and they are scared shitless.

  19. Tom this will be my shortest post…… but Christ when telling the greatest Truth of Truths gave short answers to his Jewish priests who were always trying to trap him.

    Name one time in the history of the politics of this world where the side that censored speech and /or books were termed to be or resulted in being the good guys?

    1. Tight…

      Has your right to free speech been inhibited? I’m chagrined. The next time someone curbs your
      First Amendment right I suggest you tell them va chier dans ton chapeau.

      Go in Peace.

      1. Tom you again can’t answer a simple question …….

        that is when has a political movement/ government that tolerated radicals tearing down and burning historical statues of national figures ; tolerated burning and destroying police stations and govt buildings; torn up pages of a President’s State of Union speech on TV ; will not force teachers to open and teach at their schools ; denied millions of citizens free speech be it at public assemblies or college campuses ; and finally after a national election militarized their government and its buildings with soldiers, fences and barbed wire ; ever been recognized as things of Good Government?

        You can’t answer without going against your so called political heroes can you? And I not just talking about the Dems but also certain select Republican Rhinos.

        Tom you have no credibility or rational true voice cause you will not openly discuss the unusual , current un- American condition of our country and the unconstitutional nature of our current elected government ……..

        a government whose policies are being driven by the minority, radicalized ultra left politicians ; policies allowing radical racial groups like BLM to murder white and black policemen alike and finally allow and support monopolistic , gobalistic corporations like Facebook, Google and Twitter which along with a massive leftist, bias media to silence the conservative speech and voices of 75 Million countrymen?

        France, England and the free world are seeing what is happening in the U.S. and are worried but not Tom as he thinks everything is fine.

        Tom “ come on man” you are nothing but a “lying dog – faced pony soldier” to quote your hero from whom Pelosi now wants to take his nuclear football. President Joe Biden is fast becoming the Charlie Brown of politics with Pelosi, his antagonist Lucy , who together form a true comical team . However, sadly a team soon to break up when Lucy permanently takes Charlie’s football through Lucy’s 25th amendment committee.

        Peace to you

  20. Hammer;

    One of the latest and greatest worrisome thing is the concern for the nuclear football being under the control of “Slow Joe” by the Democrats……

    I do believe it’s time for forward thinking Pelosi to implement her 25th Amendment Committee to take the step we all knew was coming.

    I would image that the concern for the football has been and will be shared by the leaders of all the world powers both good and bad until the football is in the hands of a stable QB.

    As in the professional sport the football must be held by a person who is quick thinking and able to analyze facts in the matter of minutes 24/7 as hypersonic missiles reach their targets in half the time they did in the past.

    1. Tom and “ do the best you can” discussion……..:
      Tom how about Democrat lawyer Dershowitz saying to the radical Dems, quote, “ why stop with Dr. Seuss”?

      And the radicals call Trump a dictator and Hitler?

      When they say the Bible is racist is the day America fails to Communism and the CCP. It won’t be long so better start saying your prayers that the Republicans win in 2022 and 2024.

      Peace to you.

      1. I do not have a high opinion of Dershowitz. And, I don’t know what’s going on with Dr. Seuss. The terminology of “up to the minute” Hannity, Newsmax, Epoc Times stuff goes right by me. I do know Mr
        Trump made a buck on those Q folks who thought Trump was going to be Inaugurated March 4. He raised the rates on his D. C. Hotel.

        On your observation about someone using the name of the former dictator of Germany (1933-1945) I have this to say. It has been my observation that the first person to use that name in an argument, loses the argument.

        The great Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, coined the phrase “benign neglect.” Its a very useful concept. Much of what goes on in the daily chatter is, in my opinion, richly deserving of being treated with benign neglect.

        You’ve shown good judgement in being a loyal reader of Wednesdayswars. My daughter is reading Obama’s 700+ page work on his first term. She says its a bit of slog but very well written. You might want to picket it up. As I pointed out to you, he was very well versed in the works of Theologian, Reinhold Niebhur. I know you know, from our prior discussions, that when Obama was a youngster in
        heavily Muslim Indonesia, he was a student at The St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School. That’s useful information when you encounter less enlightened folk who can’t quite snap out of their peculiar fixations.

        Keep calm and carry on.

  21. Q. thinks March 4 is Trump Inauguration Day.

    Trump responds by raising his rates at the Trump Hotel to $1,800 per night.

  22. Biden signs a 2 Trillion dollar pork bill with only all DEMs votes alone with only 9 per cent going to Covid help and yet he can not answer any press questions….

    Let’s face it he will never hold a press conference and answer any questions of the press …… no transparency in his said government….in which he is only a puppet of the globalists…..

    As Reagan said, “ Tear down those walls “…

    The US will never tolerate a militarized Washington, D.C. as we are a free people and the politicians work for us and we can not be locked out of Washington, D.C…….

