What I learned so far, half way to home…….

Based on the social media reaction there was a lot of interest about the reason for my relative absence from Slabbed.

Exercise, eating right and weight loss builds its own momentum. Healthy weight loss doesn’t entail a surgical procedure and without diet and exercise, people that undergo a surgical weight loss procedure fool only themselves in the long run.

Speaking of diet and exercise, they work together and are most effective as a path to wellness that way. And by diet, that does not mean giving up any foods you like, at least for the diet to be sustainable. Rather it means eating in moderation and keeping your calories, food macros and nutrition in line on a daily basis. That is where exercise comes in because the more you exercise the more calories one can consume on things like Ben and Jerry’s (or booze). Speaking of macros, the combinations that work best varies from person to person. I personally shoot for 35% carbs, 30 to 35% fat and 30 to 35% protein to maximize weight loss.

Cheating can be a good thing as an occasional 3 to 4 thousand calorie meal from a place like Cotton Blues in Hattiesburg (complete with a piece of their award winning cheesecake), Sully’s or Dempsey’s in the Kiln resets your body’s internal furnace (for lack of better words). Even better saving weight watchers points for a weekend margarita (for those that do weight watchers) or eating the broiled red fish with crab meat au gratin sauce at Dempsey’s (and otherwise staying within your macros) is not cheating.

Finally, of the three macros, protein is your best friend. It helps your muscles to recover after exercise and makes your muscles hurt less after resistance training. It also makes you feel full for longer after eating compared to fat or carbs. Beware because not all protein is created equal and the amino acid profile of a particular protein is important when it comes to adding muscle mass and in muscle recovery. Dairy protein is considered the protein gold standard. Vegetarians can accomplish the same thing but have a much harder road to travel getting enough protein compared to the typical omnivore. Finally, for you older folks reading this, consuming protein before bed is actually a good thing though I personally recommend fat free greek yogurt mixed with whey protein powder and chia seeds over a protein shake in that application.

The drill down on these concepts is very extensive and if there is interest, could be fodder for future posts.

8 thoughts on “What I learned so far, half way to home…….”

  1. Glad to hear of the successes in your lifestyle change Doug.
    I know that undertaking such a large change not only requires a lot of time and attention to detail but it’s funny that by doing such if also affects your other interests.
    I have missed your content but if you get a chance I would like to hear about the feelings in Stone County regarding the Cains. I know he essentially got out of all healthcare interests not just Stone County ( I’m sure at the advice of Musgrove) but I am interested in the community of Wiggins and their reactions. When we reopened the hospital about 20 years ago the emotions were mixed.

    1. Yesterday I broke 40,000 steps for the 1st time. That is about 18 miles and it took me about 6 hours to do it. Couple that with about 3 hours of paying work and there is your day. Today another 30,000 steps plus lifting.

      I do have thoughts on the Ex Rel Aldridge. I’ll share them tomorrow.

    2. This is what I think:
      1. It was an open secret Ted Cain was using his hospitals to recycle his nursing home patients for $$$$.

      2. He turned over more than one reputable Doc.

      3. His use of campaign cash to ultimately line his own pockets was well known. He should own Tate Reeves by now. He once owned Ronnie Musgrove.

      4. He could have been criminally prosecuted but wasn’t for whatever reason.

      5. By not criminally prosecuting him, the DOJ civil attorneys are making the most of the sows ear, by using Cain’s ability to lose copious amounts of money on a cattle farm, etc against him.

      6. See above for the last admission from Cain’s wife that she deserved a $50K raise despite not being able to explain what she did to earn it.

      Bold prediction: Treble damages are a bitch, Bob Aldridge will gain a large measure of satisfaction when Cain is found liable for defrauding medicaid/medicare.

      Ps. Never forget that your DMR director Spraggins was working for DMR while being listed as an employee of Corporate Management.

  2. Doug you forgot to mention that the more muscle mass (1) one builds and (2) maintains the (3) more calories those muscles burn with any movements……. therefore, (4) the MORE you can EAT……… its a win , win ,win, win………

    Just like Trump says unless you get tired of winning ? Ha, ha

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