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Posted on December 1, 2020

With fifty days left under the protective umbrella of the TRUMP-ADELSON ADMINISTRATION, Israel executed Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, 62, an Iranian scientist who had committed the offense of knowing almost as much about nuclear energy as several dozen of Israel’s Nuclear Scientists. The house trained pets posing as American Liberal Cable TV hosts took it all in stride.

Just as well. The sequence and actions are incomprehensible, if your employment is conditioned on not acknowledging the existence of the most powerful private citizen in the USA and Israel, Sheldon Adelson. Adelson has counseled nuking Iran in their desert “and telling them the next one is in downtown Theran.” (If anybody knows Rachel Maddow, send her that clip. If she hears about it she’ll give that Adelson character a piece of her mind AND go to Iran. That’s what courageous liberals do.)

Remember Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman. It’s not supposed to be easy to be a liberal.

From Israel’s unique vantage point, the timing for the killing was elegant. Iran is choking on sanctions imposed by the ghoulish undertaker posing as our Secretary of Treasury, Steve Mnuchin. Under “The Undertakers” guidance the USA has locked up Iran’s financial system in sanctions that make it close to impossible for Iran to obtain medicine to combat the Covid pandemic that has ravaged Iran. So much the better from Israel’s point of view. For decades, the Israelis have specialized in kicking folks when they’re down or when they have a “bought and paid for” American Administration who will fight for them while they hold our coats. Continue Reading……

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  1. Watching FOX and MSNBC discuss Supreme Court decision that pretty much closes the last of
    Trump’s legal options to change the election.

    Hannity is citing a number of polls that show a percentage of people do not trust the election. He’s doing a bit of slight of hand by not identifying who is being polled.

    I would say to anyone who thinks the election was “stolen”, remember at no point in Trump’s presidency did Trump have a Job Approval Rating by Gallup of 50% or higher and that Trump is the only
    President in the post World War ll Era, that never had a moment in his Presidency when half of the people in the country approved of his performance.

    Concerning mail in ballots, of course they were way up, many people were avoiding crowds and used the mail in option because of Covid.

    For what its worth, 66,000 votes flipped in three states and one Congressional District in Nebraska would have resulted in a 269-269 tie in the Electoral College in 2020. Likewise, 77,000 votes flipped in specific states in 2016 would have resulted in a Hillary Win.

  2. I’m putting the Jiffy pop on the stove Tom Terrific, aka “Jimmity Crickets”, this afternoon as this election is getting very interesting about now……..Is Trump’s 2018 Executive Order on fraudulent elections going to be put into play against foreign interference causing seizure of equity of all the bad players ?

    Think I just heard Trump may pardon Assange so we may hear some truth concerning Hillary’s emails as to whether DEM’s worker Rich downloaded them and sent them to Assange in which case his life span may have been put in jeopardy……..?

    ‘ Sometimes the Tree of Liberty must be watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants’- Thomas Jefferson

    I’ll be listening for any chirps from you or the wild , out of control vine himself, Kudzu.

    1. Just knowing you’re alive and well warms my heart, Tight.

      The news reports that Joe is doing well in the Electoral College, but who knows. Stephen Miller on the White House staff says “they still have more than enough time” to achieve a Trump Inauguration.
      Better make your travel arrangements for DC. I think its Jan. 6, 2021 when everything is formalized in the House and Senate. Don’t tell the Proud Boys, they may come up and make mischief.

      Up until a few weeks ago you could bet real money in overseas betting sites “that a Republican” would be
      Inaugurated on Inauguration Day. Note the language of the bet, covers all eventualities.

      I’m not one to gloat, its not my thing. But, I received a little negativity from a hidden Trumper criticizing my “go to” guy, Barack Hussein Obama. I reminded him of the following timeline:

      2000. Obama attends Dem. Convention. Can’t rent a car or get a pass to go on the Convention Floor.

      2004. Obama delivers Keynote Address Democrat Convention.

      2008. Obama Elected President.

      2012. Obama Reelected President.

      2020. Obama releases 796 page volume one of his memoirs AND helps buddy, Joe, win the presidency.

      Not bad.

    2. Loctite, I just watched the California electoral votes tallied putting Joe over the top. He is now officially the next President of the United States, duly elected by the people of the United States of America. The question now is whether you and your ilk are going to accept this decision, as citizens of the United States of America, or are you going to raise a treasonous sedition and try to justify it by “refreshing the tree of liberty”?

  3. From the “Caretaker” to the “Undertaker”…… what’s next Tom/ Kudzie ??????

    I tell you what’s next cause China Joe in his dementia actually called the next shot at a briefing a few days ago….. he said, ‘ If there is some moral disagreement between he and Camel that he would just announce he had a disease and step down’.

