State Senator Tommy Gollott Formally Endorses Scott DeLano

State Senator Tommy Gollott Announces Endorsement of Scott DeLano
Republican Candidate for Senate District 50

Biloxi, MS- Longtime Senator Tommy Gollott announces his endorsement of Scott DeLano, who is running for the seat being vacated by the Senator. Senator Gollott has represented the coast in the State Legislature for 52 years and announced earlier this year that he will not seek re-election.

Senator Gollott’s announcement:

“During my 52-year tenure in the State Capitol, I’ve worked with a number of legislators. I firmly believe that Scott DeLano would represent the 50th District well and has our community’s best interest at heart. I feel that he has what it takes to support the Mississippi Gulf Coast in Jackson. That said, I am honored to endorse the candidacy of Scott DeLano for State Senator and ask that you vote for him on August 6, 2019.”

Scott DeLano was elected to the MS House of Representatives in 2009. During his term in office, he has served as Chairman of Constitution, Chairman of Technology and Sub-Committee Chairman of Appropriations.

23 thoughts on “State Senator Tommy Gollott Formally Endorses Scott DeLano”

  1. Open ye eyes people. Do not y’all remember the corruption at DMR with multiple arrest, prison time, millions stolen and millions more swept under the rug. Scott DeLano turned a blind eye to it all and continues to lie with the same slippery dogs. If you like seeing corrupt state agencies with bloated budgets and payrolls lording over the public with new boats, trucks and lavish vacations then please vote for DeLano. As far as Gollott, he has had the public bamboozled for far too long. Like a true kingpin he has amassed $100’s of millions through his “inside” information for half a century. Rumor has it that there is a video circulating on social media of Gollott saying “DeLano is a piece of shit” among other expletives. If same video was posted on slabbed it might break the internet. Also, someone should take a close look at the bill Scott sponsored last session to hide certain records from the Public Records Act. It’s hard to follow but you have to understand he was chair of technology. The useful idiot has helped cover up the good ole boys cell site simulator program used for eavesdropping on political rivals of the ole republican guard and has done nothing to shore up outdated, highly vulnerable to hacking voting machines. If all this isn’t enough for you, just take a look at his campaign finance reports- Convington engineers: the same ones handling all the BP restoration projects and money, the same thugs tied to disgraced Trudy Fisher who is being investigated by FBI; Victor and Mark Mavar: the import shrimp repacking fraudster selling foreign shrimp as American; David Veal- who is Director of Richard “Fish the Gulf dry” Gollott’s shrimp processor association; and not to mention the corrupt to the core Jackson PACs he has long sold out to. But I must admit DeLano has done one heck of a job hiding is extramarital affairs from his poor wife while chasing skirts in Jackson on the tax payer dime. Just ask his neighbor how low he is willing to go.

  2. Irony. It’s ironic that Godfather Gollott now endorses Dummy DeLano when their are recordings of him on Facebook callling Dummy DeLano a SOB. Wants publically to endorse the Dummy and quietly back Newmann. Well Godfather you can’t have it both ways. Dummy DeLano and the Jackson 5 political machine are stealing the election. Secret Dummy drives with fake ballots. Remember Dummy DeLano is affecting a exclusive coast Communist Association zone around that only their members can fish. Culluding with Spineless Spraggins, Jesus Davis and Jackson lobbiest Ted Riemann. First sain they would be ok with commercial fishing if they used hook and line. Now that the commercial fisherman are using hook and line Dummy Daniels is convenieing this fake task force he made up for his inshore groupies to put the commercial fisherman out of business. Lies. These thugs will say anything and do anything to destroy the group that is the foundation of our coast. Lying and backstabbing. Will say anything because they have politicians like Dummy DeLano and Dummy Daniels in the pocket. So if you want a thug representative that engages in thug back door deception, then go ahead and support Dummy DeLano. But if you are over this fake lying thuggery vote Newman.