    For every two months of military lockdown in D.C. there will be a lost Dem House seat and if by 2022 there are still Troops and razor wire the Dems will lose the Senate……..

    The US will never tolerate military protection of its corrupt politicians……..

    Peace to you

    1. Judging by the time on your incoming I gather you watched Biden’s speech.

      Hannity gave him credit for staying up past his regular bedtime. I have never been moved by Joe’s
      oratorical skills, even back when he had some.

      I am impressed with the people he has been able to bring into the Administration. I think the most impressive person in the Cabinet is Janet Yellen at Treasury. I think Jake Sullivan as National Security Advisor is top flight.

      I think Joe is doing better than I thought he would, which isn’t saying too much. I like the fact that he has not dealt with the creep, MBS, at Saudi Arabia. Also like that he’s kept contact with Netanyahu to a
      minimum. I think contact with Netanyahu would benefit by “benign neglect.”

      You shouldn’t be surprised that the big package got no Republican votes. That’s the way things are, for a number of reasons. Specifically, Republican incumbents have to worry about a primary challenge if they
      give Joe anything.

      What will sustain Joe, in my opinion, is that he has strong values and wisdom born of being a decent human being. That function is not impaired. People who know him well like him and trust him.

      Plus, he’s blessed to have the best Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, carrying water for him 24/7.

  23. “Best Speaker of the House”…….?

    Would that be the House of Hypocrisy….(gets her hair done when she tells all salons to shut down and starve to death)…..

    And let’s not forget the San Fran homeless are living and crapping all over the sidewalks and streets in her district…

    And she failed to protect the Capital on January 6th which is the sworn duty of her assigned political responsibility…..

    For those reasons and many others to many to mention makes you a 4 Pinocchio or a lying , dog faced pony soldier , your choice…

    Peace to you and Manfred

    1. I will respond to your paragraphs in order.

      1. Yes, best Speaker. Ever.
      2. Picky, picky, picky.
      3. Not credible.
      4. The Capitol is part of the USA. Your hero abdicated his responsibility, Jan. 6.
      5.Allegation dismissed with prejudice.
      6. Manfred, who once thought you had potential as a commenter, is sorely aggrieved.

  24. Tom,
    Please accompany your elementary grandchild to school the next chance you get and spend an hour or so in ( sorry I can’t say his or her due to Pelosi ‘s non- gender House Rules) Math class so you can have the teacher help you learn your numbers……..

    Then maybe attend elementary English class so you can learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction writing……

    Then in drama class you can learn the story of Pinocchio cause …….

    You just graded out with a 5 Pinocchio in responding to my very accurate , factual debate on why your “Best Ever House Speaker “ is actually a hypocritical, non-caring House Representative who lives in a gated community , has 30 kinds of ice cream in a $ 10,000 refrigerator while her constituents are homeless and defecating all over what used to be America’s Most Beautiful City.
    Finally , you better Google who has the U.S . Constitutional political duty of protecting the House of Representatives in D.C. and not turning down Trump’s timely verbal offer to station National Guard troops in D.C. prior to January 6, 2021.

    Peace to You ………

    And to the people of America cause China, North Korea and Russia are going to start to play aggressive hardball real soon, President Biden has got the Atomic Football and your GOAT House Speaker, Nancy
    Pelosi, doesn’t seem to want to play take -a-way at Joe’s outside recess period with his two aggressive German Shepards.

  25. Tom so sorry , I forgot to mention that elementary students across America especially white students are now being made to attend 1619 history classes which will include “white fragility” instruction and of course learning the “ critical race theory”so you might want to tag along for those social experiences so you too can experience how you can become “ less white” in your thinking and social interactions.

    Peace to You

  26. Tight,

    Taking you up to higher ground, with me, is an arduous/full time assignment.

    Now, I don’t spend a lot of time on small ball like whether or not Nancy Pelosi “pulled rank” to get
    her hair done during a lockdown. But, now that you bring it up, I’m sure you remember from your study of the Classics, Shakespeare spoke on this very subject in one his most famous soliloquies, Hamlet’s
    “to be or not to be” speech. Hamlet lamented, among other things, “the insolence of office.”

    In the Military, they speak of Rank Has Its Privileges. You probably recall that General Patton would have
    his polo horses delivered to particular bases to which he was assigned, even before he was a General.
    I’ll leave it to you to consult the Regs on whether that was “by the book” at the time (sometime in the thirties…look it up).

    Summing it up, I’m going to cut Nancy some slack. I did a piece on her a month or two ago designating her as my “Person of the Year” Use you’re googling skills and I’m sure you’ll find it. There’s a great picture of her when she was about 20 standing with President John Kennedy. He was one of my favorites

    Keep calm and carry on.

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