Its like a ‘high class’ version of the Springer Show…..

Reader submitted photo from Bill Walker's 2014 Sentencing Hearing in Hattiesburg
Reader submitted photo from Bill Walker’s 2014 Sentencing Hearing in Hattiesburg

I think by now everyone has heard that former DMR Executive Director Bill Walker is back in the pokey, after failing to make his court ordered restitution. Going back through Slabbed’s extensive archives on the Mississippi DMR friends and family scandal takes us all the way back to 2012 which is amazing. Time sure does fly! That said it was late last year when the public found out first hand exactly the type of boss Walker was during his days running DMR because this was no ordinary white collar crime scandal by any stretch of the imagination. Those interested in learning more can follow this tag for Slabbed’s archival coverage of the criminal investigation.

In any event the Sun Herald was there covering yesterday’s Court hearing where Bill Walker again ended up in shackles and it is a good read.

Some of the monthly expenses Bill Walker claims, according to the government:

▪ $3,322 for a mortgage

▪ $1,938 in car notes for a Mercedes Benz, a Yukon and a Land Rover that Scott Walker drives

So there you it have folks, Bill and wife have a $16,000 a month income and yet can’t afford to make his restitution payments. Even better we gotta now wonder who is lying, Bill to the government or Scott to the media?

Scott Walker told the Sun Herald after the hearing that he is paying for the Land Rover.

Back in 2016 it was Scott that posted his interest in purchasing the Land Rover on Facebook. Maybe the probation officer will have that matter clarified because someone is lying here.

I’ve received a good bit of email and such on this latest turn of events so I imagine the commenting community will have plenty to add. The sentencing hearing for Bill Walker is set for October 1st.

18 thoughts on “Its like a ‘high class’ version of the Springer Show…..”

  1. I think there is something big going on behind the scenes we haven’t seen yet. There are too many inconsistencies with this situation. There are too many oddities with who is paying what and who owns what.

  2. They (Scott) have been flipping houses. We watched him buy a house tear down the privacy fence and trees and fix the inside outside with contractors. Always wondered where he got the money for all this and pay restitutions.

  3. Why the Judges let these people out early has always puzzled me. They are in trouble because they don’t think rules apply to them. This mindset does not change with early release.

    1. He met the criteria for release. Not paying his restitution was a bad choice. The examiner thinks there is more to the story here and it is clear he is right. Mommy and Daddy Bird better learn how to cut the apron strings before Baby Bird really messes things up.

          1. Then they need to change that and make them stay the whole time. What has been gained from that early release? Those people are unbelievable.

            1. Lana,
              If they didn’t have those rules they wouldn’t have room for the next batch of politicos to lock up. We have candidates waiting in line to go!

              1. Citizen,
                So the prisons are crowded?! So what. Stuff them in there on top of each other. When my husband served his country with honor in the U.S. Navy, they were stuffed into that ship like sardines crossing the Pacific back and forth to deliver Marines and tanks into Southeast Asia risking their lives for people they didn’t even know.
                That’s what’s wrong with our country– we are worried more about accommodating thieves than punishing them. When Bill Walker snubbed his nose at the Judge’s orders, he’s getting what he deserves, and I personally don’t care about any of their accommodations. Maybe if prison became an uncomfortable place to be, the overcrowding would be resolved.

            2. I agree Ms Lana. But we have a large problem in our federal and state politics. It is called Pickering. They don’t seem like they can follow the laws that everyone else lives by and what they were hired to follow. Unless someone with large coconuts clean this State out, we are doomed to continue watching the rich get richer and the poor and middle class footing the bill. Sad but true. Where is our Knight in shinning armor?
              Vote against incumbents running for the same positions.

              1. Walker is different in that he still thinks he did nothing wrong. He still believes that buying his sons Ft. Bayou property was Ok. Buying Tina Schumate’s parents was a great deal. So why did he cover it up? So why did he hide it if nothing was wrong with the purchase? A liar and thief. Oepedus complex Scott is balancing the books for Bill. What a joke. This cry baby up his daddy in prison the first time and has now done it again. At least there is consistency in Scott stupidity. You’d think after Scott ran over the mailbox, crashed his car in a ditch, and then slept with the engine on all night he would have had the good grace to replace the mailbox after he got out on a technicality. So here we are, now. Scott is in charge of his daddy’s accounts and he don’t have the god given good sense to pay the $5,000 a month to keep his daddy out of jail. Crocodile tears are for losers Scott. Grow up and assume responsibility for your actions. Get down on your knees and start lapping up that split milk. Otherwise daddy will go back to jail and we will have to keep paying your spiritual debt.

    1. It was Steve Seymour. They flew to Atlanta on many “business” trips. The Rat and his thugs never discovered what these deals all were. But when you have the Republican Guard on your side things get myopic real quick. Several of Scott’s “business” partners went to jail for their illegal “acts”. Michael Janus was one of these thugs. But they never disclosed all these dealings. Never wanted the public to know of the defense contractor dealings. Nor for the public to know that his boss the mayor worked at the DMR and was driving these decisions on the inside. Yes much has been left unspoken. There is much the taxpayers still don’t know happened. As I have said before much evidence still exists. And as I have stated many times in the past, the coast would be much bettered served if the DMR went back under WF&P. Amoeba Scroggins and Jesus Davis need to go. Thugs both and it’s a thug organization now. Militarized DMR is now conducting raids on seafood dealers that won’t play the game. Dealers right down the road that “donate” seafood for all those Marine Patrol cookouts for the corrupt politicians are exempt from this scrutiny. It’s like the “protection” tax during the 50s and 60s that shop owners were required to pay to the mob. Only now the mob is Marine Patrol.

  4. Jailbird flying back to jail. Good move. Still don’t understand how Scott got away with all his stealing ways and then shows up sobbing like a baby because his actions sent daddy to jail. Scott had a habit of shifting money around. Remember his Goverment bar he switched names on title to avoid the money crunch. Rat Pickering still scratching his head as he now steals the future away from veteran retirees. They even did the David Harris trick of flying down to Belize to sneak away all those tax dollars to be converted into condos. Same tricks only Judge Starlet caught on. Scott should be locked up and held accountable for his deeds. Alas the Republican Guard takes care of its own. Rumors are bubbling up of secrete accounts. Even secrete accounts at the DMR. History is a parcular King.

    1. You are so right PP. IIMO that the bad apple in that bunch is the bad baby seed. Spoiled since birth and treated like a Prince by both parents and those around him. He is the reason that his father is where he is. Hope he is proud of that. Probably doesn’t bother him. And don’t let the sniveling fool you….he loves the camera and performs as needed. I think he must be being paid off by some scared politicos to keep him from writing his “tell all book”.
      I feel sorry for those three children who have this albatross around their neck at such an early age. I also feel sorry for his poor wife, who I understand comes from a good family that has been helping with finances. They need to cut their losses and so does his wife. She should take the children and move on with her life. A leopard does not change its spots and a tiger does not change its stripes. She is too pretty and smart to continue with the saga of the Walkers since Snotty Toddy has dragged their name and family through the mud. He dreams of being a jet-setter? Maybe he needs to go try his luck with those people. They will teach him a thing or two.

      1. For those that have not seen the interview Anita Lee did with Scott Walker outside the Courthouse, the story linked in the post has it. The sniveling in it is both rich and so revealing. All he needed was a violin, a few crocodile tears and he could’ve gotten an Oscar nomination.

        Then again based on what people are telling me off site, a command performance from Scott would cause more disgust among those that know the Walkers and feel badly about how Bill has been treated in light of Scott’s money management issues.

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