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    1. Walt asks some very good questions Ashton. The answer to one is none of Yenni’s inner circle believed the accusations, which Yenni himself had previously denied. Ben Zahn now calling for Yenni to resign clearly signals their thinking has changed.

      I put the young man’s blog post out on he Slabbed New Media twitter timeline last February. When speaking with insiders about it then the most clear headed of the bunch knew they young man had no reason to lie – but to the extent he did not name Yenni in that blog post gave everyone room for denial.

      Hammerman has had this in the can since June and it was a poorly kept secret he had done a story. The internals at WWL had to be interesting given how long it took to bring the story to air.

  1. If he is not charged with a crime then the voters may have to remove him by recall procedures.

    Mike has brought new and better people into the administration and he should confess, repent and get psychiatric help and remain , as John Young was a part of the old establishment which citizens would like to forget.

    Cynthia Lee would be the only candidate I would vote for just because of her reluctance to request /demand campaign contributions from Parish contract vendors which all the other Council people have been doing in the past . If not Cynthia then I’m for Mike as long as he seeks ongoing therapy.

    1. I’m afraid it is too late for Yenni as he has no political support. If he does not resign I suspect there will be a successful recall.

      The grand bargain I’m hearing about involves Cynthia Lee-Sheng, Chris Roberts and Ricky Templet with each of those seats being vacated and/or shuffled, with Lee-Sheng running for Parish Prez.

  2. He needs to resign and stop acting like the Jefferson Parish Presidency is his birthright. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that this is a position that’s earned, not bestowed upon you by virtue of your last name. His conduct is reprehensible. But what I find most disturbing is the allegation that he offered the young man a job in the government office as a pretext to be together. That’s a shameless abuse of power. What about any other candidates or job applicants who might have been eligible for that position? They would have been denied the opportunity to be considered. It doesn’t matter whether or not they would have accepted the position. They would have discriminated against because of the affair. This could be considered a form of third party sexual harassment. Any candidates passed over for the job would be able to file a claim against the Parish for discrimination. Nothing like a little Quid Pro Quo.

  3. Even though he has not been charged, if he did do as the allegations say, he needs to be a man and resign. There is nothing more disgusting than any person, man or woman, having any type of texting, or affair with a minor. That is sick. The man needs to step down and get the therapy he needs or legal actions against him.

  4. Jefferson Parish is a laughing stock right now. Yennie said he would not repeat the past, but wasn’t there a scandal a few years ago with embarrassing texts he sent. I think you covered the story but he said the emails were doctored. The past is already repeating itself. If I lived in there, I would vote to recall. Trolling for high school boys is just disgusting.

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