Some pointers for the uninitiated that have never dealt with blowhard Koolaid drinkers like Rep. Jeffrey Guice

Folks, the story of Nicole Nichols trying to approach State Representative Jeffrey Guice is illustrative in a myriad of ways the main one being your average State Legislator is out of touch with the needs of their constituents. In this case we’ve come to a day in the poorest state in the Union where the less fortunate, in this case a family with a breadwinner that works two jobs, are regarded as freeloaders for using state resources in the form of medicaid to keep their Type 1 Diabetes stricken daughter alive.  In the case of the now blocked HB 1523, these same out of touch legislators voted against their own constituents by passing blatantly discriminatory legislation of the type guaranteed to create a backlash against the hospitality industry costing us visitors and the associated tax dollars in the process to go with the self inflicted black eye.  You gotta wonder if these folks have any clue how their average constituent lives and for most of them the answer is a resounding no.

But that doesn’t mean your average $tate legi$lator i$ incapable of communicating. They love communication$ in fact, ju$t a$k Phil Bryant’$ wunderkind Joe Cloyd and Josh Gregory, who routinely $core five and $ix figure no bid communication$ contract$ from $tate governmental agencie$. Unlike the working poor, those guy$ are not regarded as freeloader$ in the rece$$e$ of the $tate Capital $o they must be able to reach the average $tate Legi$lator in a way not widely known to the uninitiated such as Mrs. Nichols.

Now with Mississippi’s campaign finance laws being what they are the best way I can tell to approach a $tate legi$lator for help i$ with a bag filled with ca$h. If you are one of the 47% of the overall populace that doesn’t have $400 laying around to cover an emergency room visit (the number is certain much higher in Mississippi) or pay off contribute to the campaign of your state legislator, do not despair because all is not lost. If I may be so bold as to suggest that Mrs. Nichols offer to communicate via no bid contract on the State’s behalf (with the obligatory campaign finance return of 50% of the loot) her financial worries would be over and the legislative class would hold her in much higher regard.

Just a thought folks, please feel free to add yours in comments.

43 thoughts on “Some pointers for the uninitiated that have never dealt with blowhard Koolaid drinkers like Rep. Jeffrey Guice”

  1. Here we go again. Another member of the RRRSM displaying how out of touch with reality they really are. Speaking of Jeff Guice, the inside operations team provided intelligence long ago while infultrating the DMR. I never knew what do with it, until now.

    It just so happens the absent minded Jeff Guice may have some dirt laying around our favorite state government agency. That’s rightfolks–the DMR.

    Even though I think it’s pretty clear how Guice feels about the average state citizen asking for state government to make changes. It also seems clear that he may not have an issue with the family and friends program soaking up a paycheck from the state government. I’m not saying he knows what was going on or if he pulled any strings but it just so happens that his step daughter worked in Tina Shumates office at the DMR. The office jokingly known as a political hire dumping ground. That’s right folks, the same office who hired and employed family members (sisters) and Scott Walker associates and word has it that it was essentially a “manufactured” secretary job in a small office.

    People wonder why this state is dead last in everything and our bone head governor attended a special session in order attempt to fix the state budget ran by “fiscally conservative republicans”.

  2. The name of the step daughter was Alexis Allen. I am sure that the DMR records would prove in fact she was an employee there. If I were to take a guess, I’m sure it would probably be another one of these “contract employees” the Walker and Shumate regime was known for.

    1. Yep I worked with her. She did nothing, no wait a minute she did go fishing, I mean sampling with us one day. She took pictures of us while we pulled Hardhead Catfish out of gill-nets and stole crabs from fishermans crab pots to use for BP financed Sampling of Seafood. She was really good at squeezing that button in the camera.

        1. It’s so easy to hide behind a computer and name call. I will bet you are the person that gets in the Eletric cart to roll you fat ass around.

  3. I have been told that Alexis was not the only Allen of Guice fame hired at the DMR. Heath Allen was also an employee. Jeff Guice is just another in a long line of entitled republicans that feel they have the right to look down the noses of the poor, the homeless, the disenfranchized and speak any damn way they please to them. The coward ran from the cameras when asked to defend his republican entitlement comment. Hid behind a fake apology to appease his peers and not the suffering. Keep saying this, it is the voters that elected this dim wit to office that should bear the responsibility of this shame. And they will be the cupuable party when this dim wit is elected over and over. At some point the voters have to vote for someone that fairly, truly and honesty represents them and not a fat cow that the Republican Party puts out in the pasture and says “look at that fine bull.”

