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Published on Jan 11, 2017

If you’re trying to get a fix on where you are, take a look at where you’ve been. As the sign says at the National Archives in Washington DC, “What’s Past is Prologue.”

So, to get some perspective, I took a look at our Presidents in the post World War II Era and tried to come up with a one-word description. Here’s what I came up with:

TRUMAN (gutsy); EISENHOWER (steady); KENNEDY (elegant); JOHNSON (powerful); NIXON (paranoid); FORD (okay); CARTER (godly); REAGAN (affable); BUSH I (earnest); CLINTON (clever); BUSH II (oblivious); OBAMA (decent). Special thanks to my friend Sam Miller for giving me the word oblivious for GWB.

I’m sure everybody has their own one-word description for their favorite and not so favorite past Presidents. For Reagan, some might think the word “affable” is a bit dismissive. Not so. His affability enabled him to be as effective as he was.

For Kennedy, “elegant” doesn’t just mean he looked good, but that once he got the first six months out of the way, it describes his way of governing (especially the Cuban Missile Crisis), and his relationship with the country.

For Clinton, “clever” is not a compliment … his best-known quote … “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.”

Last, Johnson. Maybe if I had three words, I’d say, “powerful and tragic.” The Vietnam War broke him, because he didn’t have the intellectual confidence to question the Ivy League advisors he inherited.

Looking at that twelve President list, is there a clue that tells us that Trump is the obvious next person in the progression? Maybe. Although, it would probably take a trained astrologer to tell us.

Is it possible to make a prediction as to what is likely to be the one word that will describe Trump? To do so now would be to assume that the job does not have the potential to change the person who holds it. Continue Reading…….

9 thoughts on “Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: What’s Past is Prologue”

  1. Tom Terrific, there you go regressing again into your liberal persona… and after I and Doug thought we had rescued you from such status…..

    Tom, your stocks are rising 🚀because of optimism of Wall Street with Trump yet you quote and adopt the opinion of a flaming liberal who thinks Trump is ‘incompetent,dishonest and full of Authoritarianism….’ yet Trump has yet to be sworn in……and the MSM are all over his case 💣

    I do believe those three words fit your hero Barack Insane Obama’ S eight years of rule to a T….😆

    How about giving Trump a break to first become President for a year or two before you dump 💩on him cause it just could affect you stocks….and you may not be able to buy some toys for The Mighty Manfred🐾

    1. Mr. Tight, Sir…

      I always value your calm and measured advice.

      I referenced Ian Bremer because he is handsomely paid by American and other businesses to report
      to them and help quantify risk. He’s not paid to be partisan…he’s paid to be accurate.

      My own comment, that Trump is “going to have to up his game” can hardly be considered denying the incoming President a break. Indeed, when you decide to answer the call and seek high public office
      I’m sure you’ll conclude you’ll have to up your game…as would any of us.

  2. Tom I can tell from your writing you are a smart man, no doubt about it….

    But your compelling liberal reasoning makes you like all other liberal non-intellectuals including your hero and the biggest lying President ever….

    Obama’s going away speech was the biggest misrepresentation of reality and of his errors and corruption yet and you have the nerve to mention Nixon , break ins and corruption at the attorney general position?

    What about the politicalization of the IRS and prosecution of Tea Party groups…what about Lynch meeting with Slick Willy… what about non- prosecution of Hillery’s many federal crimes…. Begahzi…..non- prosecution of the Clinton so-called charity with Bill’s pay to play speeches, collecting hundreds of millions from countries Hillary was SOS and doing favors for such countries and individual political cronies of the Clintons….Holder as the only attorney general ever heard in contempt of court….fast and furious and I could go on and on…

    You know when Trump said he was not interested in pursuing Hillary I hesitated but agreed he had too many good things to do but after the BS that the Elephants have thrown at Trump I’m hoping your hero does not pardon her cause I don’t just want Hillary but I want Obama also to wear the orange jumpsuit for his persistent arrogance of lies.

    Joking aside cause it’s war now bro’ …… screw national unity,making the hood safe and more economically productive, the health plan , the fence and trade ….we gotta go after the treasonous liberal politicos first cause you lyin’liberals are totally insane with arrogance even after you are humiliated in an election. You and all other unreasonable snowflake liberals are the real enemy of our republic plain and simple not Russia or the Islamic Terrorists.

    Can’t wait for the hundreds of pardons your hero announces to cover not only his ass but all the corruption of his 8 year abortion of our republic….

  3. IRS. The Code provides a tax exemption for those “who engage exclusively in social welfare
    activities.” As you know that is the sweet spot for bleeding heart liberals. Not survival of the fittest
    free enterprise conservatives.

    Bill/ Loretta Lynch. This drama worked to Trump’s benefit. It took AG Lynch off the case and freed
    up Jim Comey to keep the Congress advised on the Hillary investigation.

    1. Tom, I happen to like you bro’ but your politics cause my low blood pressure to boil….

      As a result my Republican internist has advised me to break off all relationship with you…. that is if I want to live out the Trump Authoritarian dictatorship…

      Give my warmest love to poor Mighty Manfred especially during those cold winters living with such a liberal snowflake like yourself.❄️❄️❄️

      1. To paraphrase Richard Pryor, are you going to believe me or your lying Republican Internist?

        You will recall that two of my last three pieces were in defense of Steve Bannon, one of the inventors of the new Alt Right vocabulary.

        Bannon was educated by the Benedictines and the Jesuits. He was from a big Irish Catholic Pro JFK
        family. My kind of people.

        Remember, Tight, everything will be OK in the end. If its not OK its not the end.

        1. Snowflake Alert for Washington,D.C.

          All fragile Demo snowflakes please take shelter Friday and sit on an ice cube as the swearing in of The Donald will create a local climate change and snowflakes may melt as they cry uncontrollably……

          Motorcycle gangs will also intercept the Protestors and several Demo racist wimps will pay the price for their unpatriotic insurgency….

          However, as Slick Willy and Killery Hil-Lie-ry head back to the hills/woods Friday night and as The Donald releases hundreds of Executive Orders to erase the several hundred executive orders of Barrack Insane Obama ,who decided he wanted to rule with only a telephone and pen , the pendulum will swing back toward the center….

          America will again be Great Again this Friday….


  4. 3 Les Cronies just joined the Historical Society! Rhonda O., Barbara Filing-les, Susan K. They are already spreading their cancer at this venue. Accusing them of wrong doings. This is possibly the first donation in many years to anything that didn’t promote their agenda. They do not give or support much but I think now that Les has his hands tied and cant give away tax payer money they may try to take over this entity for political reasons.

    I say give Them a Participation Trophy and Therapy dog and send them on their way.

  5. wow! If this well run organization has any sense they would run from Rhonda O. and Company. She can cause chaos at a baptism! Narrow minded, pathetic & socially unacceptable. She would fare better off paying the injured victims in her husbands DUI Wreck than spending $30 on a membership just to interject hate and discontentment. She doesn’t know how to transition from a taker to a giver.

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