  3. And the birds are chirping. Apparently Jesus Davis can do no wrong. Word is he has a secret checking account very similar to Bill Walker and Tina Schumate. It is rumored that it may no be illegal as Walker and Schumate was. But Rat Pickering did not figure it out until he reviewed the records. It is being spoken that Shaddy white, the CMR and Spineless Spraggins are all aware of this secret account, so one must assume it’s legal. It is rumored that even General Hood is aware of its existence and all approve. Let’s hope those birdies don’t release som of the questionable purchases. It is already rumored that replacement guns for the stolen Mardi Gras guns were made with the secret account. Oh and suits or these officers from Dillard’s. It is rumored that they use a clothing statue to do this. Again no accountability. Rogue nd can do no wrong. They dress up like the Biloxi Police to attempt credibility. A quick read of the selected CMR minutes online will quickly point to the selective punitive action Jesus Davis Spineless Spraggins and Dummy Daniels are taking against the commercial fisherman. Enhanced penatities against commercial fishing. Recreational fishermen get a pass. Rumor is there is a recording of Jesus admitting to overharvest. DMR attorneys and Spineless Spraggins along with Jesus Davis are writing shrimp regulations to put them out of business. And don’t forget the new hook and line restrictions that the charter boat rep Dummy Daniels is proposing. Ironic the charter fishermen are trying to put the commercial fishermen out of business when most of them came from commercial fishing community. But all I have isn’t my Constitutional rights to free speech. These the Marine Patrol is actively trying to take away from me with their criminal investigative unit. Remember this unit is now coordinating with the Cake Eater. They have now have a satellite office in HR to investigate the employees. The once great DMR is a shell of itself after the Walker scandal and with politicians like Dummy DeLano and a spineless leader like Spraggins are Turing this state agency into an exclusive law enforcement Agency. No accountability. Follow the money. Oh and Doug sweetheart rumor has it you are in possession of documentation of these truths. Please do verify.

  4. I am flabbergasted regarding your comments about the commercial vs. recreational fishermen.
    I don’t know if I want to know more about the alternative universe that you are living in or run like Hell.

    You couldn’t be more wrong and I somehow believe you think what you speak is true. The commercial fishermen are their own worst enemy, knowing that some of their group continually lie, cheat and steal then wine about their fines or shortened seasons. They need to start policing themselves.
    BTW, I know a recreational fisherman that had 1 trout a 1/2 in. short and his fine was $420.00.

    For the record, I don’t associate with people that cheat in golf or keep illegal fish as it shows the type of person they are and I then know that they can’t be trusted in life.

    Chivalry and honesty is dead. It’s a sad world that we now live in and I pray for my grandchildren hoping they can cope with world.

    1. CF you and the Ward brothers seem like reasonable people. Although the facts and numbers don’t add up with your point of view. I do agree there are bad apples in both groups and the commercial fishermen don’t do themselves any favors. For all you long time readers you know I have not agreed with these rape and pillage oyster fishermen that have destroyed the oyster in Pass Christian and know under the leadership of Fish the Gulf Dry are trying to destroy the Pascagoula oysters. They have this take everything attitude that Fish the Gulf Dry Gollott promotes to his benefit. But my how times have changed. Now we are in the other side of the sand box. Two Coast Communist Association CCA commissioners and the fake environmentalist are in the very real process of destroying a once great industry. My issue is personal benefit by these rogue commissioners. Dummmy at one meeting promoted with the agreement of Spineless to take a portion of the commercial quota so they could sell them to pay for gas and equipment. That’s how greedy they are. They want to completely destroy the commercial fishery so the recreational fishermen can have it all. This is what makes me disgusted. These rogue commissioners are benefiting themselves and benefitting their close buddies and friends. The net fishery under these thugs is over in Mississippi. Well good riddance. But what now? Well they intent to move onto the shrimp fishery. Then the menhaden industry. Well I’m no fan of Omega. That is where they should concentrate. But wait. They have lawyers and good ones. Not those with the friends and family connections like at the DMR. The intent is to emilinate the weak and defenseless. No going to take on a powerhouse like Omega.

