Leslie’s law: Senator Harkins helps clean up Good Ol’ Boy politics in “Strong Mayor” towns

And why are we calling HB 51 Leslie’s law? Mainly because it cleaned up a questionable AG’s opinion that involved the City of Bay St Louis and its unqualified perpetually interim crony Chief Building Inspector Charles Oliver. Kingfish at Jackson Jambalaya has been all over this issue for two years now and his post yesterday on the topic is a must read for everyone in the Bay. The citizens in “Strong Mayor” Chartered towns throughout Mississippi owe Senator Harkins an Atta Boy for seeing this good government measure through the legislature to the Governor’s desk. Here is a snippet from Kingfish’s post:

The first challenge to this law took place in Bay St. Louis, where good ole boy politics reigns supreme. The Mayor fired the building inspector seven years ago and appointed a close friend who was not qualified to the job on an interim basis. He has never been confirmed by the city council and is not a certified building inspector. Such things mean nothing to Mayor Fillingame. Interim means eternal as far as he is concerned. The city council challenged his employment after the law became effective on July 1, 2016. However, Mayor Fillingame and city attorney Donald Rafferty went running to Jim Hood for some cover and he gave it to them. Earlier post with copy of opinion.

I’d posit this is also very bad news for Mayor Fillingame’s latest scheme involving the Bay Waveland School Board as he has failed to make an appointment to fill Maurice Singleton’s seat on the Board of Trustees. Singleton’s term expired in February and Fillingame has steadfastly refused to make a school board appointment to fill the seat, instead arguing that Singleton, who appears to be cooperative in the Mayor’s scheme, is now a 180 day interim appointment. With the State Auditor’s office now empowered to enforce financial penalties associated with this kind of abuse, it will be interesting to see if Singleton continues his role as the Mayor’s lap dog. Stay tuned.

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  1. Well with Les it’s a clerical error, an oversight, a misunderstanding or someone else’s fault. He is a conman. His word is as worthless as a $3 bill. The voters should do him like Waveland did Longo, fire him on election day.

  2. If we get pandering George, Windy Wendy, 420 friendly Avery, pecked breath Larry, lying Buddy, jump jump Joshua and crooked Les the meetings will be a freak show. Taxes will skyrocket and Waveland will prosper. Big rock candy mountain won’t have anything on the bay.

  3. This is such bull. Do his delusions know no bounds?

    “He added that the building department is “very stressed” with regards to the large number of building projects going on in the city. As a result, Fillingame said, he may soon be looking for authorization to expand building department staff.”


    He has the staff. The secretary and the building official are usually too busy yapping to be bothered to help. Not that the former temp/now full-time admin has ever bothered to learn anything worthwhile in the almost twelve years she has worked there. Worst. Attitude. Ever.

    They’re a few really dedicated employees left that haven’t been run off…..yet. They are overworked, underpaid and certainly under appreciated by the current admin. It’s a pathetic situation for sure. And the taxpayers and the folks developing property in BSL are paying for this farce of a dept.

    1. What about replacing the Police Officers that were fired and resigned recently? Unless he gets approval from Council to arm the building department officials? Priorities. We’ll see what Council does with this recommendation?!

      1. Will be interesting to see how the council handles things, Lana. While they can’t tell the mayor how to run the day-to-day operations of the city, they do control the budget.

        The building dept. is running just like he wants it to run. He is in complete control. He doesn’t need any new employees in the dept. He has plenty. The majority of them don’t feel or see the need to work. He should manage his existing resources better, but he won’t. Best thing the council can do is not fund any additional positions for the building dept. Until the pain outweighs the pleasure of keeping his unqualified and ill equipped BFF employed as the “building official” nothing will change.

  4. Les “the Mess” will be re-elected. Got my bet. The vast majority of voters are bible thumping Republicans. And they don’t care about the corruption and outright thievery. His is one of their own. And as long as he preaches the gospel of reform, transparency, and drain the swamp. They will blindly throw their votes at him like a drunk throws beads from a Mardi Gras float. Shame, real shame that all politics has come to this. Les “the Mess.”

    1. He is a democrat. Not truly a “bible thumping” individual either. Though he is a member of the First Baptist church. He likes his liquor a bit too much to be considered a committed baptist. Never heard him speak of reforming anything. He is quite anti-transparency, and he isn’t interested in draining any swamps. He would prefer to fill them with medical waste.

      How little faith you seem to have in your fellow voters. Democrat or republican. A crook is just a crook no matter the party. Just like a liar is a liar no matter the party. I am also going to take a wild guess that a republican hasn’t been elected mayor of BSL in 70+ years, if ever.