    1. You are 100% correct. The votors are responsible. I have said it in the past and will say it again. The Republican regime thrives on two two types of votors. The ones that are playing their game and the ignorant. Without them, MS may be a blue state.

  4. Oh and good call Doug. Jamie is in love with Joe Cloyd, Josh Gregory and Adam Dial. A good puruse of the “Transparency” site compared with DUFUS HOSEman and a whole lot of time and you can see how this corrupt agency is funneling money to these political insiders. And those Offices that are being raped of funds to support these corrupt thieves have no love either. I am being told that Joe, Josh and Adam are in partners with David Harris and are operating a boat yard up Fort Bayou in Ocean Springs where several DMR boats are CONtracted at. So you see Ocean Springs is benefiting those tax revenues. The triplets have the DMR annex opened on Porter in Ocean Springs and rumor has it that Joe Cloyd has so much cash on hand via DMR that the cute cottage has already been outgrown and they are looking for bigger space. Desperately trying to see how the “new” transparent DMR is any different from Bill Walkers DMR. At least Bill was out in the open about it and not sliming all over the dark spaces.

    1. If there is any evidence of additional DMR contracts issued to Joe Cloyd and his business it should be broadcasted to the maximum extent.

      As far as Jamie being in love with Joe Cloyd–it would not surprise me if he loved the services Cloyd provides just because of simple fact that Phil loves their services also.


      On the other hand, I also wouldn’t be surprised if Jamie asked for direction on how to fuck his own wife.

  5. As seen on the Slabbed ticker:

    Guice asks the question: “Do you worship”? I wonder if he worshipped and prayed that his step daughter would gain employment at the DMR? If he did, it must have “CONviently” worked in favor.

    I’m sure Phil and other members of the RRRSM are proud of this statement as their record shows they want NO separation between church and state.

  6. On the point of region. Phil is not about freedom of religion as he speaks. He is really all about radical Christian domination.

      1. So glad you are here Julia. Remember Jamie forced DMR employees and the public to pray a Baptist prayer at one of his first CMR meetings. Joe Spraggins had public prayer breakfast meetings with bible in hand in Ocean Springs with Marine Patrol. And rumor has it that Chief Davis has a picture of our Lord hanging in his office for all to pray to. I am not opposed to this one because Marine Patrol has a lot to be forgiven for. So although I am quite sarcastic at times I want DMR to deny any of the comments I have made. Because all the comments I have made I have proof. I tend to get quite upset and vent because this administration came in saying they would be different. They would be transparent. They would not do the things the previous administration did. All lies. Jamie Miller has done all Bill Walker did and more. Even the DMR employees say they would rather Walker back. I would not go that far but giving contracts to your and the Governors donors buddies Joe Cloyd, Josh Gregory and Adam Dial is a betrayal of public trust you swore to restore. And although the Boston Whaler is not DMRs it was in part bought with the money Joe Cloyd sucked from the exclusive contracts that Joe Spraggins arranged for only him to get by excluding other bidders. The DMR is back in business with the David Harris family. The very family that brought so much shame on the coast and the DMR. Shame on you Jamie Miller. You are undermining the DMR with frivolous spending like expensive art and furniture. And all the while you are blowing the fishermans money on lemo and catered food trips to the northeast. This you say will benefit them. Shame on you. Because this is a lie. This will only benefit the seafood mafia in Bayou Caddy that donates to the Governor or was hand picked by you to be on this fake Governors Oyster Council so you could steer public resources into a few private wealthy hands. Shame on you. Then you off bottomed the oysters on the private land owners rather than lease the land in front of the restaurants and businesses that wanted this. Another intentional betrayal of the publics trust. You hired exemployees to harasses and overlord the current good employees to manupliate the rules to benefit the Governors chosen few. And now you are confused as to why they and the public feel betrayed. Never once making a decision to benefit the resources you are sworn to protect. Shame on you Jamie Miller. You manilipated DUFUS HOSEman and are changing the rules so that the one great environmental treasure we have is going to be pillaged by a handful of pirates that could careless about marine resources. You are actively working to fire and silence staff that is speaking out and trying to protect the marine resoureces. Shame on you Jamie Miller. You lash out at the once great employees with rules and regulations that are enforced by unintelligent employees that are hired from your church not from a competent employee base. You have created an environment of hate and mistrust between the working offices and the elite privileged employees on the 6th floor. The rules are for the hard working employees and not for your church employees or Casey Eroree, Mice Wiggins or the Governors hand selected hires. These elite employees get fancy art work, new furniture, new rugs and all the trappings of the elite. Shame on you Jamie Miller. And to afford all this you hire a Marine Patrol Officers aunt to pillage all the grants of operational money. You said you were going to be different you said you were going to be ethical you said you were going to be transparent. All lies. Shame on you Jamie Miller. You created a Ethics hotline and you completely ignore the complaints. I will not repeat some of the things being said as I don’t believe there is proof. But you created this and you should be held accountable for all you actions. You became indebted your family incurred a financial burden that I won’t go into the details of but what you did was go to the Marine Commission and get a huge pay raise. Then you unilaterally without any notice or input switched all the DMR employees to a two week pay system because your family needed access to the money immediately. Now they are being harmed and adversely impacted and your response is let them eat cake. But you and the cake eater will soon have to answer for the harm and suffering you have caused. Shame on you Jamie Miller.

