Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Joe Biden – Caretaker

Posted on November 18, 2020

Joe Biden, slightly befuddled, usually successful at remembering which woman is his wife and which is his sister, often capable of detaching his facemask from his left ear, is going to take care of us for a while. Our Joe.

And, by the way, we should thank our lucky stars for that. Seriously. I mean consider the alternative. We dodged a bullet. Big time. Not just because the other guy is such a self-centered jerk, but because “taking care” is what comes natural for Joe. He’s been doing it his whole life. And, being cared for, is exactly what our country and our world need right now.

We don’t need a knight in shining armor. We need care and healing, literally and figuratively. We need someone we can trust.

“Caretaker” is not exactly what most politicians, on the make, aspire to be. You know the type. Hard chargers, who point with pride and view with alarm. They dominate debates with cut and thrust. They aspire to be transcendent actors on the world stage and practice their slow walk strut before full length mirrors. That’s not Joe at all. The other guy, no briefing books please, he’s practicing his strut and fist pump.

Joe is no silver-tongued snake oil salesman. He’s more like your favorite uncle who always seems happy to see you. His most memorable line in umpteen Democratic debates was “I see I’m out of time” which he used three times. Whatever he said before he became “out of time” was, and is, entirely forgettable.

Yet, another reason to thank our lucky stars. Continue Reading……

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  1. “Bolton: ‘Trump is throwing rocks through windows”

    Christie says Trump legal team ‘a national embarrassment’

    Trump has left the world stage. Few will miss him.

    In last-gasp maneuver, Trump campaign tries to invalidate thousands of votes as Wisconsin recount gets underway.

    Trump’s attempt at unprecedented power grab runs into resistance from local and state Republicans.

    ‘This is simply not how the Constitution works’: Federal judge eviscerates Trump lawsuit.
    Trump calls on GOP state legislatures to overturn election results.

    Trump tries to drum out GOP election officials who won’t play his games.

    These are all ledes from major award-winning news websites. I won’t link to them…too many…you can google them. The story is the same: Trump is trying to be a third-world banana-republic dictator and steal this election. The question is: will real Americans allow him?

    I won’t.

  2. According to Chris Christie, former United States Attorney and Republican Governor of New Jersey,
    Trump’s legal team is arguing “Voter Fraud” in their press conferences BUT NOT IN COURT. What’s up with that?

    In a interview with NEWSMAX, Sydney Powell, who may or may not, be a member of Trump’s Legal Team, states that she will bring a legal action of “Biblical” impact by the Friday of Thanksgiving Week.

    Get your affairs in order.

    1. Just keep drinking that cool aid dumb ass. Just look at the Cabinet Biden is putting together. Obama 2.0 means disaster got the public once again. None of them have a backbone. That’s been proven before.People didn’t like Trump but he delivered

      1. “Dumb Ass”

        No, I’m not as you say. I comment under my own name. There are number of names that you have earned.

        I learned from a master, show respect and respect flows back to you.

    2. Hey Tom, would this perhaps be the bombshell of Biblical proportion promised by Ms. Powell that you referred to:

      A witness in Trump ally Sidney Powell’s lawsuits says the voting results in ‘Edison County’ indicate fraud. No such place exists.


      I laughed so hard I spit my coffee out when I read this:

      “The typo-peppered lawsuit makes many of the same wildly conspiratorial arguments Powell made at a press conference that led to her ouster from Trump’s legal team, including that the now dead Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez used voting machines to manipulate election results in his own country and that the very same machines are now being used to manipulate the 2020 election results. There’s no evidence of the claim, and the companies named in Powell’s lawsuits have debunked the arguments in them.”

      Reminds me of a Slabbed commenter who claims that making grammatical mistakes on a regular basis is just an intentional ploy to pull the strings of dumb people who don’t worship #DiaperDon.

      1. I saw that about “Edison” the county that wasn’t.

        I also saw that A. G. Barr gave the election a “nothing to see” here, grade.

