It’s fighting Mayor Tommy Schafer to you….

The number one complaint I hear from politicians is how unfair, ugly and viscous social media can be towards those in public service. Fair enough because there is a kernel of truth in that notion but it is also true that a politico acting like an 8 year old can do much more reputation damage to themselves and their community. That is certainly true of Diamondhead and its Mayor fighting Tommy Schafer after last week.

My suggestion to those that were horrified to see the town in the national news would do well to elect folks with a temperament for the the trade.

A vote that will determine the continued existence of the Diamondhead POA is on the horizon. With the sheer number of Louisiana expats living there who hail from a far different political milieu, bareknuckle jackassery potential is off the charts.

11 thoughts on “It’s fighting Mayor Tommy Schafer to you….”

  1. I think we should set up a boxing ring for politicians. Put the chamber in charge of the event. It would attract more people than the bulls on the beach mess. First round could be Tommy with a tire tool vers Bo with Buzz.

    1. The chamber will have nothing to do with the boxing event…well maybe they would if the city of Diamondhead would give them a bunch more money.
      The Hancock Chamber needs more handouts, Its Chamber Maid needs a raise to keep up her party planner image. As if the 100k plus salary isn’t way more then enough…
      Yo Adrian

      1. She was just on Face Book with the mayor promoting a business in DH! But, their was an additional fee to the business. $39K a year from DH and membership dues just put businesses in the conversation. After that it is dialing for dollars! They are the Troll at the Toll Bridge.

  2. Richard,
    Maybe the Chamber can take over the POA like they have the Mayor. They will be a partner and for a Fee take it over. They are already getting paid to run everything else in Diamondhead by the Mayors inclusion. He meets with the Director all the time to get different angles for them to get paid. The POA needs to look into that relationship and watch where the money goes and look for a result from it! I believe Lana has the Chamber Bills to Diamondhead for the public to review. Let them decide!

  3. So politicians fear public scrutiny. Who cares. That comes with the territory. They don’t like anonymous and annoying public comments. Get over your inflated self worth. There is always more truth then sarcasm. Part of the reason we stay anonymous is because of the retaliation these self serving politicians will use against anyone that speaks out. More than enough honest citizens have had their lives, families and careers destroyed by the political insiders. This site has been breached and more times than you can count. The information gained can’t be used in court because was not legally obtained. But still these thugs do it. The constitution and the bill of rights are only for the political elite. The common saying by these thugs is the common man can’t afford an attorney or engaging the legal system. So the political elite know this and use it against the common man. These thugs also have lunch with the prosecutors, judges and law “enforcement “. Their kids are better more privileged to life and the benefits than the common man. They use everything against the common man and everything for their friends and family. It is a ruthless system. Truth and justice is for the political corrupt because they can pay for it. And the insult is these very thugs hid behind the flag, the constitution, the military. It’s a thug corrupt system.

  4. Doug sweetie you know more than most that what I comment on is factual. You have the evidence. And Santa is on the way. Yesterday Spineless Spraggins was on PBS telling all to hear he was only signed onto the DMR for one year. He has been there since Beer Can Miller showed up. Eating that seafood takes time. So look who he has surrounded himself with. A USM insider that has the ego of Uranus. More about giving money to USM than managing resources. And then there is my pretty Jesus Davis. Oh Doug I’m being told you have a photo taken by his own “officers” depicting why they call him Jesus. Do be a sweetie and post. We mustn’t fear the truth. There is enough fear in the Tower of Babylon for all.

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