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Posted on July 13, 2020
I’m trying to figure out what’s likely to happen in our politics given the pandemic, Trump vs Biden, and African Americans demanding their rightful place in all aspects of American life. The best strategy I can think of, in order to make an informed guess about the future, is to eliminate things that clearly are not going to happen and see what we’re left with.

The main event may be Biden-Trump, but the undercard, Nancy Pelosi versus Tucker Carlson, has probative and entertainment value. Carlson and Pelosi haven’t locked horns directly. They would have no reason to. Not yet. But, I have a feeling there will come a time.

Nancy represents the Democratic Party at its best and Tucker represents what Republicans have become. For Nancy, the Democratic Party is a vehicle to help achieve better lives for the the poor, minorities, the working class with an emphasis on peaceful co-existence abroad as opposed to “preemptive” military adventurism and “regime change” stupidity.

Meanwhile, Tucker, is the perfect spokesman for what the Republican Party has become: a vehicle to search for liberal hypocrisy and subject it to merciless ridicule. That’s the whole package. Nobody on the Right talks about “how good Trump is.” How could they? It’s all about how bad Obama was(?!), ridiculing Joe’s obvious challenges (Sean Hannity‘s speciality) and looking for some Democrat somewhere to say something stupid that can then be attributed it to all Democrats and used as “evidence” that democrats “hate America.” That’s Tucker’s area. Judging by the ratings he gets he does it well. And, judging by the ratings MSNBC and CNN don’t get, they’re losing the media battle and keeping Trump in the race….barely.

So, given the above, here’s what looks possible and probable:

FIRST. Trump will not win a convincing indisputable re-election. It’s not out of the question that he could win a squeaker(decided by one or two states) but there is no chance that he will win big. He has never been above 49% in his job approval rating and he’s at 38% (Gallup) now. If the pandemic lessened significantly and the stock market was strong he could win a close one but he remains a significant underdog. The only things that give Trump any chance at all are the shortcomings of the Biden campaign underscored every weekday night by Carlson and Hannity, on FOX with lame and ineffective counter by MSNBC and CNN. Where is Keith Oberman when we need him?

SECOND. It’s entirely possible that Biden will win big and convincingly and more likely that he will have a solid win or even a squeaker. Biden has three possibilities: a big win; a smaller but solid win; a squeaker. Trump has one winning possibility, a squeaker. Trump’s base is not getting bigger and the Despise Trump Base is getting bigger. Continue Reading……

14 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Consider the Possibilities”

  1. Yo Tight,

    For your information, Fareed Zakaria of CNN, will run a Special on Trump Conspiracy Theories Monday
    Night July 20 at 9PM.

    A gentleman by the name of Gregg Phillips of Mississippi who has some history of developing unusual
    theories of whats what may be featured.

    Be there or be square.

  2. Hey Terrific,

    Some recent circulating comments on China Joe:

    He puts his pants on like everyone else…. one arm at a time.

    His July 4th comment? “ Merry Christmas”

    Listening to China Joe can be detrimental to ones’ health.

    China Joe, at one of his recent 26 min basement briefs commented, ‘…. you know we can do things you know those things that Pres. Roosevelt did during World War II …?’

    The DNC is a cruel and demented organization to put China Joe and his wife ,who also fills in for Joe’s sister on stage , through this and I hope and pray he is not embarrassed too bad during the debates.

    Please don’t let your faithful friend Manfred watch the debates as he probably would also worry that if China Joe gets elected is he capable of operating the strategic nuclear football …….😬🙀

    1. Tight…

      You’ve been away a bit. I’m guessing you were up in Ruleville making sure nothing happened to
      that statute of Fanny Lou Hamer.

      As you no doubt know, I’ve never been a Biden guy. Having said that I’ll do all I can to see that he beats the incumbent.

      The great untold story of this Campaign is that none of the Ds running for the Nomination recognized that S. C. was the fourth Primary and that to well there one had to have established ties to the
      African American community that went back longer than 15 minutes. If Bernie or Amy Klobuchar had taken a few trips down there a year or two before everything started and built some bridges it could have been a different story.

      Here’s what the Campaign will come down to: Trump: “I love the Flag and the Military more than Joe.”
      Biden: “I care about you. The other guy cares about himself.”

      The people will turn to Joe.

  3. Gee…….. China Joe cares for little old me…….?

    Well that makes this election completely a new ball game….

    And to think I thought that all Joe cared about was MONEY from Ukraine, China and any other lobbyist on K street…….and sending thousands of jobs to China and even letting young boys play with his hairy legs in the swimming pool !!!!

