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  1. I have been accused of not being clear. Let me be clear, the DMR employees are betrayed once again. Today their fearless leader Spraggins betrayed them by conspiring with Senator Moran and Senator Delano. Conspiring to support this egomaniac micro controlling Governor. Actually falsely believing the House has to support what the Senate likes. Moran and Delano needs civic lessons. Spraggins like Nero are hapless led lined cup drinkers that have no moral conscience. Abandoning all reason and compassion selling the coast out for an amoral agenda supporting the Governor. I am being told from very reliable sources that there will be a second furlough and for a much longer period of time. Families will not be able to pay mortgages, not be able to pay rent, not be able to buy their children food clothing and provide medical benefits. Yes thank your leader Spraggins and this egomaniac Governor. Thank Senators Moran and Delano for not paying you for the work you provided to the coast resources. Thank them for betraying you and your families. Thank them for whoring you off to the first financial prostitute that comes along. Brings new meaning to my way or the highway. To the insiders reading this, is it true Spraggins has seized all control of this agency and requires mandatory attendance on telephone calls daily? I hear a mass exodus is about to occur because of this spineless leader.

  2. I see news travels fast Ms.Point Park. I actually witnessed some of the bullshit from a short distance. The Mississippi swamp had it’s head so for up it’s ass today it was disturbing. Reeves,Spraggins,moron,Delano don’t care what they are doing to the DMR and the Gulf. The Scientists which have degrees and a complete understanding of the complexity of the workings of the public’s Gulf means nothing to these fools. They think they own it. Well I have a news flash for each one of these no good pieces of shit. You are all being watched by concerned people from for away and very close I’m positive of that. The dead end road is getting shorter and shorter for you uncaring scum infested careers. The very people you are hurting actually. As for me you never ever want the scrutiny I will bring on you with one very important phone call.

  3. Well I hear Spraggins is showing his ability as a leader once again. Someone just told me up here in the Jackson swamp that he was referring all inquiries about the DMR to the Governor. What a Fucking leader . Hell both of them together might have the backbone of a snake. No one seems to have a clue as to how valuable the information the scientist gather and study is to the long term health of the Gulf that the state tourism industry and fishermen depend on. If you think the state congress does then I have a news flash for you Their heads are so for up their asses they can barely breathe. In the end it always comes back to leadership and sadly the DMR has none. That shouldn’t surprise anyone because from what I hear Spraggins has always been a pathetic leader. Well off to another meeting about (I don’t know what I’m doing Reeves)should be good

  4. Mr. Hammer once again you go right to the point. Leadership. No leadership. I am told that Spraggins is telling the DMR employees that he has done all he can. Nothing else he can do. Meanwhile in the capitol he is towing the Goofy Governors ego trip bottom line. Delano and Moran made no compromises, offered nothing and broke early for lunch. Stuffing their faces was more important than feeding the children of the DMR employees. Spraggins has stabbed the employees in the back by supporting this goofy ass Governor. Then smile like a cobra and tells the employees he has washed his hands like Pilot. But bigger things are stirring. Bigger plans by the Governor are being made. Only the first stab to the back has any emotion to it. All the rest is like a hot knife through butter.

  5. Has anyone actually listened to this silly assed Spraggins. He was on Fit to Eat and had the goofy ass grin of a starving Ethiopian. Spoke in monotones as his eyes glazed over with hunger. No word more than two sylibiles long. Then he did this silly swap grass killing interview on WLOX. Sounded like he just walked off the Duck Dynasty TV set. Could only have been more entertaining if he started quacking with a duck caller. Somebody give that guy a hamburger.

    1. I saw him on Fit to Eat. It reinforced why he is sometimes referred to as the “Jellyfish” on these pages.

      Spraggins exists in a reality where the coast legislative delegation is split on the use/misuse of GOMESA funds. As long as he gets to slop at the trough and get an occasional scratch on the belly from Tater Tot he’ll spend the loot however they tell him is the impression I get.

      1. My favorite is Amoeba Spraggins. Spineless and microscopic in importance. But those that work in the Tower of Babylon whisper General Jellyfish. He got an additional chevron of Judas when Hammer called out his Jackson betrayal of the DMR employees. General Jelly worked and lobbied with the Senate backdooring the DMR employees so Tator could get his way. Meanwhile the House make not one, not two, but three compromises. The power hungry Senate led by Moran and Delano refuse all compromises. The Governor and the Senate think they can do whatever the hell they want. No accountability just spend baby spend.

    2. As i sit in my hotel room drinking my coffee it occurred to me that the Executive Director’s chair at the DMR must be special. Just look at the last three people to use it. The chair has a way of bringing out the true character of the person in it. Crooked,idiots,egomaniac s ,foolish,spineless. I could go on and on. Just look at the sad events caused by that chair. You’ve had lost jobs,idiotic policies, no respect for science and yes sadly even Death. That’s one badass and evil chair

      1. Hammer maybe you could shed some more light on the next step for Jesus Davis and Shawn Tyndall. Many rumors about the backdoor political deals made. Clearly Jesus Davis used the DMR and it’s employees as a stepping stone. Made a stalling maneuver with the then newly elected Secretary of State Michael Watson. Watson made some backdoor deals himself with those Yankees from north Mississippi. Bear witness to his new chief of staff, a long time insider. Once Tyndall completed his political maneuver to MPS Jesus Davis held tight to those coat tails. Jesus Davis now has in his sight the long awaited prize he has so longed for, the Dark Tower. But before he can ascend those narrow steps Tyndall has to complete the hat trick. Elected official, Judge and now the public and Jesus Davis await the revealing of the next political cheap trick maneuver. What has Tator, Tyndall and Jesus been conspiring to do? Quite rumors Tyndall plan a run for a state level office. Same rumors swirl around General Jellyfish. Another beggar to sell out the DMR employees. Came with no qualification like Jesus Davis did to the DMR. Quite rumors are whispered of Jellyfishes next political maneuver. But deeper conspiracies await revealing. Whispers from the north say he has gotten rid of all the department directors. Not appointing any new ones until him and the Governor make the final decision on the DMR. What fate awaits the DMR? I predicted there would be a mass exodus with Miller the Killer and so it was. Now I predict another only this one the DMR will not survive. A lot of hard workers will be left high and dry. So I ask, what will become of all the First Baptist Church of Gulfport employees. Including the recent purchase of Paul Terrel and his son that works in Coastal. Father and son team. Will qualified employees be let go so these outstanding unqualified church members can keep their jobs? Will the most recent Executive Secretary lose her job? Not likely. More likely a biologist that has a degree and met all the qualifications will be let go. Will the political appointee church member that manages GOMESA that the Governor furloughed the DMR employees over be sent home? Not likely this politically connected church member will lose his job over a qualified scientist. Oh and let’s not forget the Chief Science Officer. Another church member that has held his breath for far too long. Sleep tight for justice and Karma never sleep.

        1. Relax Ms. Point Park. Many closets will be opened shortly. The door hinges have been oiled and the doors are opening.

          1. I’m glad I woke up early in my hotel room this morning. I see the SunHerald is explaining some of the pain that Spraggins (I can’t lead shit) and some of our Mississippi swamp legislators are causing the DMR employee’s and their families. It even goes deeper. All the delays on Gulf projects are allowing it to deteriorate more every day. It harms the fishing industry and the tourism industry greatly. It also is allowing the Gulfs eco stability to lose critical attention it needs to continue to make a positive comeback. The concerned people of the Gulf coast are sure to start asking questions. Spraggins that should give you and your clan both on the sixth floor of the DMR and in the Swamp in Jackson a nice warm fuzzy feeling to start the day. 👀

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