While the Crooks in the Swamp are Exposed….

You gotta love the Haji, wrapping themselves up in the flag blaming immigrants for all their problems while they are being robbed blind by their own kind.

Some of other emails admitted into evidence revealed Manafort’s lobbying of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner on behalf of Stephen Calk, the chairman of Federal Savings Bank. Prosecutors say Calk approved $16 million in loans for Manafort — despite several red flags — because Calk wanted a job in the Trump administration.

The emails showed that in the weeks after the 2016 election, Manafort urged Kushner to consider Calk for Secretary of the Army, a position Calk had put at the top of his list in an earlier email to Manafort. Calk also listed seven other senior domestic appointments and 18 ambassadorships — ranked in order of preference — that he would accept.

Even better we learn of these emails from the media here in the US via US prosecutors rather than the Russians. To some that is evidence of the deep state but people wearing tin foil hats have been with humanity since 1910, the year Aluminum foil was invented so that is expected.

The evidence of pervasive corruption has literally been slapping everyone that cared to notice across the face since day 1 of America’s experiment electing a carnival barker to the Presidency. Tom Marino never got the chance and Scott Pruitt may yet prove he is a piker against Wilbur Ross. And then there is Trump putting Goldman Sachs in charge of the US Treasury after railing against them during his campaign. The signs were everywhere folks and so called conservatives everywhere have proven themselves no better than Hillary Clinton democrats in standing by their man.

Even better since this is bat shit crazy 2018 we have people that were so cowardly in the 1960s as to crap their own pants to get the 4-F shilling for the coward that had bone spurs all while running down those that have served. I personally can’t wait for the new season of South Park.

Oh and then there is this:

Ex-Trump attorney Michael Cohen pleads guilty in hush-money scheme ~ AP

2018 is also the year without the dog days of summer.

But this is Slabbed so I’m not going to belabor the obvious as we’re facing much bigger issues than the Sociopath in Chief:

What Does Knee Surgery Cost? Few Know, and That’s a Problem ~ Melanie Evans

Evans is good at identifying the problem, not so good at capturing the solutions. Late last month the Wall Street Journal presented several charts which clearly show the US spends more per capita on health care than any other country on this planet, lags in most wellness comparisons yet it is the only industrialized country that does not provide mechanism to insure health care for all of its citizens. The numbers are not even close.

So while Fox News airheads spout ignorance about western European style social democracies maybe we can learn something.

I think the question here is not about what the Danes have that we don’t. The better question when it comes to health care is what don’t they have that is a major cost driver in the US? The answer to that question may explain the biggest difference between the $9,892 we spend per capita not covering everyone and the $5,205 per capita the Danes spend covering everyone.

6 thoughts on “While the Crooks in the Swamp are Exposed….”

  1. Based on the criticisms brought forth in this post, what exactly are you advocating regarding healthcare? I don’t want to “pigeon-hole” you, so I am sincerely asking. I will say that the slant on first-read appears to advocate for some sort of “universal” healthcare; however, the entire first part of the post is about corruption in government.

    1. Two part post so I am advocating for:
      1. Not electing transparently phony crooks to office.
      2. Universal Health Care devoid of middlemen. The cost driver we have the Dane’s don’t is private insurance companies involving themselves in the Doctor Patient relationship. Even the Koch Brothers study indicated “Medicare for All” would be about 2 trillion cheaper than our current setup.

      Under our current setup people with means are paying the freight for the under insured/uninsured for services like the air ambulance. The system is so divorced from economic reality that the air ambulance providers say it isn’t working for them either.

      The numbers do not lie, unlike Politicians.

    1. And save big money on admin. costs. The argument only seems to be how much it would save.


      Interesting that one of the arguments insurers put forth is their getting in the middle of Doctor-Patient relationships deciding how much things like an Air Ambulance should cost saves money overall. What that really does is dump the unreimbursed costs on every other user to the point where an emergency helicopter ride cost $50K. There is no such thing as a free lunch so yes, maybe admin saves a few bucks shorting providers in one area but consumers make it back up on the back end regardless.

    2. I am sure you are taking into co sideration that “we old folks”😂 do pay a monthly premium for our Medicare. It is deducted from our SS checks.

  2. Two part post, I get. You can’t separate the reasoning in those two posts, though. “Medicare for all” is just insurance provided by politicians. You are absolutely correct that the problem is the middle-man between the doctor and the patient. The only solution to that problem is to eliminate all middle-men. Substituting one middle-man for another solves nothing. The minute insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, became the payer for all healthcare services (and not just catastrophes as it was originally designed), the decision-making process was removed from the doctor and patient. There are viable and sustainable solutions to this problem. We the people need to look beyond the intentional distractions brought forth by both political factions and insurance corporations since neither have the best interests of the populace as a priority.

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