  3. Hey Jimmity Cricket;

    You have me LMAO…..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    You said , “ we needed someone we could trust”……….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Are you so blind and deaf you did not see and hear what was on Hunter’s laptop revealing the fact that China Joe made his drug disabled son, Hunter, the money bagman with Ukraine ( millions from Burisma), China ( 1.5 Billion of China capital to Hunter’s company) and Russia ( 3.5 million from wife of Mayor of Moscow ) ; possibly a total of 27 countries which Hunter visited while China Joe was V.P. of the United States of America?

    How about Hunter’s laptop e-mails to Lt. Bolunski and Lt Bolunski ‘s testimony on national television of how China Joe met with him concerning Hunter’s international deals with many countries, all after China Joe told many news reporters he knew nothing ( Sgt. Schultz defense) about Hunter’s many $$$$$$ international deals?

    China Joe knew right when his second son was born that he would make a good “Hunter” of treasonous , corruptive graft from international politicians….. Xi, the Ukraine oligarchs, the wife of Mayor of Moscow, etc.

    What satanic prophecy Olé Joe possesses!👺

    Now , for your second hysterical statement of, “ We needed a Caretaker” (China Joe)”…….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    A Caretaker , a caretaker really ? …. what of BILLIONS of international graft from countries Ole’ Joe was assigned by Hussein to manage? …… O’ yeah …..he was the best caretaker , but all for the Biden Crime Family.

    Now give me all your cricket chirps🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗 cause you can’t and will not defend the indefensible….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Tight…

      One of the functions of a President is to “take care” of the country. We can debate the personal characteristics of the two candidates.

      Most people who have known Biden for decades know him to be honest and compassionate. I’m not going to go chapter and verse about your candidate but he is generally not known for attracting and keeping quality help or for being a man of his word.

      I haven’t paid much attention to the “China Joe” charge you’ve been pushing. The people who have been pushing that charge haven’t been successful in putting forth sufficient credible evidence to spend time on it.

      By the way, watching Greg Kelly on Newsmax, right now. He’s got a professional sports better on who reports that right now, you can bet on your guy in England, to win the election. So, there are people somewhere willing to wager real money that the election is not over. Place your bets on Betfair, I believe they are in England.

      Your guy (I haven’t taken a pledge to not use his name, but I may) had control of all the Intelligence
      Agencies and had compliant unconfirmed yes men like Richard Grinnell able to turn over all rocks and find out what’s what. He had a compliant Bill Barr and a specially assigned John Durham and they didn’t seem to find anything prosecutable on Hunter or Joe.

      If you have an ax to grind on something or another its your job to make your case as crystal clear as possible that it cannot be ignored. Neither you nor Hannity nor anyone else made the case that Biden and his son were crooks. Barr didn’t pursue it Durham didn’t pursue it….a tree falling in the forest doesn’t make any noise if nobody is there to hear it.

      I was very candid in my assessment of Biden. I literally would not cross the street to hear him speak AND, I might cross several streets to avoid hearing him talk. I’m amazed that he became the Nominee and somewhat surprised that he won, BUT glad that he did for the reasons I stated. He will take good care of the USA.

      Last, I think I told you to be careful about how much trust to put in Sydney Powell. One again, I found myself making common purpose with Tucker Carlson. I worked with him on Kavanaugh and I gave time to Tulsi Gabbard when almost no one else would.

      1. I will call you on chapter and verse as to what a scum bag Biden has been for 47 years. Kickbacks from lobbyists and foreign companies and government. All proven years ago but squashed by Democrats.

        1. Hey Ham, after being puzzled for so long by the comments of you and Loctite, it finally occurred to me that you and your cohorts are probably classic science deniers. I bet you either refuse or resent having to wear a face mask, don’t ya? I bet you don’t think that wearing a mask will help eliminate the coronavirus, huh? I bet you don’t think that by wearing a mask you will reduce the possibility of me or my elderly grandmother from catching the virus, right? I doubt you’ll provide an honest answer, but I think there is a direct relationship between science deniers and Trump cultists. You just can’t handle the truth. You just can’t accept that Trump is so unfit that a huge majority of Americans voted to boot him out of office after only one term. That’s a remarkably sad achievement. Just ask Jimmy Carter or the ghost of George H.W. Bush.