    So with CNN and other media finally getting around to Hunter Biden’s laptop, sweet deals all over the world with China Joe as the “Chairman”, including Hunter getting China Joe an “extra key”( laptop info) to share Hunter’s corrupt international business office with China Joe; its just a matter of time before lying China Joe either is removed by Pee-loser-ci’s 25th Amendment committee or he resigns with his “disease” (a chronic disease he has had for 47 years in the Swamp which is most definitely incurable- called “graft” or simply greed.

    So there it is Tom from the “Caretaker” to the “Undertaker” to the ” Incurable”……… the future exposed by China Joe’s own lying lips…….. that is if Trump doesn’t turn the election dogs loose ( ‘who let the dogs out’) on the ole’ Swamp creature preventing his swearing in.

    1. Tight,

      I left you that 20 year timeline of Barack Obama’s career 2000-2020 to inspire you to “up” your game. I don’t think its working, yet, but hope springs eternal. By the way, I was in the Barnes and Noble in NYC
      not long ago and they tell me Obama’s Memoir is flying off the shelves.

      Whoever in the Trump organization who was in charge of selling the “China Joe”, “its all rigged”
      “dominion voting” issues, was a dismal failure. Joe stayed in the basement built good organizations in the states he needed.

      Trump and Biden had the same strategy. Keep Trump in the headlines.

      The election was a referendum on Trump. 51.4% of the electorate said no, we want Joe.

    1. Every comment you make just makes me laugh harder. I thought you might be a little smarter.Good luck with Biden lasting a year

    2. Oh my poor Freddie. I’m going to sit back and watch the revolt in the Democratic Party. The implosion is going to be the highlight of 2021. I don’t know if I can eat that much popcorn. The undeniable evidence is piling up by the minute. Good luck trying to stay sane as we all watch the sad but inevitable explosion.

      1. You could be right, but I doubt it. If the Dems learned anything these past four years of the clown show known as the Trump Administration, it’s how not to govern. And from what I’m reading it looks like there is no inclination by GOP movers and shakers to disavow Trumpism and all it stands for; instead, they appear to be doubling down as they look toward the 2022 mid-terms and beyond. They apparently still have not figured out that it was moderate independents like me who made the difference in this election and we have no intention of ever being fooled again by Trump or one of his sycophantic clones.

  4. Those who say Biden is not a good/adequate speaker, have a case. If you want a good speaker you can go to any Toastmaster club in the country and find a half dozen.

    Joe has some attributes that are more important. He’s got empathy. He naturally cares about others.
    It’s a gift. He has a sense of responsibility. If his position was reversed with Trump he’d be working full time to accomplish a smooth transition and he’d view each Covid death as a personal failing. He has wisdom, which, in my opinion is so much more important than clever oratory, or even intelligence. Wisdom is what gives a leader the ability to discern what is sensible and what isn’t.

    Joe has made his share of mistakes in his career. He was for the Iraq war as was Kerry and Hillary. That
    was a failure of wisdom. Obama was on the record as opposed which allowed him to go from unknown
    to President at historic speed.

    Joe is temperamentally suited to be a Caretaker for the country at this time given our present circumstances. The country has a habit of raising up the right person at the right time. Joe has a chance
    to be a good President.

    Everything I’ve said is intended to be as a Biden advocate not a Trump critic.

    1. Joe’s record shows only one think. He cares about the Biden’s and their bank accounts. Documented voting records and other still classified information proves it.

  5. Little Hamster, care to provide even one example of a vote cast by Joe that enhanced the bank account of him or a member of his family?

    Meanwhile, the communist dictator Putin approves his government’s clumsy cyber-equivalent Pearl Harbor attack on this country, and #DiaperDon still won’t even mention it, much less condemn it or, God forbid, direct our formidable cyber forces to counterattack. Why not? Anything to do with his plans to build another Trump Tower in downtown Moscow? Ya think? Talk about caring about your crime family’s bank accounts.

    1. Oh poor Freddie Let’s take one example. Look at the Family net worth when elected. Now look at net worth after vote on many Foreign Affairs bills. Now bring Hunter and all that’s coming to light now. Congressional voting records show an undeniable pattern. That’s just one example.

      1. That’s not an example, it’s simply more QAnonsense. Cite one bill he voted on and provide evidence that the outcome of the bill improved his his or his family;s bank account. That’s what you claim. Provide evidence. Not your opinion, real evidence.

  6. Trump has cancelled, for two weeks, meetings with Biden’s tradition people with Defense Dept people
    charged with knowing the extent of Russian penetration into our cyber systems.

