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  1. The Sun Herald finally has something to say about the contnueing scandal at the DMR. Amoeba Scroggins has hired his old buddy husband Russel any way the wind blows Weatherby. No secrete that Weatherby’s wife and Amoeba Scroggins serve on the airport board with Clay Williams. You remember Clay Williams he and David Harris were big buddies buying those old Mercedies Benz. Weatherby is a loser that mislead the Harrison County Board and misspent appropriated money for noncontract purposes. So Amoeba Spraggins has a moment of senior citizen clarity and hires the loser to manage Todelands and Gomesa funds. We have seen this picture before with Bill Walker. Another $80,000 dollar plus position for a political flunkee. So where you ask is the Cake Eater? One door down from Pizza Palazzo Funkee. BJ Moron was “let go” from his laziness and incompetence as he has been let go from the last few jobs he desperately tried to hand onto. Remember the DMR is the last stop for political despiration. Both were hired without interviewing and no job announcement for qualified applicants. Cake Eater no where to be found. Looking for those lost marbles. So the Donut Eater is going to work for another Bazoka Nose Bryant hack. Cindy Hyde Smith. She gets a free work leave pass like John Mitchell in IT. Can,t blame the lack of leadership in the IT department at DMR. Hard to lead from under the table. Go to catch as many crumbs as you can while you can. Someone has to hold the Executive Snack Secretaries hand. No one in the Tower of Babylon tower has cold hands. The billfish classic this weekend. All those tons of fish killed by the recreational fishers. No worries Jesus Davis will secretly move those tons across the boarder to Mexico Alabama. King Neptune has offered to search the parade floats for those missing Mardi Gras guns.

  2. This must be the beginning of what Doug was referring to in an earlier post. Getting in place for the arrival of the $$ to be passed around. Must have gotten good news on the BP $$. And the Todeland fund is a joke. Politicians getting richer and richer on the backs of Coast Fishermen. Business as usual.

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