        1. My Fellow Americans

          This sounds like a text book description of what is referred to as a hostile work environment.

          Also, when you factor in all of the talk about religious connections and allegations of “bible thumping”, this is the perfect mix for a massive EEO suit. There is loot to be made.

        2. That was an unreal post Point Park.

          As I am sure you know, this time of year is the Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo with the DMR front and center.

          In addition to being a regulatory agency they loyally attend the fishing rodeo each year. For what, I have no clue.

          I wonder if the Donut Eater is partaking in any activities or is she soaking up AC not doing shit as normal.

        3. Point Park,

          Can you tell us if the Honorable James Miller has made his appearance at the fishing rodeo? Strutting around like a conservative republican family man.

          1. I don’t get over that far west anymore. My hips are too arthritic to get out and watch Jamie Miller put on his wolf clothing and walk among the sheep. But I have been told by very reliable sources that fire works are going to burst. And very soon. You see those country people in Stone County have had one of theirs betrayed and they are about to put the dogs off the porch.

  7. We could all probably count on the fingers of one hand the politicians that really give a hoot about Joe Public and who ever bother to have a conversation with an average citizen taxpayer
    Few and far between, especially in the upper ranks.

  8. Thank you Mr. Guice for again showcasing Mississippi’s great image!

    And I am sure the Presbyterian Church is proud to call Mr. Guice one of their own.

    With the Republicans fighting to deprive additional health care for women and children, this incident demonstrates the lack of compassion and true Christianity. We also need to thank Governor Bryant for his continued stand against additional Medicaid and their curtailing health care money for needy women’s health care services.

    Mr. Guice, and all who fit the above bill, this is not Christianity -you are all hypocrites.

  9. BRAVO,BRAVO,BRAVO. This is an excellent post that covers many miscreants. A very realtime comparson between those who truly need the system to work for them and those who work the system for their own benefit. The only difference between those mentioned and Kim Savant,Robert Simmons,William Martin,Scott Walker,Irb Benjamin,Sam Waggoner,et al is the fact that they have not been indicted yet. They all claim to be business consultants.They all sell access. None produce anything of value. Rep.Jeff Guice, on the other hand, is just a snide political moron. I am a longtime friend of the Judge Danny Guice Sr. family. I have known Danny Guice Jr. for a long time. Rep.Jeff Guice is no comparison to Rep.Danny Guice. He is what his wife’s Gryder money has allowed him to be, nothing more. His claim of worship and of being a Gideon is about as believable as his counterfeit apology to Ms.Nichols. Sad state of affairs Mississippi is in because of the politicians like him.

  10. I’ve heard, not with my own ears but have been told more than once that Cloyd is referred to around DMR and the Coast as “repo Joe.”

  11. Don’t forget, Guice was one of the legistlators parking his camper at the fairgrounds without paying the regularly charged fee that you or I would pay, if we were allowed to use the fairgrounds for our campers. Have those legislators made restitutions? How about Sun Herald or WLOX – how about a followup story on whether or not these freeloading, above-the-law, let-em-eat-cake legislators were ever held accountable? Seems, Jeff wants everyone to pay their own way, except for him and his fellow, corrupt legislators.

