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    1. The country has moved a bit since 2016. The divisive, negative energy associated with modern day Republicanism isn’t sustainable. For my part in 2020, I’ve never before seen people with so much be so miserable, despite having their people in control of the executive branch. The best part is it ain’t the Mexicans that are the cause of their misery, it’s their own politicians.

      As for this song I’ll disclose to having liked the Chili Peppers for many years. When they were younger them dudes were radical, performing wearing only a tube sock and a smile. Today I understand some are adjunct faculty at USC performing arts.

      1. The Democrats have put this country through hell for about 4 years. Why? They have always wanted and still do almost total control of what we do and say. I seen it over and over. They never have understood Freedom. I can’t think of any positive policy they have passed that was a benefit to Freedom. No one I know has ever prospered under their policies except those with their hand out. The Democrats are enablers for that mentality. Working people should never have to pay for those that don’t even try to be productive unless there are physically or mentally unable. The thugs and blood suckers choose that life it’s not forced on them it’s just the easy way

  1. It is time for big tech to pay the price for their actions. I have never used any of these platforms because I am and have been well versed in their techniques. That’s why I use and appreciate Slabbed because it allows heathy debate which is what is great about America. The ability to have healthy passionate debate is a cornerstone of American life Discussions on different views are healthy and productive which is something the big tech platforms have forgotten. They are cutting their own throats out of stupidity or belief they are above the law. Thank you Slabbed for allowing healthy debate and discussion.

    1. On the bright side you always have the tin foil hat network of 4 Chan OAN and Fox to promote this thinly sourced story involving a child of one of the presidential candidates.

      This sounds like a case of a bunch of butt hurt snowflakes. If you don’t like the way Facebook or Twitter is not promoting this particular smear job try starting your own site. Free enterprise it’s the American way.

      1. They are not promoting they are censoring the very people that use their services to communicate to one another. This will cause extreme consequences for all under 230. As for as anything being a smear that’s not their call They are simply a platform for people to use not a platform to censor as they see fit. If we are honest they have repeatedly been one sided on censoring information. That is proven published And documented by the FTC and FCC.

        1. Slabbed way back when had to fight off an attempt to de-platform the website including the Twitter account. Jack stood tall with Slabbed and in all the years we’ve had the account we have had not a single problem with them.

          It doesn’t change the fact that the own the playground and thus get to make the rules. They say the NYP story violates its terms of service and that is pretty much that.

          1. They have a very one sided approach about what is a violation of their policies That’s why the FTC and FCC will be very aggressive shortly. They will have a hard time justifying a lot All the Russia trump comments and allegations that were proven false were aloud but most negative comments about the Biden’s are a violation. I am not making any political statement here. I’m only making an observation of what they might be headed for with government oversight agencies. Just as Steve Sully being suspended today they really don’t want to answer the questions that will be coming because it’s a very hot seat to be in

              1. I was not even thinking of Rudy Just an observation of what they are foolishly setting themselves up for instead of being a completely neutral platform and staying out of the over site agencies very aggressively looking at every practice they have and making them explain and justify it to the smallest detail Then if they don’t buy your answers they tell you what you are going to do and how much of a fine you are subject to. After that they will be closely monitored for years to come. This is not speculation. It’s just the facts of what happens when you get a target on you.

  2. I’m making a statement.
    I’m done listening to the “Compassionate “ Dems on this site and their hatred that is displayed on a daily basis.
    It’s Doug’s website and he can do what he wants but I don’t have to partake in the bullshit.
    If Slabbed ever returns to discussions about local issues I might return.
    There are enough assholes in Mississippi so we sure don’t need to import any from Nevada.

    1. One thing is for certain CF, the days where 18 year olds in Macedonia writing fake news such as the Pope endorsing Trump and making a fortune off the social media traffic are done. Hell the Ruskies can’t even get their shit planted anymore.

      1. I see that big tech is in hot water as I suggested it would. I think it will get a lot uglier before it gets better for them. I don’t understand how they didn’t know it would end up where it is headed

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