      1. I don’t disagree with a lot you say but CCA is a useless organization that I proudly no longer belong to.
        They do nothing but take the donated funds and throw a banquet with it and hold a kid’s fishing rodeo where they hand out Mickey Mouse rods and reels. They should spend the money on hiring lobbyists to represent the members but that would take away from their parties.

  5. The commercial fishing industry has boxed itself in. It is supported by taxpayer money. The fees for licensing is paltry to what is received in life saving missions, bedding oysters, sampling water and otherwise ensuring safe and sustainable resources etc. on the other hand the same can be said for recreational fishermen. It is a shared problem.

    1. The monies used to enhance, protect, and improve our Gulf’s resources is wasted. It is the same with the enforcement division. Special people are “taken care of” and not given the tickets and fines they deserve, while others are made examples of. The Biologists and technical group at the DMR are not allowed to utilize their knowledge due to the political machine. And any Biologist there that tells you any different is a liar. If they don’t have the intestinal fortitude to stand up for what they know is right, then they are replaced or some bogus excuse made up to get rid of them. You are not able to use what you learned in college….rather the political idiots with their hands out tell you what to do….which by the way, is not good for the natural resources. Politics has NO place in an agency such as this if it is to be successful as a keeper of our resources. It is really a sad situation, but it is time for a good cleaning out of the DMR. Now, I see that there is another “marine group” building at the Gulfport harbor. These glass shinning buildings are doing nothing but housing suits. I blame us for sitting back on our haunches and allowing the political parasites to do what they want to with our tax monies. It is time people. It is past time for us to take back our Coast. Stop accepting less than we deserve!

      “Local seafood is a staple of our restaurant business and economy and the DMR with all it’s faults keeps a vulnerable industry going while balancing these distinct needs and liabilities.” Ha – Ha- Ha!!
      Lining political good old boys should be the name of that Agency! And Mr. Ward….how about laying off of our hard working commercial fishermen. Unless you have walked in their shoes, please don’t throw them under the bus.

      1. Silk,
        How about just making a point and not generalizing you anger. You are acting like a snowflake is uninformed about how things work with no rationale behind the rant!

        1. You paddle your boat how you want to and I’ll paddle my boat the way I want to Mr. Ward. Please don’t try to control the posters on this site…..they won’t let you!

  6. Commercial fishermen are allowed to sell their catch for cash no tax legally off of docks that are subsidized by local, state and federal dollars at a rate they can afford unlike the recreational guys who pay open market value for the boat slips they occupy. Not trying to piss anyone off but there is no real way to verify whether they are making a living or not. Recreational guys are catching fin fishes etc that are by and large caught in Louisiana waters or federal waters which are heavily restricted in catch limits which are no burden to the local and state costs to maintain.

    The oyster industry in Mississippi is wholly supported by state and local taxes. Maybe they ought to lease the oyster reefs to private oyster companies and let them bed and work the Mississippi reefs at their cost and choice of who can harvest on them? Im sure they do it more efficiently and productive.

    Local seafood is a staple of our restaurant business and economy and the DMR with all it’s faults keeps a vulnerable industry going while balancing these distinct needs and liabilities.

    1. Couldn’t help but laugh at your last statement Mr. Ward. The only balance the DMR does is to its political buddies and Commissioners. It is now nothing more than a political machine.

  7. There is always going to be politics in politics. No doubt the DMR Chief is a politician.

    But it is an unenviable task to balance 2 passionate and needed markets that use the resource.

    1. Politics has no business in the DMR. period. And the leaders of this State, if they cared for the resources and its citizens, would keep an Ethics group bulldogging this Agency. The tales those walls could tell. But it should show you how deep politics run in that Agency when our State Auditor, Stacey Pickering, ignored a sitting Judge’s direct orders. Lately, I wonder if the mafia isn’t running this State.

  8. It is a government funded entity. The jobs are appointed! I believe each entity that gets money do it in a system that has them submit invoices and requests to paid.

    Otherwise it is just give us some money and each year we will blow smoke up your @$$ each budget period.