    And, don’t forget – Jeff Guice jump into the race for that seat after Scott Walker failed to qualify because he didn’t live in the district – the Gulf Hills property bought by the Land Trust (not) was his ticket to qualify for that seat. And, who held it before – Danny Guice, Jr. And, where did Guice go – given a nice appointment – where, I forget at the moment – but, I’ll wager it’s somewhere where there are questionable dealings with our public funds.

    1. The formula the RRRSM uses to stay in power is quite simple.

      1) Maintain a substandard state educational system to keep a lot of people as dumb as possible This ensures plenty of welfare money tinker them at bay.

      2) Promote job growth by offering government breaks to business’s who employ low wage jobs. I.E: service based jobs or tourism. Like casinos.

      3) Attempt to funnel as much government money as possible by way of contracts. In turn, a portion of that money will land right back in their pockets through political donations and “inside deals.” They can use this money during election time to further their careers.

      4) Leave the tax payers on the hook for big government boondoggle projects like Kemper County and the Biloxi Shuckers. In turn, the contractors and insiders who construct these projects will no doubt fuel the Regime by way of company and individual donations.

      1. 5) Yell and scream and pass laws to increase freedum and gin up controversy. Complain about Gubmint overreach and Washington bureaucrats and Gubmint waste (all Gubmint monies directed to your buddies.) This helps ensure the voting “base” turns out and reelects the RRRSM.

  12. That Boston Whaler uses a snapper catching long-line machine that with the press of a button can catch up to 25 Red Snapper at a time. Then the DMR select few have fish frys and talk about whose wife and husband is getting fatter. All while laughing about having a NOAA approved research permit.

  13. A couple of follow ups. I have been told that Joe Spraggins and Jamie Miller are blowing through the Artificial Reef fund by providing inside contracts to all their buddies in Gulfport and all the big campaign doners to dump all the trash and left over rubble that don’t meet the guidelines on the offshore reefs. Spraggins is now an expert in demolition, construction, archeology, geology, mineralogy, politics and anything else but marine resources. Jamie and Joe have bankrupted the DMR and blown through all the accounts and grants to support their lavish lifestyle and support Joe Cloyd, Josh Gregory and Adam Dial. And I have been told by the harbor rats that several DMR employees including Jamie Miller have enjoyed free Walker style fishing trips on the Cloyd Sponsored Whaler. If they are in fact reeling in these red snapper 25 at a time this is illegal both by state and federal law. Joe Cloyd Josh Gregory and Adam Dial can’t qualify for federal permits. Marine Fisheries should be held accountable if they are covering for this action. As I said before it’s the same old DMR and will never change until Wildlfe takes them back and restructures the whole damn lot. They would start by firing Miller.

  14. Happy 4th of July. Please remember to celebrate safely, and keep a watchful eye out so that you can protect yourself from the others who don’t.

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution has this 4th of July story about the big dogs who think they are more equal than the little dogs.

    North Georgia newspaper publisher jailed over open records request

    The dispute grows out of a March 2015 incident involving another judge who is no longer on the bench. Judge Roger Bradley was presiding over several cases and asked the name of the next defendant. The assistant district attorney announced next up was “(Racial slur) Ray.” Bradley, who resigned earlier this year, repeated the slur and also talked about another man whose street name started with the same slur.

    Thomason asked for the transcript after he was told courtroom deputies also used the slur.

    But the transcript only noted that Bradley and the assistant district attorney used the word.

    According to Thomason, the court reporter told him that it was “off the record” when others in the courtroom spoke the word so it would not be recorded in the transcript. He asked to listen to the audio recording, but his request was rejected.

    In an article Thomason quoted the court reporter as saying the slur was not taken down each time it was used.

    And then Thomason asked Stookey to file paperwork with the court to force the the stenographer, Rhonda Stubblefield, to release the recording.

  15. Douglas hit the nail on the head in regards to no-bid contracts with the Cloyd gang. Now that the majority of ignorant voters reeled in Phil for another term, they should be asking why and how is this happening?

