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  1. Well folks it’s becoming clear that the sixth floor of the DMR might be upto some shady activities. The word around the coast is that Spraggins and maybe even some commission members need to be reminded that they are always being watched by people in high places with lots of pull. Just a thought that seems to be getting legs.

    1. If y’all mother fuckers start overpaying for land again I got a beautiful lot for ya. I’m sure Scott didn’t even get ass raped in there whats a few years?

      1. Who’s taking it up the ass? Scotty Boy? Not again. I thought you were speaking of the taxpayers. General Jellyfish is hiring all those friends and family memebers with criminal records. Makes you wonder where the Cake Eater is. Miller the Killer took the Cupcake Eater with him to Jackson. Where’s Shaddy White? Let’s hop he not repairing his garage door with those GoMesa monies. Not to mention the golf course. The Snack Secretary is working from home. Has been since January. There is a new hire within the whores of Babylon. A pure Philistine. More heathens in lamb clothing.

  2. My my my. Mr. Hammer of what do you speak? What has the tyrant General Jellyfish been up to lately ? Could it be all those friends and family members he is hiring? Including a fellow church member and his criminal son? Or are you speaking about the collusion with a couple of commissioners to rob the recreational fishermen out of their fishing season? One minute the thug is part recreational part commercial now he says he is al in on the recreational. That is so he can steal there fish. How many gusses do I get?

    1. Oh what a tangled Webb. Your good Point Park but I will say that may very well be the tip of the iceberg. It’s amazing how many times people that are put in high positions they start working for their on benefit and ignore what they were put there for. To Serve The People

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