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  1. Alpha Omega. The governors hog wild ride began in Pascagoula and ended at the First Baptist Church of the DMR. For those of you that don’t remember this is where Jesus Davis brought guns into the “sacred “ alter. Even Jesus likes guns. Spineless Spraggins has hired half the congregation either as loser employees or loser contract workers. And PooPoo Gillish is remembering ghost beaches where none ever existed. If my memory serves me right this is similar to Gene Taylor remembering ghost keys where none existed to justify throwing all the leftover garbage from Katrina in the Sound. Funny how money recreates facts with politicians. Now the rumors keep flying of Jesus and Spineless soon departure. More firings, more forced retirements and more political contracts. Shaddy White is too busy chasing secretaries that are stealing pencils to focus on the looting of our environment by the DMR and the coast communist association CCA. The thug marine commission continues to destroy an already downward spiraling commercial fishery. Hungry Havard is creating more regulation to bury them in. And dummy Daniels is busy taking all their quotas and giving it to the select chapters that are his buddies. And the family plan attorneys are aiding and assisting the entire demise. All criminals. But there is a quite rumors of impending litigation. Oh boy what a promise this will be. Already the crooked prosecutors and CCA judges are having lunch together plotting the outcome before any case is even filed. Crooked system. Crooked lies. Sooner or later it will catch up with them. Life is good.

    1. Very little national discussion about the student at Ms. Pence’s school that claimed 3 kids cut her hair off because she was black.
      Many were quick to jump on her “Christian” school and somehow link it to her personally but now that it has been proven false nothing.
      I respect her grandparents immensely in how they responded and feel that they have been treated worse than Smollete was with his bullshit. Another example of children emulating adults and not in a good way.

  2. Democratic Party needs to shit up and go straight to Hell. They have never done anything good for this country in my lifetime. Always bigger government and higher taxes and bullshit plans

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