          For your edification, here are the six steps of the science deniers playbook:

          1. Doubt the Science
          2. Question Scientists’ Motives and Integrity
          3. Magnify Disagreements among Scientists and Cite Gadflies as Authorities
          4. Exaggerate Potential Harm
          5. Appeal to Personal Freedom
          6. Reject Whatever Would Repudiate A Key Philosophy

          Read the whole article (https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-denialist-playbook/?utm_source=pocket-newtab) it’s an interesting history of the polio vaccine and the similarities with today’s covid pandemic.

          1. That’s shows your ignorance. I happen to come from a scientific background and a family full of scientific minds and research medical doctors. I go by facts not what the media says. You ought to try it. I don’t give a damn what Trump or Biden say. They are merely politicians. Mask work, distance works , hand washing works The vaccines will work all these facts based on science. So next time you want to have diarrhea of the mouth take some Imodium

  4. No hissy fit just don’t like people that comment blind.No need to piss on myself. I will leave that to the people like you that have no clue about this virus and all the ramifications it brings. Such as high anxiety,Suicide,Demastic violence,Child abuse, elderly abuse. Talk to the professionals handling these issues.before you bring up a book. Real time info and actions are always better knowledge than any book

    1. Well now, look who’s clueless now. I know very well about the terrible cost of coronavirus. Have you had anyone die of it whom you loved? I don’t need an ignorant redneck like you to lecture me about the pain this virus has caused. It’s “domestic” you dumb shit. But of course, as you so eloquently stated, “Real time info and actions are always better knowledge than any book”. Spoken just like your dip shit cult leader Trump who hasn’t read a book since, well, forever.

      1. Yes I have. So look who is pissing on their leg now. It’s a worldwide virus dip shit. If you don’t know the facts about the challenges worldwide this virus presented you should keep your mouth shut. Worldwide infectious disease experts working together have developed treatments and vaccines in record time. You must live in a cave or you would comment with some resemblance of knowledge. The scientific facts are there if you can read. One life was to many. The record time scientists developed therapies and vaccines is all that matters. So either you are dumb as a stump or refuse to except what was accomplished in 10 months by dedicated experts. It has nothing to do with politics. Give credit were it’s due or keep making a fool of yourself. It’s your choice

        1. This is so tedious. It’s “too many” you dumb shit not “to many”. It’s “accept” not “except”. It’s “where it’s due” not “were”. You’re the fool, you ignorant redneck. Try reading a book instead of watching Fox News on the teevee. Trump had nothing to do with the vaccines. He was too busy playing golf and tweeting QAnon conspiracy theories. And oh by the way, how about him granting a pardon today to a convicted treasonous traitor? Want to bet his next move will be to pardon himself?

          1. Your are such a stupid jack ass I made those mistakes on purpose just to see if you could read. Your so easy to piss off because obviously you don’t know shit. You’re right Trump had nothing to do with the vaccines. All he did was tell the scientific minds to work as fast as possible as confirmed by the scientific community and infectious disease doctors. So put your head back up your ass. You are so easy to exploit it tells me all I need to know about your education. Possibly only the 6th grade moron. Keep trying and you might be able to stay in the game one day. Lol

            1. Oh little Hamster, you really got me, didn’t you? Set me up by writing at the 2nd grade level then springing the trap by claiming that you did it all on purpose. In other words, you’re not really an ignorant redneck, you just write like one to make people think you are an ignorant redneck. I guess what really fooled me was when you boasted of your “scientific background” but also believed “real time info and actions are always better knowledge than any book”. I just can’t visualize a scientist who doesn’t like to read books.

              I did spend some time last night researching a strange habit you have; i.e., you end every paragraph of comments without a terminal punctuation mark. You always prematurely ejaculate your comments. You ought to look into that. Maybe one of the scientists in your family tree can help you with that. God knows you need help.