    1. Mr. Ward – your last statement is going on as we speak in that Agency…..and will continue as long as we don’t monitor it for crooked politics and good old boys. And the sad part is …. it is my opinion that Jackson is waiting with baited breath with their hands out to find a way to “divert” funds from the BP windfall our Coast just received. The polls are telling the tale.

  9. Jackson has found a back door to the BP funds. The coast is screwed once again by thieves like the Governor, Tator tot Reeves the DMR ass clowns. So if the coast gets a “restoration”projects upwards of 80 to 90 is kept by Jackson and the elite contractors that are tied to Jackson and Crooked nose Bryant. The DMR is only exceeded in corruption by the DEQ. The DEQ is double and triple billing the coast grants bleeding them dry. Wonder why it takes five to six years to get a project completed. Well my sweeties it because it takes time to bill all those million of dollars from the money that should come to the coast. I am even hearing rumors of infighting over how much they can bleed these grants. Cover ups to prevent the press from getting the actual amounts. It is shameful to see the local politicians backing Regretable Reeves. But remember some of them like Loose Hews were part of the Jackson elite. The DMR Tower of Babel is supporting Reeves. Throwing him multiple “fish fund raisers”. Guess where they got the fish. It’s an inside joke the Mavars are still laughing at. Donate donate donate. Then you are exempt from the rules. Those fine respectable DMR officers have many many perks. Private vehicles to go to the gym in. Pick up the kids from daycare. Go shopping in. Free gas at your expense. And don’t forget those free fancy cloths you are paying for. Is you can’t be honest and fair you should at least look the part. And now for phase two. The Tower of Babylon is conspiring with the CMR to limit the information at the public hearings. I am hearing they are limiting the type of information being discussed and the time. They want to keep everting under an hour and handle the really important issues at task force meetings the public can’t attend. Secret meetings that Dummy Daniels and Hungry Havard are imposing to delete the commercial industry. Secret meeting where the fate of the processors that are not connected to the Mavars are being eliminated. One by one they are being picked off. Jesus Davis in the thick of it. More rumors of upcoming “firings” and forced “retirements” for the DMR employees resisting. Nothing new. Same thing happened under Beercan Miller. I keep saying this and I don’t get tired saying it. The Babel DMR needs to go back under Wildlife.

  10. I have just been told that Newman is the winner once again and that Dummy DeLano is going to appeal once again. But here is the catch. Apparently it now moves to Jackson where Newman a woman won’t have a chance. The good ole boys are already gearing up to cheat Newman out of her victory. I have felt the pain of a male dominated society and feel for her. These crooks and thieves are gaming the system to give Dummy DeLano a victory he did not win. The voters have spoken and Jackson does not want a independent woman outside of the political male dominated elite. So the coast is getting screwed once again. As a woman I’m supporting. Connie Moran over our thieving mayor Moron Maxwell. He drove Pascagoula into bankruptcy and he will do it again. Special favors to his supporters at your expense. The women have twice the burden to get elected to public office. The voters and the male dominated corrupt political system.

  11. Let me see if I get this right. Because I love getting it right. Dixie Newman won the first time by one vote. Dixie Newman won the second time by five votes. Now Dummy DeLano is trying desperately to steam the election with his back door sneaky Republican good ole boy tricks. He has appealed and only wants re-elections in the precincts he has a majority vote. So you may ask how he is going to get away with? Well glad you asked. Because the election board that determines this has some heavy hitters on it. First up is Spineless Dodo Spraggins. If he had a fair bone in his body he might not be an amoeba. Next up is his church member Wayne Tisdale. The First Baptist Church of the DMR has already hired half is members at the now creationist DMR. Then we have Mr. Dave Dennis. I have been told of at least two contracts that the DMR “gave” him. Oh my sweetie Doug please check on the accuracy of these statements. Remember the criminal investigative unit in Marine Patrol actively monitors your site. Waiting watching. Remember the Constitution does not apply to these fake police. Rumor is being posted on Facebook that one particular X marine loves to break wrist. Sadistic fun.

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