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  1. Not sure where to leave this so this is as good as any.
    I understand that Ted Cain is selling Stone County Hospital to Memorial Hospital at Gulfport.
    Rumblings have been around for quite a while but a person I spoke to recently confirmed it. Not sure if all the paperwork has been signed yet.
    The main reason that I am posting this info is because I believe it may affect Doug’s area of residence.
    I have heard a couple of reasons for the transaction but I don’t want to speculate at this time as some of them are pretty personal.
    I guess the only direction that MHG can spread is north and the addition will cut off the referrals that were heading to Hattiesburg from Wiggins.
    Doug I’m sure that I’m not the only one who knows some of this information and would enjoy hearing some of the conversations from Wiggins.

  2. That is something I had not heard but a topic I would certainly be interested in.

    To understand rural healthcare here means understanding where the primary care docs that staff the major clinics practice. The Doc that won the Stone Co Enterprise’s peoples choice award has hospital privileges at George Co Regional which is now affiliated with the Singing River System.

    It would take a major emergency to get any of us to go to Stone Co Hospital. Cain was not big on things like offering basic employee benefits last time I compared notes with someone that worked there though that could have changed through time.

    The Hattiesburg clinic, which is affiliated with Forrest General, has lost many of their patients to the Peoples choice Doc. Merit (Hattiesburg Methodist) closed their clinic in Wiggins.

    At the end of the day this means Memorial and SRHS will battle it out in Stone County moreso that Memorial-Forrest General.

  3. I have a thorough understanding of how Critical Access Hospitals work. The battle has been on since SCH opened with all surrounding hospitals trying to get the referrals.
    It will be kind of interesting to see the ambulances drive right past Garden Park on the way to MHG. Yes I do know that MHG is a nonprofit and Garden Park is a for profit but try and explain that to a family that has a person in critical condition.
    Actually, MHG was in the process of buying Garden Park back in the 90’s until GP’s books showed some problems that were so “interesting” that the deal was called off. Shortly after that GP decided to go all in and build a new hospital at a more ideal location.
    I will not publicly disclose all that I know regarding both hospitals as I do respect the fact that I was exposed to certain information while employed there.
    I will say that when the hospital first reopened in Wiggins there was a certain uplifting spirit displayed by the new employees but I it didn’t last forever. The atmosphere and lack of certain benefits definitely played a role in the short lived jubilance.

  4. Doug-Have you had an opportunity to shake some trees in Stone County yet?
    Kind of surprised at the lack of chatter up there. Some of the doctors on the coast are discussing there new roles, but they are worse than hairdressers and bartenders when it comes to gossiping.
    If/when it goes through(knowing Ted anything can change in a second) I hope the employees up there are treated well. The ones I used to know took to a lot of pride in treating their neighbors.

    You can email me directly to set up a time to talk if you like.

    1. Here is the deal on the hospital, everyone is excited save the support staff. I am told the pay scale at SCH for nurses and the like was a bit higher at SCH than at Memorial. Not sure how that will resolve itself.

      The Docs (even those unaffiliated with SCH) are happy since Memorial has some diagnostic capabilities that go beyond those offered by Forrest General for things like strokes so they see it as a win for the community.

      It occurred to me the sale (in reality a long term lease) may have something to do with the false claims act case against Ted Cain and his company. Sure enough a quick look at PACER indicates the case is in discovery with Team Cain filing a Motion for Summary Judgment last month. Cain is now being represented by former Governor Ronnie Musgrove. Musgrove received major $$$$ from Cain when he was Governor.

      1. You are correct about Musgrove. Once he told Ted that he was in the top 10 of donors and asked him if he wanted to move up.

        The salaries are higher because of 3 reasons.
        1. Under a critical access hospital designation there are many rules, but reimbursement is based on the cost of doing business plus a small percentage. Example would be if it cost the hospital $1000/day to provide services for a Medicare patient the hospital might get reimbursed $1050/day.
        Therefore the more you pay in salaries, etc. the more the hospital makes. That’s why Ted’s in trouble now, he inflated his and other salaries as well as vehicle costs among other things, to drive up the reimbursement rate for the hospital.
        2. It actually cost more to staff a small hospital as many employees are called upon to wear multiple hats therefore demanding more money.
        3. See number 1.

        Hancock Medical Center operated as a Critical Access Hospital after Katrina.

        I have not followed up the lawsuit in quite a while so I appreciate you filling in where it is.

  5. It will be a very interesting election in a few months.
    Many have to decide whether they vote for Reeves, who they despise, or possibly vote for a Democrat for Governor for the first time.
    Me included.
    The only real decision is who would the governor select to fill an empty congressional seat if the opportunity arises.
    The best news is that Reeves no longer controls the Senate in Jackson.
    Also curious whether Delbert seeks revenge against Reeves for the way he was treated for the past 8 years.

    1. Well if the Hancock County Grand Jury wants more funding at the state crime lab they nominated the wrong dude to deliver that, same goes for the additional dollars Chief Papania wants to see devoted to mental health services.

      This is not much of a decision on my part.

      1. I am a Republican but that doesn’t mean I drink the Kool Aid.
        Reeves was able to win the primary because the blind Republicans voted for him. They got their marching orders 4 years ago that he was suppose to be the next governor.
        Some of the same people that complained about Hillary believing it was her turn to be president, turned around and elected Reeves on the same premise. They were good little soldiers and did what they were told to do but most can’t explain anything that he stands for, only that he doesn’t like the Democrats in D. C.
        I worked for a state agency while Reeves presided over the senate with one of my responsibilities communicating with the legislature. Neither he nor the posse that surrounded him understood what they were cutting from agency budgets nor did they care.
        They just cut so he could say they did.
        There is waste in state government just like there is in the private sector but there is a correct way to handle it.
        Reeves did not even allow any cost of living increases between 2007 and 2019. As a matter of fact they increased the employee percentage paid to PERS during that time so employees actually made less bring home money.

        1. I heard about MHG’s plan to purchase other facilities besides Stone County Hospital some weeks back but it was made public last week. Here is a link with s list of the facilities involved with the deal. All are owned by Ted Cain. https://msbusiness.com/2019/09/memorial-hospital-at-gulfport-expands-to-stone-county/

          I have heard rumors of Ted having health issues but I won’t discuss that. It could also be coming about due to his pending Federal investigation.
          The couple of children that he is raising are teenagers now so maybe he wants them to have a fresh start and just take over his cattle businesses.
          Just thinking about the situation but the bottom line is Nicaud as the CEO has certainly been aggressive in his short time at MHG.

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