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  1. If I were a “betting man”, then “Attorney A” is probably a fairly recent admittee to the illustrious Louisiana Bar, and of the female gender.

    When Journalist Mike Perlstein’s article about “5 arrested in phony accident scheme” appeared recently in The Advocate, I fired off the following E-mail to him on October 25, 2019:

    “Mr. Perlstein: Strasser is simply going after ‘low-hanging fruit’ to charge 5 in ‘phony accident scheme’. Another way to look at it is: ‘pablum for the masses’ to impress the gullible Public that ‘Strasser is really doing a good job of protecting us from CORRUPTION’. But while low-hanging fruit gets plucked, the REAL CRIMINALS, viz. the ones who are guilty of PUBLIC CORRUPTION, remain untouched. See what follows for ‘a tip of the iceberg’ account of CORRUPTION in the Louisiana Supreme Court and within the Federal Judiciary. No wonder Strasser finds himself in the middle of controversy in the ‘more than a decade old’ Georgusis case. s/AROD”

    The “what follows” was Journalist James Gill’s excellent Op-Ed, which appeared in The Advocate on September 19, 2019, entitled: “Justice in secret is no justice at all”, which is available at the following “link”:


    Ashton O’Dwyer, New Orleans.

    1. And if Attorney A filed all these bogus lawsuits for these bogus accidents/ injuries repeatedly without saying to herself , ” Hey wait a minute what are the chances these people keeping getting in big rig accidents over and over again ” she should certainly lose her license to practice by the La. Bar and the Supreme Court. And if this same attorney A was/is working for a law firm who is certainly monitoring the cases of attorney A then that law firm needs to be investigated. For it is these bogus lawsuits with bogus injuries that drive up Louisiana’s auto insurance rates to make them in the top five rates in the nation.

      But don’t suspend all the local attorneys cause who would sponsor the morning news channels in NOLA?

      1. At first I wasn’t able to read all the criminal pleading but after doing so it is evident that Attorney A has turned states evidence and definitely deserves to lose her license.

        But where are the other criminal pleadings for the other suspected bogus accidents Slabbed reported that the Eastern District was looking into ?

  2. These are attorneys listed on pacer as representing Plaintiff at least until Apri/May 2019

    Danny Patrick Keating Nugent Keating Personal Injury Law Firm 3300 Canal Street Suite 100 New Orleans, LA 70119 504-513-3333 Email: [email protected] TERMINATED:

    Kirk Dorsey Kirk P. Dorsey, Attorney at Law 3636 N. Causeway Blvd Suite 104 Metairie, LA 70002 504-593-0200 Fax: 866-220-9105 Email: [email protected] TERMINATED:

    Robert H. Cooper Robert H. Cooper, Attorney at Law 2426 Jefferson Street Mandeville, LA 70448 985-674-9808 Fax: 985-624-8561 Email: [email protected] TERMINATED:

    Simone Rhea Nugent Nugent Keating Personal Injury Law Firm 3300 Canal Street Suite 100 New Orleans, LA 70119 504-513-3333 Fax: 877-565-2570 Email: [email protected] TERMINATED: 04/03/2019

    Attorney A has probably cut a deal

    1. If you so much as suggest that I had something to do with these lying scamming pieces of trash participating in this scheme, you will for it. I’ve never heard of the set of facts in the indictment. I’ve done everything I can to help the defense figure this out, including but not limited to contacting the State Bar Association to see if I can have clients arrested after my firm received a video that was hidden by defense counsel for 2 years. That is not normal practice. But, I don’t care, I’m glad they caught this scum and I hope they get them all. Please do not make the mistake of even insinuating that it was me. No deals to cut when you did nothing wrong. To demean 19 years of someone’s very hard work is just heartbreaking to experience and I hope you understand now.

      The “she” you are talking about is another lawyer with bigger and different problems. These are professional scammers we are dealing with and it is very very scary. Good lawyers don’t have to cheat. A tremendous amount of information was left out and I am going to HELP them catch these insane idiots who would do this. I understand the headlines and if that were the info I was given, I would be mad too. But, sir, please take this down and do insult me like this again. I would never let this happen; I have a lot more respect for this profession.

      1. I do not think Tim’s comment has fooled anyone. There has been more local reporting since Slabbed broke the investigation. The civil case court records tell much of the story. When I was perusing the various dockets it became clear that when evidence came to light that cast suspicion on the various plaintiffs claims the reputable lawyers made a stampede for the exits. Just a few stayed enrolled past that.

        The insurance companies spent considerable resources litigating these matters and that required lots of lawyering on the Plaintiff side filing reply briefs. That several different firms would be involved on the Plaintiff side is not unusual given the motion practice involved.

        People in the know are mentioning just a few names as likely targets and none were the lawyers listed by Tim.

        1. Good lawyers ran for the hills, as fast as we could. Worked with defense counsel, did not protect the scum who would do this. We were stolen from. I hope every person who participated in this gets what the deserve. Being a litigator is hard enough; this is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. These were professional liars and scammers. It has made me question everything about the practice of law, the way I thought I understood it.

  3. To “KLH”: Because some of the early documentation released to the public, pertaining to this SCAM, identified “Counsel of Record” for the fraudsters as having the first name: “Vanessa”. AROD.

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