    But Terrific what about all the things that Trump has done that Obomb and China Joe didn’t do for Blacks in 8 years that Trump did in 3.5 years like prison reform, economic GO zones and now going into crime ridde, black area cities like Chicago then probably St.Louis and maybe NY and Detroit?

  4. Oh, and don’t forget about the lowest unemployment’s figures for Blacks, Latinos and women in the history history of America?

    Then came the China virus release upon the world…… hummmm

    You think China feared Trump would get re-elected and Xi would have to cave on more trade deals and with their Marxist govt China could control the deadly virus in their population better than the free world …..

    And then the unAmerican DEMS said this is a blessing and we can blame Trump with our controlled MSM for 150,000 American deaths…..

    You know it is really bad when elected representatives in your own country try to subvert the truth and wellbeing of their country by delaying school openings, cause riots and chaos , tear down national monuments to Columbus , US Grant, Frederick Douglas ; paint BLM in front of Trump Tower…….such hate I have never seen not even for the national dislike of a Muslim President whose foreign policy caused the greatest Muslim deaths and refugee exodus upon the world like never before………

    Oh, but old China Joe ‘ cares about me ‘ and of course the Blacks whose block votes guaranteed his nomination over communist Bernie and a case of characters proposing a Green Deal that would bankrupt the US

    1. One of my favorite people in Washington, formerly of Baltimore, MD, Nancy Pelosi, calls the virus
      the “Trump Virus.” I think it will catch on.

      “Obama is a Muslim”…that dog won’t hunt. David Brooks of the Times marveled at Obama’s ability to discuss the Theology of Reinhold Niebuhr.

      I hope you haven’t become so cynical as to think that there are no politicians that actually do care.

  5. Reinhold Niebuhr would be very disappointed in the way Obama finished out his presidency by politicizing the FBI, DOJ and Intel agencies and spying first on a political opponent, then spying on a duly elected President and then trying to remove same from office especially when Trump in his first 1000 days reversed just about everything Obama accomplished in 8 years.

    The only Obama accomplishments that still stand are his many attempts to polarize the races through racial situations that never proved to be true cases of racial hatred but instead racial cases of criminality and/or police rebellion/ resisting arrest; and of course his other greatest success which will live in infamy was in driving millions of Muslim refugees into Europe and America. And unfortunately many majority Muslim neighborhoods have elected a few of these refugees to Congress and they are not appreciative refugees wanting to uphold American principles but hateful anti- American refugees wanting to destroy American history and the American way of life.

    Obama should have recited Niebuhr ‘s well known ” Serenity Prayer” more often to pray to God ” for the wisdom” to know the difference as to what can be changed and what can’t be changed according to God’s creation (i.e. you are either male or female in God’s eyes) and the American Constitution ( the right of privacy and protection from unjust government persecution).

    Obama’s unique ” Organization for Action” and political spying about which Susan Rice e-mailed to herself three times on Trump’s inauguration day was spying done ” by the book” ( but there is no book that tolerates political espionage and spying in the U.S.) ; is and activity which can never be tolerated be it Nixon’s dirty tricks or Obama’s Spygate.

    I know you know the truth Terrific because you are no dummy and you knew and recognized the truth about Nixon and just recently admitted to me you watch Tucker Carlson on Fox at times. And the truth and nothing but the truth will one day hopefully set this nation free because if those that participated in the worse political scandal of all times are not prosecuted now then history will repeat itself with the so-called Patriot Act.

    And then America will truly become the new coup de’ tat banana republic headed downward in the eyes of the world as being the “has been” nation which once was the only true bastion of liberty and defender of democracy in the world.

    Please read this comment to Manfred so he can sleep well tonite after he watched China Joe’s 26 min basement news brief with no reporters present with questions.

    1. I assumed you would have a sampling of Reinhold Niebuhr’s work on your night reading table.
      Hopefully in a place of honor above “The Art of the Deal” or your Honorary Doctorate from Trump
      Virus University.

      I’ve noticed your commenting style draws on the boxing talents of Muhammad Ali…”float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.” I detect that the avalanche of relatively new charges you’ve leveled against
      Barack Obama were a debaters strategy to indicate you have, at long last, abandoned your childish practice of calling Obama “a Muslim.” Not that there’s anything wrong with being a Muslim but there
      is certainly a lot wrong with deceiving people about who one is. Obama never has had a problem being candid about his past, including use of marijuana and cocaine.