  5. Trump pardons Flynn.

    When a three or four star General retires from the military, they often look to sit on the Board of Directors of a major defense contractor. Director fees can be close to a million dollars per year without
    a lot of heavy lifting. Not bad for a guy whose retirement package is around 15% of that.

    HOWEVER, will the major defense contractors want to put a guy who has twice pled to a felony on their board? Will their company policy allow it?

    The not so great Sydney Powell could not get the great District Court Judge Emmett Sullivan to dismiss charges against Flynn even though the Justice Department, the prosecuting authority, requested dismissal.


    PS: Having been pardoned, if Flynn is called to testify in a future proceeding, he will be unable to plead
    the Fifth on the matters that were pardoned…potential loose canon.

  6. Hey Guys It’s Thanksgiving……. can we argue with a little less anger and cool the debate just a little?

    Lets give thanks to Jesus that we still have a country and all work as Christians of all faiths to see what Our Lord wants us to do to make it better for everyone and protect it from destruction from imminent fascist overthrow . Maybe pray to put God back in schools so all can look to Him in common unity of worship? Pray that the SCOTUS will save our land from forces wanting to change Our Constitution which has serviced Our Country well for hundreds of years.

    Remembering one thing, if America goes so goes the whole world. America’s great experiment, which took hundreds of years and millions of persecuted lives from Europe, was founded upon the issue of God given rights to certain freedoms and equality of all to prosper according to their God given talents and hard work.

    Anyway, I have an article which I would like Tom Terrific, a self proclaimed prolific Las Vegas winner, to read by a roaring, warm fireplace with his wonder dog, The Mighty Manfred , snuggled close at his feet on the next cold winter’s night.

    I know Tom has great respect for the professional odds makers /sports bettors of Vegas for they are very seldom wrong. They analyze , study and are knowledgeable about things leading up to an event and things happening during events that common laymen just don’t see.

    The article is written by a professional, famously well known sports odds maker who has seen and set odds on just about every event bet upon in the last 40 years ,including the Presidential election night and early morning hours of November 3-4 , 2020.

    The article can be goggled under the title,”Vegas Odds Maker Says, “The Fix Was In, Trump was Robbed, The Election Was Stolen” which appeared on November 14, 2020 in Citizen’s Journal, www. citenzensjournal.com.

    I’ll let the article and author thereof speak as only true , seasoned professionals can do.

    Happy Thanksgiving to All ……….and lets give our sincere thanks to Doug for allowing free speech to flourish in the Gulfsouth for so many years.

    1. Tight,

      Good to know you’re up and taking sustenance. Also, let me share your tip of the hat to Doug for the good work he does.

      Now, lets talk about election betting.

      The writer, who I have not heard of before today, does not mention in his post where he is getting the odds that he quotes. Also, he does not mention that you can NOT place a legal bet on our Presidential Election IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

      There are people in Las Vegas who win at sports betting. They study injury reports and every conceivable
      variable to get a minuscule edge that allows a few to do very well.

      The gentleman who wrote the article not only failed to mention where he got his odds but he made no mention of the order in which votes in various states are counted. So, its highly probable that a community with 100 residents will report early while a city with 100,000 will report later. From watching elections over the years you probably know that the first community in the country to report is Dixville Notch in New Hampshire. They report election results usually about 12:15AM Election Day.

      Lastly, your candidate, for months before the election, berated tho whole concept of voting be mail. In so
      doing he appears to have succeeded in suppressing his own vote.

      The idea that a big bettor, on the order that your author purports to be, would wager $8 Mil to win $1 Mil
      WITHOUT KNOWING the order in which swing states count ballots is not credible.

      By the way, if you feel lucky, there are places outside the country where you can bet “a Republican” will
      be Inaugurated on Inauguration Day. As of a few days ago you could get 30 to 1.

      Peace Be With You,

      T. C.

  7. TIGHT,

    Did you enter a religious order and take a vow of silence?

