Bay-Waveland Schools earns an A on the latest MDE Accredition Results

Folks this never would have happened if Mike Favre had not cut the dead wood out of the school board (and central office) when he took office. Our readers may remember Mayor Favre took a whole bunch of heat when he made those changes. Today he gets to take a bow for doing the right thing and seeing it through. Superintendent Reed and her employees also deserve props for the major improvement.

Also of note was rural Stone County Schools also earned an A. The rural school districts in this state often do way more with less and that is the certainly the case with Stone.

The full results are on Scribd.

7 thoughts on “Bay-Waveland Schools earns an A on the latest MDE Accredition Results”

  1. Yes, Mayor Mike Favre did take the heat for his efforts to improve the educational system for his city’s school children, and the Council for backing him. They were all under fire. Hats off to all of them. The proof is in the pudding today!!!!

    1. Good things happen with the right people in place.
      But one thing Lana,
      Not all the council supported him.
      Remember Seal Reed And not sure about Knoblock.
      They read riot acts at Ms. Lathrop and Ice.
      And along with his other 2 appointments as well.
      Matter of fact I believe that’s when he got his name Ice. During one of these appointments.

      Congratulations to the entire school district and thanks to Doug Lana Ron and crew for supporting those appointments.

  2. This is a whole team effort that starts with Mayor Favre supported by the majority of the council and Dr. Reed supported by the majority of the school board. This involved a lot of hard work by every single staff person in the district, to include teachers and administrators. The hard work of students and parents is vitally important.

    To Mr. Seal and Mr. Reed who grandstand and hang their political hats on garbage … I suggest you keep looking, as it is apparent that great things are happening in this community. Just imagine how much more could happen if we could say Mayor Favre was supported by the entire council and Dr. Reed supported by the entire board.

    1. I guess what brought this to my attention today was the tremendous amount of garbage about this nonsense with a praying football coach and a church hosting breakfast for school children.

      I say nonsense, as this happens all across the country and it is apparent that the Wiecek family just wants to bring misery to BWSD … first leggings, then uniforms, then retreat, then school times and now God. For God’s sake, we all need to pray (to whomever you pray to) that this family finds a better way to spend tax payer money, especially because they do not have a child who plays football, is in the band or cheers on Fridays.

      I’ve seen this play out. They won’t get their way, this totally underrepresented legal group will come up with a bogus suit, the school will pay out nothing to the plaintiffs, the school will spend some money to defend the action that may lead to a policy change … but the policy change will never be enforced, because what I know, we are and will remain a praying community. Waste of time, effort and money all because the Wiecek’s are unhappy people. I suggest boycotting their business and hutting them where it hurts … the pocketbook. That song ‘whats her bible verse wrist tattoo say’ … guess they don’t do those there.

      I was told they tried to move their children to another district and were denied by the RECEIVING district. That means that someone was smart enough to see trouble coming and dodge the unlucky bullet. That smart move is likely why Pass Christian school district ranks a little higher than BWSD … not for long hopefully.

      Great news, everything I have said is backed by school board minutes. Just had to do a little research.

    2. And they wanted then to hire Labat from within – she got us to being a C. Left to go to a D district and big surprise here, they dropped even lower and still a D.

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