Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Nancy Pelosi – Person of the Year

Posted on December 29, 2020

Nancy Pelosi is not wracked by doubt. She knows who she is…Italian, Catholic, Democrat…and exactly where she’s going…forward, to help her own and those less fortunate. That’s what God wants and what Democrats do. Simple.

She caught a huge break in the DNA Lottery being born into the family of Annunciata and Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. in Baltimore, Maryland. Nancy was the youngest of six and her father “Tommy” was The Man in Baltimore…Mayor, Congressman, and, actually, a confidant of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Not bad.

D’Alesandro Family Picture Via Wednesdays Wars

Nancy has always had the lights on. I love the family picture. Nancy is bright eyed and curious. Life is grand. Pay attention and do the right thing. Nancy knew exactly who she was. She didn’t have to go to a seminar with Ram Dass (who spent most of his life thinking he was Richard Alpert) to find out.

Nancy’s mother wanted her to be a nun and her father wanted her to live at home if she pursued education past K-12 in Baltimore. Nancy needed to spread her wings a bit so she went to Trinity, a Catholic College in Washington. After all, in Washington, people were doing things and had power and she might meet some. Continue Reading……….

6 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Nancy Pelosi – Person of the Year”

  1. What planet are you on? You need immediate mental support if your mind has deteriorated that much. Pelosi could not be a dog catcher in the South. You have drank to much of the Democrats cool aid. Seek help you are going to need it

  2. Little Hamster, do you not realize you are, in your own special childish way, insulting the hundreds if not thousands of honorable dog catchers in the South? What’s wrong with being a dog catcher? I mean, we all know you come from a long line of scientists, but what, exactly, is your occupation? Remember, cast not ye the first stone. BTW the guys in my coffee group all think you are a GOP member of the state legislature (based on your tales of driving to Jackson on Monday and spending the week in a motel) but I, personally, think you have an honorable profession, like driving a Schwan’s home delivery grocery truck.

    Seriously dude, lighten up. January 20 and the Rapture are right around the corner. Get ready.

  3. Sunday, 4:28PM

    Nancy Pelosi elected Speaker 216-208. Members had to be in the House Chamber to vote, so, she had to get her people out.

    Earlier, Trump on the phone with Secretary of State of GA, begging for him to find votes…for about an
    hour. Resourceful readers can find the audio on Trump’s call.

  4. Hey “ Tom Terrific”, Jimmity Cricket ……..you really call yourself a thinking practicing , Catholic Christian?

    You stated that what Pelosi does is…… …” to help her own and those less fortunate. That’s what God wants and what Democrats do. Simple”

    So God wants what the Virginia Dem governor stated was legal and proper to allow after a birth of a child for the parents to decide whether that child should be euthanized AFTER that child takes its first breath ?

    So God wants the poor homeless people in San Fransisco ( Pee lousy’s District ) to crap and piss on the streets and do drugs till they die from an overdose or neglected diseases ?

    And God wants Antifa and BLM to fire bomb and steal whatever they desire from innocent people’s businesses and to promote chaos in cities ; and politicians to then vote for no bail for criminals and to defund the police who take an oath to protect and serve the public …….

    putting their lives on the line everyday.saving hundreds of lives daily from stopping immoral people who beat their wives, steal cars, break in buildings, riot and/or other uncivil malarkey ?

    And finally God wants America to have socialism and communism which government philosophies want to do away and prosecute all religions, discourage anyone who wants to strive to be the best, to provide the best for his/ her family to the best of their abilities ……….

    ………….and then reward those who only want to destroy the monuments and history of our founding fathers, are civilly irresponsible, piss their money away on gambling, drugs or other non- family desires and want only to sit on their lazy asses ……….

    ……….then for all their destructive behavior to receive money from the government by heavily taxing those who have more due to a higher responsible work ethic

    Really ? ? ?

    You and your kind are lost souls that I will pray for but really wish you , Peelousy with all her progressive DEMs with all the fake Rhinos like Rooney, Ryan, the entire Bush Family along with crazy Cheney would just move to Venezuela so you guys can really have a great time together.

    Bush could paint your pictures when he is not busy painting the pictures of severely disabled Middle East patriots whom due to pressure of the military industrial complex he sent into a stupid, futile war.

    You and your political heroes make me nauseous 🤮🤮

  5. There will come a point, today, with the Proud Boys barking at the moon, on the streets of Washington,
    DC and Josh Hawley and Jim Jordan bloviating inside the House Chamber when Speaker of the House,
    Nancy Pelosi, will take command and make sense out of nonsense.

    Of course she will. She’s Tommy D’Alesandro’s daughter. That’s what she does. That’s what she always
    does. Count on it.

    Now Tampa Bay vs Washington that’s a close call. Tampa Bay has Brady (the Nancy Pelosi of football)
    and Washington has a great coach and Alex Smith at QB who has had 18 operations on his leg and is a
    great guy making a win for Smith and Washington a “feel good” story for all.

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