    My gut tells me something very ugly is going to happen in foreign policy. All media outlets refuse to mention the name, Sheldon Adelson. He’s close with Trump and very close with Netanyahu.

    He believes that if someone, or some country, might cause a problem sometime, you destroy them.
    As you know, that has never been the way we do things in the USA. We don’t “preemptively” attack
    all possible problems. If we and others followed that policy the world would have, long ago, been turned into a nuclear wasteland.

    Relative unknowns are being slipped into Pentagon positions, unconfirmed, at high levels. I suspect they are Adelson people who are being put there to facilitate an Iran hit that is wrong on all levels.

    Your country needs you. Go in Peace to love and serve…….

  8. Hello “Tom Terrific” and Fred Kudzu , the wild southern vine out of control; and all the brain washed doubters that the November 3rd Presidential Election was a battle ground state/city conspiracy;

    So Tom you stated above you were worried why I was not posting and that I could be a cloistered at a religious hideaway, Huh? No Tom , it’s still the same ole’ me waiting to comment till I was firmly convinced that a conspiracy in the battleground states/cities had occurred.

    You see I’ve been watching, listening and seeing reports of fraud on the internet from true investigative news journalists/reporters and not watching or hearing all the BS , “Pravda-like”, propaganda on MSM stations, by the Bribe-den/ Harris camp and by all the globalist controlled newspapers. So before I present a convincing investigative report with scientific face recognition of Atlanta co-conspirators in the now named”Suitcase Scandal”, let me ask you’ll a common sense question:

    If you guys were running for a political position in the battleground states/ cities would you want ballot counting machines with a voting system software, hereafter referred to as” Dominion”:

    A.) Dominion, which collects votes not in whole numbers, i.e. 1 vote for Trump and 1 vote for China Joe/Harris, but in decimal places, i.e. fractional votes represented like.25, .50, .75, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50 etc. (like who ever met a fractional, living voter) ? ??:

    B.) Dominion which collects U.S. votes and sends its tabulations of votes electronically to foreign countries like Germany ???;

    C.) Dominion, which requires extensive contract with state/s and which puts the full control of all voting machines ,operational software procedures, problem solutions and machine corrections only in the hands and under TOTAL control of Dominion Systems;

    D.) Dominion which has been utilized by Venezuelan and world wide dictators who had various percentage interests in said voting system and its subsidiary software companies, all in an effort to control fraudulent elections to stay in power;

    E.) Dominion whose integrity of vote recording accuracy ( i.e. their voting machines are fraught with backdoor electronic connections to be influenced not only by internet connections but by available susceptible machine portals on the machines themselves through controlling thumb drives) was brought into question by U.S. national politicians 2- 3 years ago along with the New York Times ???.

    With that backdrop of facts please feel free to go to www. gatewaypundit.com and read the December 7, 2020, 8 A.M. report ,”Huge! We caught them! Criminal Conspiracy Recorded- 3 rd Suspect in GA. “Suitcase Scandal” Is Also The Same Man Who Spread Lies That Water Main Broke in State Farm Center!”

    There you will find scientific face recognition of a Mrs. Freeman, her daughter Ms. Ross and a Mr. Jones, Ga. registration executive, who personally announced the fake water main break ( in truth of fact was a leaking toilet) that supposedly sent all vote counting personnel and watchers away on November 3rd at approximately 10:30 P.M..

    Ms. Ross , the lady with the braided blonde hair, was earlier captured in an internet posted magnified, zoomed in surveilance video in which she thinks she is secretly handing off and /or receiving voting machine thumb drives with a male worker. And after Hall of Famer running back, Herchel Walker, watched this video of Ms. Ross’s clandestine motions he tweeted about her football-like “handoff” of thumb drive/s.