    The best way to describe Trump’s behavior post election is, he’s in fear and choke mode. The moment is too big for him. Covid deaths are going a 9-11 PER DAY. The extent of the Russian hack is unknowable.

    The slow walk strut with the shaking fist, is for winners in control.

    Trump is a LOSER and AFRAID.


  7. Hey Tom Terrific you stated Biden has “Wisdom” which in your words is the’ ability to discern what is sensible and what isn’t ‘.

    I know you are a Catholic like myself but the Wisdom I seek and define is not the ability of a flesh and blood person to discern in his own mind anything. Period. There is not one human on this earth that has 100% true Wisdom. There was however at one time one who walked the Earth that was Himself, 100% the Truth and he was unfairly vilified, voluntarily persecuted and voluntarily sought Wisdom from the Father and died for our sins. Amen

    So no the Wisdom I seek and define comes only from God and His Word that is written in the most popular book ever written.

    And true Wisdom I seek comes only from God and it’s a gift of the Holy Spirit and it’s the ability to see and know that is the will of God and what is His desire/will for a person ( me and you) as to how to serve Him and all of mankind..

    The Wisdom I have received to incorporate in my post is to tell you that not many politicians today have true, Godly Wisdom; the only true Wisdom. They all depend on their own godless minds / consciences to mostly do what’s best for them and not America.

    Most of our Constitutional founders sought and received Godly Wisdom as our Constitution was mostly
    ‘Divine Inspired’ as was the Bible i.e . “All men are created equal with certain inalienable rights” is certainly Wisdom from God.

    Does Trump have Godly Wisdom? Though I think he has many character flaws, past and present, many religious people have prayed over him for him to receive Godly Wisdom. Has he received Godly Wisdom? I hope so from the many decisions he has made adverse to the corrupt, evilness of the dark D.C. Swamp; all to keep America free to fight the true evil countries of this World.

    I view Trump as the present biblical, Persian King Cyrus of the World who biblically had great sympathy for Israel allowing them to practice their religious freedom. But I view China Joe as the current, absolute Judas by taking the silver money (i.e. illegally millions internationally from Russia and the CCP thru his bag man Hunter) to betray Christ (i.e. America).

    Glad you brought up Wisdom Terrific so I could comment what true Wisdom is and how all Christians should humbly pray to receive True Wisdom into their small, infinitely tiny brains and hardened hearts.

    Gotta go…… my Jiffy Pop is probably ready……. til our next correspondence.

    1. When the Cucks like Jerry Falwell Junior were praying over Trump they musta missed the three 6s showing near his receding hairline Lockie. Falwell was probably too busy thinking about his wife sucking some 18 year old’s cock to notice.

    2. Loctite says:

      “I view Trump as the present biblical, Persian King Cyrus of the World who had great sympathy for Israel allowing them to practice their religious freedom. But I view China Joe as the current, absolute Judas by taking the silver money (i.e. illegally millions internationally from Russia and the CCP thru his bag man Hunter) to betray Christ (i.e. America).”

      So there you have it. Trump, who is actually an atheist, never attending a church, having no concept of what is written in the Bible, holding it upside down for a photo-op, bragging about grabbing women by their genitals, mocking disabled Americans, disparaging American servicemen and women, sucking up to communist dictators like Putin and Kim Jong-Un while disrespecting the American intelligence community, ignoring the American scientific community on the coronavirus (resulting in over 300,000 American deaths), spending more time golfing than governing…he’s the equivalent of King Cyrus. This is a popular analogy with evangelicals, who have a hard time balancing Trump’s, ahem, less than stellar character and behavior with his insistence on moving the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
      On the other hand, Joe Biden, who is actually a practicing Christian, in fact a good Catholic, who attends church regularly and prays to the Almighty for forgiveness of his sins, as opposed to Trump, who doesn’t even acknowledge that he is a sinner, much less ask for forgiveness. Yet Loctite accuses Joe of betraying Christ…which he equates as America.

      Nope. Better go back and read your Bible some more, Loctite. Trump has got some ‘splainin to do to the Big Guy, and if you don’t come to your senses, you will too. Trump is the Antichrist. He is the poster boy for violating all seven of the Deadly Sins. Look it up. Read it and weep.

    3. A serious post Tight and I will treat it with that in mind.

      Wisdom often comes with age and pain. Some cultures value age. Others its all about youth, wealth, power and beauty.

      There’s a great story about the difference in cultures involving Henry Kissinger. When he was working with Nixon, he made a secret trip to China to set up a trip for Nixon to go and meet with Mao. When
      Kissinger made the trip Chao En Lai was his contact person. Chao had been with Mao from the beginning. He was very smart and had studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, so he knew history well.