    Approaching a state legislator with a “bag full of cash.” I swear I have heard about this before………….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  16. “Bag full of cash” is one of the many ways to bribe people in power.As we know from history fishing trips are just another way. Purchasing a politician’s favor is going on every day around the country and in Mississippi probably twice a day. After all, our state is the most corrupt. The DMR has gotten to the point where most think it may have been run better under the Bill Walker regime. Group worshiping was not required back then.Sad but true

    1. Ahh yes. The talk about worshipping continues on. I can tell you it would be a hard shame for Director Miller if a handful of people came forward and filed an EEO claim based on religious discrimination. More especially if it involved employee raises or someone that was fired and all the dots connect. Hint. Hint.

      I have been hearing this crazy stuff since the day Miller virtually took office. I also have made many comments about it and expressed my opinion. It’s time to put an end to this radical regime–Once and for all.

      If the religious cult does exist within the DMR, speak up for America’s sake. That’s right, post a comment right here. If you are a DMR employee who has been fired, passed up for a promotion or didn’t receive a raise and you feel it was because you were not a part of a tight knit religious cult (if it exists), speak up now.

      The time is ripe based on what I have heard. I have heard many comments about religion being mixed with state government. We currently have the State of Mississippi on the national map in regards to the Governors phony religious freedom bill. This would be perfect fuel to add to the fire if effected personnel have legitimate cases. Lawyers would have a field day.

      Keep connecting the dots…the governor is openly standing up for the religious freedom bill so why would it be out of character for him to select a director of an agency to push the agenda if all is true regarding the religious talk going on at the DMR?

      If you are a victim please do not hesitate and speak up now. Provided its OK with Doug I would be more than happy to post EEO contact information if desired.

      It’s time to end this madness.

  17. So DUFUS HOZEman wants his cake and eat it to. Crying to the public via the press for one more day on his political Gilligans Island. Wants all the Jackson folks to “stay one more day” on Gilligans Island. The politicians need a place to put their awful body fluids for the day so DUFUS want to build a restroom on a coastal preserve. Brilliant. Why not build an amusement park and get Jamie to give a unilateral contract to Joe Cloyd, Josh Gregory and Adam Dial to build it. Jumping dolphins for the dolphin pimp to train. DMR can issue one of those secrete CCA red drum permits that the public never hears about. DUFUS Can contract out Joe Cloyd’s DMR purchased Boston Whaler to tour all those Jackson elected officials, including your favorite elected scum Jeffery Guice, the mega piling oyster facility on the backside of Gilligans Island. Out of site of the rules for coastal preserves that DUFUS is desperately working with Jamie to change so he can have his cake and eat it to. Another cake eater. Got a whole damn Twinkie factory on the 6th floor of the DMR. No wonder they are trying to cover it up with high priced cheap art work.

  18. A quick search of DUFUS HOSEman web site and it’s a quick end to see Joe Cloyd has 20 plus CONprofits. What would someone need that many for? If nothing else to cheat lie scame the public tax paying citizens out of their hard earned tax dollars. 20 CONprofits and Jamie and the Governors favorite CONtractors are all over the list of directors, Adam Dial Josh Gregory and several others. A lot of defunct and derelict businesses that were bled dry of the tax payers dollars and then left in the rubble of the past. DUFUS HOSEman should be investigated by the FBI for running one of the biggest scams of public dollars in the history of the state. And the way DUFUS is CONspiring with Jamie to rewrite the coastal preserves program so the seafood mafia of the Governors Oyster Mafia Council can rob the public of their natural resources to benefit the Governors big donors. Why don’t Jim Hood investigate DUFUS HOSEman and his CONprofit web site or his gaming of the coastal preserves rules to benefit the Governors big campaign donors. Because the biggest thief and liar in the state Stacy “l’m on vacation” Pickering don’t investigate Republicans or defenseless members of the public. Because Picky Pickering is too interested in getting reelected than doing his job. Better check that mileage on your daughter vehicle Pickering its about time for an upgrade with all that campaigning she has been doing for you. And maybe Alderman Denyer can drive up and adjust that garage door for you. Nothing us tax payers won’t do for a thief crook like you. Meanwhile back at the DMR Jamie is enriching his buddies Joe “Non Profit” Cloyd, Adam Dial and Josh Gergery. I think I’m going to drive over to Ocean Springs this weekend and take some pictures of the DMR vessels up on David Harris’ boatyard on Ft. Bayou. Another sadistic love affair. And remember this ship yard is just across the bayou from Judy Stecklers Land Trust property. The DMR just loves to keep it all in the family.