      I’m am grateful that one republican, Senator Harkins, got something right this legislative session. He made sure Leslie’s amended bill was passed and signed into law.

    2. Point,
      You are completely off the mark. His camp are the extreme left and the hand out I need more from government crowd.

  5. I can recall back in the 60s and 70s when this state was dominated by bible thumping “Democrates”. As I remember was not much difference between what we got now. Names change system the same. Excuse me if my inference being Less is one of those old time 60s “Democrates” that rape and plunder the taxpaying public to self serve himself and his personal friends. I’m not understanding how functionally he is any different from the state wide mess we have with a one party system. Les hold out one hand to shake so he can get that vote, then stabes the taxpayers in the back with the other by having secret meeting, conducting meeting indifference to what the voters want, fiscal mismanagement, outright fraud, concealment of public records and on and on. Yes he is a Democrate in namesake but how is what he’s doing any different from the Republicans. I was there when he told Steve Seymour he would “make it right” Now who does that sound like?

    1. Point

      Based off what I have observed personally, my inner belief tells me that most of the voting public in MS simply vote “R” because of a few basic reasons. The first being the vast majority of Republicans are ProLife–and you better be too or else. The second being that most republicans in MS always mention the word “conservative” and the local public citizens drool over that word. The third being that its popular. If you’re a democrat in MS you will undergo quite a bit of backlash and I am willing to bet that being a known democrat would have an effect on your employment career.

      It’s kind of like living in Alabama and not liking the Crimson Tide Football Team. Your against the grain.

      With respect to Democrats raping the public. The Radical Republican Regime of Socialists of Mississippi (RRRSM) can’t say a damn word.

      They continue to run a state with:

      –an explosive amount of citizens collecting government assistance

      –they produce almost no future growth

      –job pay is one of the lowest

      –teen pregnancy is still rampant

      –government fraud/waste/abuse is at the top of the list

      Very little is being done about this mess. Why? Because the Regime doesnt want anything to change because the inner circle is benefiting from it.

      A true case study should be opened in the state of MS which measures output or value gained per tax dollar spent (or given by the federal gov)

      I would place a bet that we would hit #50 on the low end of the scale once again.

      Any citizen of MS should tell Phil Bryant or any other self proclaimed “Conservitve” Republican to go fuck themselves. We are living in a socialistic, single party-run. dictatorship.

  6. Leslie’s Law, what about Wendy’s Law. How can a person elected to a government position not even show up for almost a year, then have the guts to qualify for re-election? What is wrong with this town and government. All Democrats, take take take… They want everything for nothing. The class of entitlement. I am so sick of it. Wendy has NO business running again she is just looking for a free ride with her free ride husband. Or maybe she is in the race on purpose to knock Carol S. out and go head to head with Gene H. or maybe a plan to drop out of the race and give it to Gene in the Main election. Politics are so corrupt. Political races can be stressful, if she is able to handle that she sure can attend a council meeting and face her constituents. I really think Carol can beat her. Ward 2 Race will be interesting.

    1. Gene Hoffman is the obvious best candidate. Educated, tough and level headed.
      Windy will just qualify, if she wins she will probably relapse to getn paid and hubby on med insurance.

      Just saying.

    1. When did she come off? I have the list, and the only ones I see not covered by city are Seal and Mike Favre.

  7. I still am wondering her motive for running. I know ego is one that the question still looms can I win another election, but with her she hasn’t attended a meeting in almost a year. Does she get to benefit from the campaign money. In MS does a candidate get to keep any money raised and use for personal use or do they have to use it or donate? Can someone pull her finance report and see what is in there and how much she will be raising this election year.??? Maybe she knows she can’t win, but needs the extra money. She still won’t use her married name and plays the McDonald name for recognition. So Sad.

  8. Thank you once again Lana. How would we know the truth without you? The City’s HR dept said she was not receiving benefits from the City. Does anyone have an honest bone in their body?

    1. I am just going by the Personnel Budget that was adopted by the Council. Also, Councilman Boudin raised the question several months ago that perhaps Wendy should have sued the person who did her bodily harm, and be collecting off of him rather than the taxpayers. She was not injured on city property or in her official capacity as a Council representative.
      I do hope she makes a complete recovery and enjoys good health from here on. Just seems wrong for the taxpayers to have to foot the bill for this. She did seem to have quite a bit of trouble keeping up with the business at hand at the last meeting, kept having to have things repeated to her. Said she couldn’t hear. A lick on the head that she took could definitely have affected her hearing.
      She kept shuffling through a stack of papers during the discussions as well. Strange.

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