Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Kick Them When They’re Down

Posted on September 13, 2019

JULIAN CASTRO blew out his image as an Altar Boy who spends most of his time helping crippled children cross the street by kneecapping a slightly confused Joe Biden and proceeding to fundraise off the encounter. In the era of “never apologize, kick them when they’re down” politics Castro may have hit on something. He took a shot at the King. Now he’s got to follow through and take him out…or become a footnote in history.

KAMALA HARRIS scares the crap out of debate moderators. They will not apply debate time limits to her as she announces, with theatrical gravitas, “this is important” and proceeds to assume the role of “aggrieved black woman.” Hey, good for her…if she can get away with it. The only one willing to get in Kamala’s face so far has been my girl TULSI GABBARD. The “politically correct” press has punished Gabbard by refusing to recognize she exists.

BETO O’ROURKE got game. I like the way he carries himself and relates to his colleagues and questioners. He’s a gentleman and he’s got good instincts. His weaknesses are he’s a bit disorganized and impulsive. He made a great point about outlawing and confiscating assault weapons. If he had done a little more preparation and homework he could have nailed the point down on the absolute legality of such an action. In a sentence, the government always has the right to do what is necessary for the country to survive… anyone remember the Draft?

JOE BIDEN has lost a lot off his fastball. Continue Reading…..

4 thoughts on “Other Voices | Tom Callaghan: Kick Them When They’re Down”

  1. Tom, To be honest other than Biden, who has a realistic veiw of government, they remind me of the High School Seniors running for Class President. Promising longer breaks between classes, no home work, good grades for everyone, free cold drinks on break etc. the only people they can relate to will be the freshman class.

    1. There’s a lot wrong with the whole system of debates well over a year before the Election. The beneficiaries are: 1. The Party; 2. The TV Networks; and 3. The Big Money Contributors who can use their
      financial muscle to establish access unavailable to the rest of us.

      What we do find out by watching the candidates debate is we get a sense of the person…good bad or indifferent.

      A long time ago, I indicated some admiration for Amy Klobuchar. I still think she’s capable. I also like
      Tulsi Gabbard because I share her views about avoiding “regime change” wars.

  2. Tom,

    Why are you so against a woman as president? Elizabeth Warren had good ideas and insights, you couldn’t get past her teaching certificate. So you think teachers are insignificant?, unable to think and provide innovative solutions to the USA’s problems? Mrs. Warren had some great ideas and solutions.

    Kamala Harris was on and took advantage of what was given to her and you think little of her for it? If she were male how would you have thought of the advantage she used?

    Amy Klobouchar why even mention her if all you can talk about is her hair?, did you notice any other man in the line up with a new hair cut?, and little to say?

    1. Thank you for your observations. I may be a little more old school than I was aware of.

      I know teachers well…mother, father and daughter. I didn’t mean to dismiss teaching by suggesting Warren was a natural as a teacher. I’ll give Elizabeth a second look.

      Now, Kamala Harris, I’m still forming an opinion on her. She showed guts when she took on Biden in that debate a while back. It could have blown up in her face but it didn’t and she pulled it off. Now, when
      she’s on the receiving end of an attack, she doesn’t do so well. Tulsi Gabbard came after Kamala on her
      record as Attorney General of CA. Kamala took on a very “who are you to criticize me” type attitude.
      She reminded me of Hillary, or worse yet, Rick Santorum.

      Now Amy and hair. I was having fun. I like Klobuchar. I even did a post on her about 18 months ago that
      was very positive. I would say she’s a long shot to be the Nominee, but has an excellent chance to be
      on the ticket as No. 2.

      Lastly, I’m very high on Tulsi Gabbard who just missed the debate. I share her view on “regime change wars.” She’s against them. So am I. She said Trump should get back in the Iran Deal…I agree completely.
      Does she have all the attributes to be President? I’m not saying that…yet.

      Thanks for your constructive observations.

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