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  1. I understand that the Maxwells are big supporters of our new POTUS. Specifically Dane Maxwell per the morning news. What relation is Dane to Robbie Maxwell (Scott’s x-partner)? Maybe Scott is trying to work his way back in on the Trump ticket?? Per some of his statements online, he seems very upset with the leadership in Ocean Springs and inferred that new leadership is getting ready to take over Ocean Springs. Any truth to all of this?? Just wondering. Politics makes strange bedfellows imho.

    1. It’s so entertaining watching Ocean Springs’ new TV reality show : “Stars Wars- Return of the Sly Walkers”….

      They are always in hyperspeed pushing the legal limits to regain their Empire even while Sly is on parole with help from their sympathetic parole officer….


  2. Looks like there is a new facebook post up at one of the profiles I keep an eye on.

    Scott And Trinity Walker – Fan Club

    Scott And Trinity Walker – Fan Club
    1 hr ·

    So excited the Ocean Springs is changing laws to help me get my B&B! I know I didn’t win the mayoral race a few years ago (as the article points out), but I’m still winning! Can’t wait to support all of the elected officials who are supporting me! #WalkersRuleOS #NoShame #ReadyToEndorse

    Isn’t Trinity doing an amazing job as my spokesperson?!?

  3. Those poor people are truly sick individuals imo. People are tripping over themselves to get away from them and disassociate themselves from them. It is really sad that they think they are so important. Oops! But I forgot something….on her blog, Trinity said that Baby Walker had made Trent Lott who he was, so I guess anything is possible…lmao

  4. Yep these connections go deep. Over here to the east we are all shocked to hear Robbie Maxwell has the nerve to show his face in pubic. Running for mayor and will lose just like Scottt Walker did. Scott and Robbie not only have deep close personal relationships but are dear friends. Let’s not forget how these two enriched themselves while Bill was in charge of the DMR. That BP money did well just not for the recovery effort nor for the coast citizens. Not Scott Walker wants his cake and to eat it. Well guess what? He will be able to, because he has the connections. Alderman Greg Denyer a past employee of the DMR will give his dear friend and next door neighbor’s son anything he wants. Greg used his connections to get his drug dealing daughter a job at the DMR and as the newspaper quite rightly reported the entire entitled street they live on jobs. Connie’s in an alcohol comma and won’t do a damn thing. Got to find all available revenue for those Pansy’s downtown. Bugs have to have something to eat. And now we have Dale Diaz following in Greg Denyers footsteps with his $80,000 contract and his big fat state retirement check and don’t forget his Gulf Council paycheck he gets to sell out the commercial fishermen. So Epps gets the inside deal in state government and can’t find a blind way to stumble into jail. Yet Dale Diaz is bleeding the tax payers dry and somehow is getting a pay raise. Yep Stacy the Rat Pickering is a crook on epic Dimensions. Go Scott Go. Because you did your due diligence. Made those connections. Transferred those funds into trusted friends accounts. Paid the right public officials off. And now you are reaping the benefits. And that fund raiser for the rat Pickering. Priceless.

    1. PP – Why do our Ocean Springs residents keep voting those goofball Aldermen in? We dumped McKay, what is the problem with getting rid of the rest of the grifters? To my knowledge, the one that replaced McKay is the only one standing alone against more “friends and family” tricks?? What say you?

  5. There is more than one Connie “in an alcoholic comma”, holding elected office on the coast. Can you be more specific?

  6. There is no doubt that their worshipped Triune God is da’ me, da’ me and da’ hoely me.

    As such may the OS “Sand”-hedrin Council crucify their evilness 👺 on the OS beach ⛱ and let the Osprey pick their soulless bones dry☠️. Amen

  7. My Fellow Americans,

    This is yet another post that completely pisses me off to the core. Even though I’m battling a terminal illness which I will lose, I’m still going give the Walkers their due justice.

    I don’t understand why this family continues to flirt with borderline activity that subjects them to the criminal spotlight. If the stories from the Walker’s neighbors is true, then why is he allowed to continue on with activities such as this? Further more, it seems as if these stories are true, Queen Trinity is at the least, an accomplice to such activities.

    I am not legal expert by all means but why is it that the city of Ocean Springs can give an ex-con who is on parole/probation a cease and nothing happens? Why is it that he is allowed to continue such actions and yet nothing happens? If actually guilty of these actions, why isn’t he in violation of parole and brought up on charges?

    If he is guilty as the neighbors claim he needs to be put back in the slammer. If guilty of these actions, I recommend every citizen of OS contact their local and state judges and demand justice.

    If its true that they have been renting out their home, then they should be claiming income which is taxable. Of course, unless this is all under “Queen Trinity’s” name and Scott is reaping the benefit’s with out having to pay his dues which changes the dynamic totally. Maybe she’ll buy him a new Land Rover. 😉

  8. My Fellow Americans,

    Either “They’re Back”………, or “They Never Showed Up.”


    I couldn’t help but notice the term “Walker Management” in the news story. I am not sure what the hell it means but I hope to God the Walkers are not exploiting themselves as any kind of management team or business. Unless, their business involves managing a way to ensure you’ll end up in jail.

    I read the story and come to the conclusion that anything is up for grabs.

    Is the city in the right? Or, is the city being prejudice against the Walker Regime?

    Are the Walker’s right? Or are they lying through their teeth?

    At this point, I have no idea on what to believe. Except, I would never believe anything that came out of Greg Denyer’s mouth. Everything else is Romper Room.

    1. If (repeat- IF) the Sun Herald has the name correct in the ‘bad apples’ article where it reads-The only current applicant for a bed and breakfast in the city is Walker Management, Scott and Trinity Walker’s home on East Beach) then I have to wonder where is the entity “Walker Management domiciled?

      That’s a no find at the Mississippi SOS as far as I see; and there seems to be no Scott J Walker or Scott Walker entity unaccounted for in a bed and breakfast and/or motel type of business. There must be some explanation, unless it really is Sly Walker’s LLC outta Vicksburg which has the Hotty Toddy’s OS neighbors all riled up. Which, after a little more research, I really doubt is the case.

      Perhaps it’s time for someone to closely examine the filings made to determine which end is up.

  9. Please tell me who this man’s parole officer is. And why isn’t he doing his job following up on these infractions of the law. He should have been back in jail the first time he went against the law and had college athletes residing in his “condominium for hire”. Who is protecting this monster?

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