    And before you dismiss this report please recognize the accompanying voting number/time graph revealing that hundreds of thousands of China Joe/Harris votes spiked 20-30 fold soon after the poll counters/watchers were supposedly vacated at 10:30P.M.. After which time the video of alleged co-conspirators got out thousands of ballots hidden under a table in suitcases on wheels and started fraudulently changing the major vote lead President Trump had built before the so-called “water main” break; and all at the announced time of vacancy when no vote counting supposedly was to occur in the infamous State Farm Center ( naturally located in the “dirty bird” city of the Atlanta Falcons).

    Enjoy the report while I pop some “Jiffy Pop” and say, “Thats All Folks” for today.

    1. Tight,

      If you aspire to the Monastic Life allow me to suggest Solesmes Abbey in France. I spent ten days there.
      Magnificent spot. Famous for Gregorian Chant. Food, excellent wine with lunch and dinner.

      Now, there is a principle in discerning truth when there are competing views. It’s called Occam’s razor.
      Which, incidentally is named after a 13th Century Monk, William of Ockham.

      It basically says that if one point of view requires a number of implausible assumptions and the other point is quite simple the simple one is preferred.

      So, allow me to leave you with a couple of simple truths.

      Gallup, as far as I know, is the oldest polling firm. It has been polling presidential races AND presidential
      job approval ratings since Truman. Every American President since and including Truman has at one time or another in their Presidency enjoyed a job approval rating above 50%, except Trump who only achieved 49% for one brief moment. Recent presidents like Obama, Bush ll, Clinton, Reagan, Bush l, Carter had extended periods in their Presidencies where well over half of the Country thought they were doing the job well, EXCEPT Trump.

      Trump never approached even the outskirts, of credibility.

      He has zero empathy.

      He bungled Covid to the tune of 300,000n dead on his watch.

      Last, you and your pals never successfully sold the China Joe, Hunter, Domion, blah, blah, blah.
      That BIG lawyer Powell turned out to be a BIG liability.

      Joe maybe slow but he’s steady and people like him.

      1. The number of Red states versus Blue tells me we have a deeply divided country. I really don’t see any respect for either side right now.

    2. Welcome back loctite, I was afraid you had retreated again to your underground bunker outside Lakefront Airport awaiting the Rapture that is sure to arrive on January 20. To be honest, though, I should be mad at you since you cost me 5 bucks. I was halfway through reading this comment of yours when I said to Mrs. K, “I bet ole loctite is going to cite Breitbart or OAN again as his trusted source of this stuff”. But then you go and name The Gateway Pundit aka Jim Hoft aka “The Dumbest Man On The Internet” who has a long undistinguished record of promoting disproven conspiracy theories and saying downright stupid things like “solar panels don’t work in winter because it’s cold”.

      Look, here’s a little advice. If you want to be taken seriously, stop basing your arguments on these fringe websites with their goofy, outrageous, nonsensical pseudo-“facts” that nobody, outside #DiaperDon’s circle of sycophants actually believe, as much as their limited powers of cognitive ability allow.

      Get ready, because the Rapture is coming, on January 20. You will all be saved.

  9. Everyone deifying the incoming and outcoming rulers astounds me. Frankly, I for one do not need a ruler, leader, Fuhrer, Princeps, Il Duce, Maximum Leader, Party Secretary. What is scary is that the herd out there not only desperately wants a leader, they wish to afflict me with their choice. After al, the butcher with the sharpest knife has the warmest heart.

  10. Donald Trump named “Most Beloved Man in U.S.” (17% votes)…… displacing Barrack Hussein Obama (15% votes )……..

    Sadly ending Hussein’s 12 year run🐫🐪🐫……..🙀😿

    My sincere condolences to Tom Terrific and that southern, wild vine,“Kudzi”…..

    Biden’s planning an indoor inauguration but there is rumor that an outdoor stage is being built ??? Stay tuned January 6th thru January 20th

    1. I did see that on Trump. If I was a negative sort of individual, I would attribute the little bump up in Trump’s numbers to relief that he’s on his way out the door and “losers” sympathy. Now, for my main
      man, Barack. I think his slippage is attributable to the fact that he was totally IN the last campaign and he lost a few folks that liked him in a “non-partisan” senior statesman role.