      Back to Islam, I’m sure on your night reading table you have some of the works of Hilliare Belloc. You recall his work way back in the thirties stating that Islam might outpace Christianity because Muslims
      “actually believed” their religion while Christians, more or less, paid lip service to theirs.

      Got to go, but I just happened to watch a clip of Obama speaking at the funeral in Columbia, S.C. about
      five years ago. He launched gradually into the Hymn, Amazing Grace. Not bad, at all.

      Manfred always sleeps well. It’s Thursday, we serve Pinot Noir.

  6. “ Trump Virus”…. wow ……you really know how to tout the MSM fake news……How about those “ storm troopers” who are going to keep Trump in office when he loses the election? …..such lies are becoming the jokes of the DEMS and their paid media ,who will say anything that comes into their evil souls as long as it slanders the President……and he loses the election.

    There is a saying that a person can ignore reality but at some time has to pay the price of the consequences that occur due to such ignorance , i.e. Britain’s Chamberlin appeasing Hitler’s clear aggression against the world.

    As such I’m going to really enjoy your personal melt when Trump’s silent majority, which represent true Americans, prove though their vote that
    they see through all the leftist’s intentional lies , chaos in the streets, cancel culture , BLM , identity politics and clear Marxist techniques of tearing down national heroes (nation founders and even athletes-Brees) and society’s institutions ( police) to create white guilt, voting sheeple in this election year. All for what ?……..

    The reinstitution of Obama’s cronies and Obama’s heritage for the legacy of his two room library ? Which is the exact reason Americans elected Trump in the first place? Sounds a little like the definition of insanity.

    So hundreds of Obama holdout , bureaucrat puppeteers can pull the strings of a demented, brain dead political hack who was appointed by Obama to sell America out to the advantage of Chinese foreign policy/trade ?

    However, if by some miracle China Joe wins I hope you and Manfred will apply to be puppeteers in DC to experience the radical left ‘s Marxist extremism up close and personal. In the end you may not like what you prayed for, similar to those slick talking , socialist politicians who fooled the majorities in Cuba and Venezuela .

    I ‘ll close with a touche’ toast to you and the Mighty Manfred with a glass of Red Rose’ …. hopefully the prominent color of the 2020 electoral map at midnite on November 3rd solely for the survival of this great nation.

    1. It’s coming apart, Tight.

      When Joe Biden prepared to debate Sarah Palin in the VP Candidates Debate he received some advice
      from Barack Obama. It went something like this: “When she goes down the rabbit hole you don’t have to go with her.”

      You’ve presented me with a fine collection of rabbit holes to go down. Thank you for the invitation, but not right now.

      Manfred got blasted last night. He told me “things that are unsustainable don’t last.”

    2. Come on, Locke, get positive. The “revolution” has to purge parts of the faithful from time to time to keep matters interesting. If you are looking for general overall job security and want to express your inner hunger for raw power, by all means enter the internal security forces in a President for Life Biden administration. Indeed, seeing the congresscritters are seriously contemplating a new FBI building, we’ll have our own Lubyanka-on-the-Potamac just in time for the upcoming merriment.

  7. Terrific,

    I got the biggest , safest rabbit hole for you to explore today that was just dug/ spoken by GOP Rep. Goumert in a speech delivered minutes ago in Congress for a resolution utilizing the far left’s ” cancel culture”…… specifically to cancel the name of the “Democrat Party” and all items in the Capital reflecting past racist representations, items or statues of “Democrat Party” leaders such as ex-klan member, Senator Robert Byrd ( past good friend of China Senator Biden).

    And as per the exact same cancellation culture doctrine/principles of BLM and the far left the proposed cancellation of the name “Democrat Party” is soundly based on the facts written and spoken in the political platforms of PAST Democrat Party candidates during past Presidential elections starting around the 1850’s which were not only racist but spoke about the right to slavery not just in the South but in future statehoods to come, proposing strict segregation and even denying the negroes their right to vote (makes one forget about the fake news of today of alleged GOP denying the right to vote by only requiring proof of an ID , huh).

    So if its good for the goose it should be good for the far left’s , BLM’s “cancel culture ” wouldn’t you agree Tom ?

    By the way I was just wondering if you knew the medical term for a person/people digging hundreds of shallow, narrow rabbit holes but afraid of exploring a big, safe rabbit hole dug by another ? How about “hypocrit-i-tis”

  8. I’m going to put this in very simple language so some of you morons can understand. After yesterday’s hearing with AG Barr if you think the Democrats can handle this country and hold our enemies in check then I will pray for you.

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