  19. PP, Can you list all of the 20 “CONprofits” these fine men are involved with for all to see? Why would they have so many? Is Jamie Miller involved in any of these?Remember Bill Walker had his and stole hundreds of thousands using them. Just does not sound right. Of course, if the are involved in any illegal activities, they would probably not be prosecuted anyway because they are part of the privileged politically connected. What type of business could they be doing using these nonprofits as a shield is another good question. Are they still involved at the DMR? This has got to be rotten to the core. The money making rat nest they have created for themselves needs to be exterminated by someone. Maybe Jim Hood should look into this because these people are all of the opposite party.He needs to get the public’s attention as he prepares to run for governor. That may be the only hope of having them investigated.

  20. I have not figured that out yet. But I smell a rat and I’m being told by very reliable sources the money flow to these three thieves continues. All you have to do is go to the SOS web site and under “business” you can search for a person’s name. First try Joe “Non-Profit” Cloyd and it takes only a second to see what a CONprofit he is and how deep he is in with the DMR. Did some additional searching of the fake ludicrous MS “Transparency” web site and this is just another Republican smoke screen so they can feel good about themselves very similar to Miller’s “Ethics Hotline” all fake so they can feel good about themselves all the while raping the public of their tax dollars. It is curious that DMR has not posted any contracts, grants or employment information since Jamie Miller came to power. This the man that swore to the public that he was going to create a “new” DMR. Yep, that’s exactly what he did. He took Bill Walker’s operation and made it much more efficient and secretive so that no one can find out what’s going on. And elected officials like Stacy “Vacation” Pickering is protecting his benefactors; remember Joe Cloyd threw a big fund raiser to Vacation Pickering. No charges or investigation of Non-Profit Cloyd or Jamie Miller will ever happen while Pickering is in office. I am being told that people on the inside are being threatened and harassed to keep all the secrets. Not much information coming out of DMR anymore and those that don’t comply are fired by the Cake Eater. I know that Joe “Non-Profit” Cloyd was paid a contract or subcontract when Jamie first came on board for “communication” services. Joe Boy was also given big bucks for his participation in the Governor’s Seafood Mafia Oyster Council. But there is no trace of that in the public record. The Mafia from Bayou Caddy is well represented on this Council and they will be well rewarded when Jamie and Non-Profit Joe finish up their plans to take public resources and reward big donor friends of the Governor. Those marsh tours laced with bourbon paid of big with tax payers dollars in the end. In understand Vacation Pickering nowhere to be found, can’t understand why the FBI is not lurking around.

  21. It is my opinion, and I have been told that Walker is still behind the goings on at the DMR. As part of his “incarceration deal”, he keeps his mouth shut on the politicos and other conprofits involved in the DMR fleecing and he would still be allowed “call the shots” at the DMR along with [email protected] Not to confuse anyone – everyone all the way up to Jackson and beyond are still in on the take, but you still have to have the “contact makers” involved to get results. Nothing – and I do mean nothing, has changed at the DMR. There are two-faced rats in the Fisheries department that are keeping little Jamie in the Ivory Tower informed. The rats need to be trapped. Joe Jewell, you know who they are. Get rid of them before they turn you out. There is a straight hotline right up through the purchasing department via ratface Vickie. How can anyone get rid of the crooks upstairs when ya’ll give them enough fodder to keep the DMR on the front pages? Nip it in the bud. Stop the leaks from the BIG mouths on the fisheries floor. Then maybe the concentration can get back where it needs to be. Drain the swamp.

    1. Mona,

      I seriously doubt that Walker is calling anything from the big house. If I am wrong, then I need to find other employment or better yet, another galaxy to live.

      No doubt things probably have not changed at the DMR. The only thing different in my opinion is all the new employees. Are there rats lurking the halls of the Bolton Building? Hell yea. They are all over the place and I wouldn’t trust anybody.

      The DMR is not a place I would recommend anyone to work unless they are looking for a second career and are in the clique or CONnected to the RRRSM. The DMR is no longer a resource regulatory agency, its a political satisfaction committee.

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