      Kissinger prepared well studying things he knew Chao was deeply familiar with like, for instance, The
      French Revolution (1789-1793). When Kissinger met Chao and they had finished their pleasantries,
      Kissinger decided to probe Chao’s thinking a bit by asking him “what he thought the lasting effects effects of the French Revolution were?” Chao’s response, without missing a beat was, “its too early to tell.”

      I love that. A couple of hundred years is a mere sliver of time for the Chinese (or the Persians). For us,
      we think in news cycles…

      One has to have lived for a while, experienced pain and made your share of mistakes to achieve wisdom and view things through a longer lens. Joe lost his first wife and two children. He foolishly plagiarized
      a speech in his first run for President. He humbled himself to go on the ticket with Obama and take orders from someone almost 20 years his junior and, African American to boot.

      I had the pleasure of representing a guy a little bit older than me, a Republican, in the Trucking Industry,
      who had great coolness under pressure. He had the ability to understand what all parties in a situation really wanted. He had the ability to assure them they would come out OK while protecting what we needed to protect.

      That’s wisdom. It’s never my way or the highway, its more “come let us reason together,” which, by the way, is from Isaiah!

  8. Hey all you blind and deaf souls know that I am at peace this Christmas with overwhelming Joy that though there is frank evil and hatred toward our President and certain political groups , Christ came into this evil world to save you . Whether you except his Word is your choice and will as Christ never forced anyone to follow him, only stating truths to Jews and Gentiles.

    And I’ll leave you political geniuses time to think and ponder about what a certain progressive billionaire and worldly political figure stated back in 2009. You can google his quote on the internet to convince yourselves that he said such frightening words, which with the release of the Wahun virus and the CCP’s out right purchase of the election of China Joe and the entire Biden Crime Family; suggests that his 2009 statement is happening today in 2020 and his bold predictions have much truth to fear.

    “China MUST lead the New World Order, creating it, owning it and supplanting the United States as the world’s economic superpower”

    George Soros
    Financial Times, 10/23/09

    It is also fact that Soros has helped elect in the U.S. many local District Attorneys in major cities like Chicago and all over the U.S. who are not prosecuting crime, advocating no cash bails, bailing out BLM and Antifa terrorists from jails and advocating release of dangerous criminals. Soros is also funding revolutionary groups such as BLM and Antifa to bring down the U.S.’s long established heroic , political figures ( Christopher Columbus, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson ) , institutions of law and order ( defunding police), changing the Constitutional judicial and legislative branches ( planning on stacking the SCOTUS, admitting D.C. and PR as new states to obtain (4) new DEM Senators and many new Representatives ) and just recently the executive branch. One of the CEO’s of Dominium Voting System even sits on one of Soros’s progressive socialistic commissions.

    Be careful what you wish for especially due to overwhelming hatred of one politician as sometimes there are unexpected surprises to things that appear to be too good to be true ( Universal health insurance for all including illegals, the Green New Deal, economic and social Resets in the U.S. and its international relationships abroad and forgiveness of all college debts with guaranteed incomes for everyone).

    The CCP through many of its avid leaders have arrogantly bragged on internet videos that they own a lot of U.S. political figures ( currently exposed Rep. Star-Well who can’t stop saying Russia, Russia, Russia with regard to Trump) and many CEOs of major businesses in the U.S.( Disney Corp.has three Chinese on its board).

    Merry Christmas to All and a Happy New Year…………….

    1. Excellent Tight. All it takes is what investigators use constantly to solve criminal activity. It’s called following the Money from beginning to end and see who benefits the most. It’s actually very easy yet some people can’t see the Forest for the trees. Merry Christmas and God bless America

  9. Barr, on his last day, says Russia responsible for massive hack on our cyber and other systems.

    Barr also says he sees no reason to appoint to appoint a special counsel on the election or Biden.
    Barr did not say, but the implication is clear, that those seeking to make the China-Joe-Hunter case
    have been dismally inadequate in their advocacy.

    1. Biden has to let it play out. If it turns out positive or negative for the Biden’s people should know the truth. If he does anything to influence the outcome in anyway his dreams of unification in this country will disappear rapidly

  10. The President has let the time within which he is supposed to sign the relief measure with
    the $600 provision expire.

    The next “moment of truth” is January 6 when both Houses of Congress do their thing regarding the election. A Conservative group is scheduled to rally at Freedom Plaza near FBI headquarters and Trump’s Hotel. That is not a particularly big area…maybe, 10% of the area where M. L. King have his “I have a Dream” Speech.

    If Trump is serious about what he’s been saying and tweeting, Jan 6 is pretty much the last chance. I’ve been following news sites favorable to Trump, if a massive show of force in Washington on January 6
    is being planned, its not apparent to the semi-serious observer.

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