      January 6 is “moment of truth” day. Trump is trying to talk up a big demonstration. There’s a hotel in
      DC right near FBI headquarters called, The Harrington. The hotel and its bar has become a “Proud Boys”

      Washington Post reported yesterday that they will be closed Jan. 5-6. I think DC Mayor Muriel Bowser
      made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

      Peace Be With You.

  11. The best thing Trump could do is not leave the WH January 20th and be arrested by Bowser ‘s DC police and remain in jail and don’t post bond ……..

    And become America’s Mandela and that should start the revolution that Thomas Jefferson wrote was occasionally necessary “ to water the Tree of Liberty with the blood of Tyrants and Patriots” ! !!!! 🔪🔪🔪🧨🧨🧨🌲

    Like , “com on Man” ,”you know the one”,’we have put together the greatest fraud program’, ‘ wear your mask for the first hundred days’ cause did you boys know that the WHO , controlled and paid for by China, just announced that Covid-19 ‘ is not the BIG One to come.’

    Think about that long and hard and know that China Joe and his bag man ,Hunter , have China under control and Xi has them under his control.

    Stay indoors and safe and have your Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc handy just in case the BIG One is released during China Joe’s ‘ worst is yet to come’ prophesy.

    1. Tight…

      I think I pointed out to you that Trump is the only president in the post World War II period to have never achieved a job approval rating from Gallup of 50% or above. Trump did not win the election.

      He was close to a 269-269 tie in the Electoral College. The flipping of roughly 66,000 votes would have given that result. Just like the flipping of 77, 000 votes in 2016 would have elected Hillary.

      I don’t think Trump would enjoy DC Jail. I’ve been in the Jail visiting a client. It’s not the Ritz.

      I thought you would be regaling me with the charms of Josh Hawley who is going to carry the ball for Trump January 6. He has all the charm of an undertaker whose bill has not been paid. I’d let Louie
      Gohmert do the talking, he can talk country.

  12. Oh no , “Tom Terrific” Trump did win the election and the Dems cheated massively not only in the Presidential election but it will soon be discovered that there were Republicans in the Ga. primary that were cheated, like Rep. Collins, out of the final run off and state Republicans themselves may have also participated in this voter fraud .

    I predict that there will be marches in almost every state if Trump is roughed up, jailed and Trump should challenge the corrupt, cheating DEMs and suffer ; that is if he wants to be a true revolutionary , Patriotic factor in leading the fight of putting some of those DEMs and Rhinos ,who think they are above the law , in jail.

    And lead the revolutionary payback to the MSM and Big Tech globalists thinking they can illegally censure news and then have the nerve to buy elections ( Jeff Gutterberg of Facebook gave 400 Million to buy the 2020 Presidential Election mainly in the battleground cities ( $$$$ bought workers, state officials , judges who would not hear any evidence, etc.)

    Google like China Joe is under the control of the China market and $$$$ now but for how long?……… at sometime China will seize or buy little Jeff boy out who may find himself blindfolded and put in a railroad boxcar finding himself in a Muslim camp making sports shoes for Chinese basketball players.

    What irony to those who corrupt and manipulate to achieve an illegal end only to find themselves getting
    manipulated in the end ( it’s not Karma but Bibical that ‘those who live by the sword die by the sword’).

    1. Once I viewed you as a proud Marine, an intellectual warriors that prevailed on both the battlefield and with a pen.

      Now you’re reduced to being a servile pawn to a coward that views your military service with contempt.

      Once upon a time you regaled us with tales of Uranium One swearing they were true when it was tin foil hat material. You denied Obama was American, again Tin Foil hat stuff. That’s politics and I have tolerance for a politicians inhumanity to other politicians.

      Your last comment though strikes at the heart of our democracy. You have no evidence and can cite none to substantiate your wild claims, which you simply parrot from a man that thinks you are a loser and a dupe.

      Who am I to argue with that? You’re a disgrace to the USMC Lockie and quite frankly are un-American. I’m done with you.

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